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        Target Your Market!

        © 2001-2017 Elena Fawkner

        The inspiration for this week's article was a
        submission I received from Esther Hinchliff (see her guest
        article "Untax Yourself" below).  In email discussion with
        Esther about her article, I mentioned to her how refreshing
        it was to receive an article submission that actually had
        some real relevance to the subject matter of my newsletter!

        That got me thinking.  How do you all decide where to target
        your marketing efforts for your businesses?

        I'm sure you've all heard, ad nauseam, how writing articles
        and having them published in newsletters together with your
        byline and resource box is an effective way to generate
        publicity for your business.  It's excellent advice so long
        as your article gets read by a targeted audience that has
        an interest in the subject matter of your article.

        It seems every day I receive at least one article
        submission request.  I'm glad because I welcome article
        submissions from writers.  I publish a guest article every
        week so I'm constantly on the lookout for fresh, relevant
        material that I think you will find useful.

        So why is it that some people insist on sending me articles
        about things like nutritional supplements (a case in point)?
        I have nothing against nutritional supplements (I take them
        myself!) but this newsletter is about how to start and
        successfully operate your own home business.

        And these articles aren't about starting up a home business
        as a distributor of nutritional supplements (THAT would
        actually be useful), but, rather, about the health benefits
        of the particular nutritional supplement being promoted.

        WHY would I put something so irrelevant to the raison
        d'etre of this newsletter in front of you?  Sure, a few of
        you might, coincidentally, be interested in nutritional
        supplements but that is not why you subscribe to this
        newsletter.  And if you're not interested in nutritional
        supplements then all I would achieve by publishing an
        article on the topic is a whole heap of unsubscribe requests,
        and rightly so.  So I'm not going to waste your time with
        it, no matter how well written and engrossing the article
        may otherwise be.

        In order to be effective in promoting your particular
        business, whatever it is, you have to seek out your target
        market.  This is as true online as it is offline.  Just
        because you CAN reach massive numbers of people with your
        message on the internet far more cheaply (read "free") and
        quickly (read "instantly") than you can offline, does
        this mean you SHOULD?

        What's the point of devoting your time and energies to
        marketing to a massive group of people without first
        knowing whether they, as a group, have a general interest
        in your subject matter?

        It's MUCH more efficient and effective, not to mention
        smarter, to first find out where your prospective customers
        congregate and then target that congregation than it is to
        use a scattergun approach and hope that one of your bullets
        will find its target.  You will find that by selectively
        targeting your prospects before marketing to them, your
        conversion ratio (the proportion of your target market
        that actually purchases your product) will be much higher
        than the results you will achieve taking potshots in the

        After all, what would you rather have, a conversion ratio
        of 2% out of a target market of 100 or a conversion ratio
        of .00002% out of a target market of 10,000?

        If your business is nutritional supplements, find
        newsletters that deal with health-related issues and submit
        articles (and classified ads) to the publishers of those
        newsletters.  If your business relates to promoting knowledge
        of the tax-breaks available to home business owners, target
        newsletters related to home businesses.

        This is how Esther found us.  She researched the home
        business category in Ruth Townsend's Directory of Ezines,
        and targeted publishers of related newsletters.  Lo and
        behold, she found a publisher who was looking for useful
        and informative content for this week's newsletter!

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        How to Target Your Market and Attract New Customers.

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