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        Avoid problems with the FTC with truthful and honest marketing for your products and services.

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        Ab Gizmos and Other Assorted Snake Oils

        © 2012 Elena Fawkner

        Big news this week.  The FTC's going after the companies
        behind the ab gizmos.  You know the ones - develop six-pack
        abs in 6 weeks without doing a single situp.  All you do is
        strap on this belt gizmo and it sends hundreds of electrical
        charges to the abdominal muscles causing them to contract. 
        Voila!  All the benefits of hundreds of crunches without any

        The FTC's claiming millions of dollars from these companies.
        This is just to disgorge the money these companies received
        from customers.

        Why?  The ab gizmos don't work.  It's all a big fat lie.

        Well ... duh. 

        So why, then, have these companies made hundreds of
        millions of dollars?

        Because there are an awful lot of people who want something
        for nothing.  They don't want to have to wait, they don't want
        to have to expend effort.  They desperately want to believe it's
        possible to get something now and without working for it.

        So, they'll fork over $99 in 3 easy instalments for a gizmo that
        will give them rock-hard abs in six weeks while in the meantime
        they sit around the pool doing nothing but sipping Margueritas. 
        No matter that it won't work.  Hope is alive and well and that's
        what they've paid for.

        And that's what these marketers are selling, after all.  They're
        not selling an ab gizmo.  They KNOW they don't work.  But that's
        OK because what they're selling is hope.  The hope that maybe,
        with this doodad, you won't have to get in shape the way all
        those other poor schleps have to.  You won't have to go on a
        diet to lose fat and exercise to build muscle.  Nosiree, not you. 
        We're going to give YOU a magic wand!

        Sound familiar?  What was in your inbox this morning after
        you finally downloaded all your mail?  How many emails did
        you receive telling you that you can make $3,000 a week
        doing nothing?  Or you can earn a full-time income with part-
        time work?  Or, how about this, "We'll do all the work!"?
        (After you pay us $60 for your place in the matrix, that is.)

        Or maybe you've written ads like these yourself.  Smart
        marketer that you are, you know that the best way to sell
        your product is to market it as something that will take away
        pain.  You know that for your target market, working in a
        J.O.B. (just over broke) day after day is painful.  You offer
        a way to escape that pain.

        But take a closer look at your ad.  If you're pushing a
        matrix program, you know, deep down where it counts,
        that you probably got in too late yourself and anyone who
        comes in under you is even further down the pyramid (er,
        matrix).  You're not only engaging in an illegal activity
        - a pyramid scheme (and no, sticking a matrix label on it
        doesn't change what it is) - if you're advertising it as a
        way for someone to invest $30 and take away $30,000
        in 30 days (or ANY time period for that matter), you're
        doing exactly the same thing as the ab gizmo companies.
        You're selling snake oil.  Think the FTC won't come after
        you?  Think again.

        Or maybe you're not promoting a pyramid scheme.  Maybe
        you're promoting a legitimate network marketing program.
        I'm all in favor of network marketing as a business model.
        I'm involved in one myself.  But I don't go telling people
        they can get rich overnight just by slapping up a website
        and spending a couple of hours a week sending email.  I
        tell people it takes a five year commitment, and long, hard
        hours.  Think that loses me sign-ups?  You bet. 

        But I don't want get rich quick types in my organization. 
        Nor do I want those who are not prepared to invest any
        time or money in their businesses.  This is NOT a free ride.
        There ARE no free rides and I don't want passengers.  I want
        drivers.  I want people who are prepared to invest in their
        businesses and their futures.  Because that's what it takes to
        make a success of any business.  An investment of time, an
        investment of money and an investment of directed effort.

        Or maybe you're not promoting a network marketing
        program OR a pyramid scheme.  Maybe you're promoting a
        great new book you've written (or someone else has
        written) about how to generate bucketloads of cash running
        an Internet business.  Have YOU generated bucketloads of
        cash from this book?  Then don't sell others the hope that
        they can either.

        You may think those people who spent hundreds of millions
        of dollars on a gizmo that was never going to work got what
        they deserved by looking for a free ride.  And maybe they
        did.  I don't have any sympathy for them.  But that doesn't
        let the companies who conned them off the hook.  They
        exploited weakness in others for their own pecuniary gain and
        they did it dishonestly. 

        The FTC will make them pay for their deceptive and misleading
        advertising.  And it can do the same to you, too.

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