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        The Phases and Stages of Starting an Online Business Working From Home

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        Rites of Passage

        © 2016 Elena Fawkner

        "I'm not sure what exactly my point in writing this is going
        to be other than to voice my frustration to someone who
        has been there, and would understand.
        "Like many, I've been considering starting up some form
        of a home business. Or at least some way to boost the
        income. So over the past few months, I've been looking
        at every hare-brained idea out there. All the Associate
        Programs, the eBooks with publishing rights, all the scams
        (and most of them out there really start to look like scams
        after a while!).
        "What I've discovered: "There are no short-cuts". I don't
        know why I thought there were.
        This is an extract from an email I received a couple of weeks
        ago from one of my ezine subscribers, Ric.  It typifies the
        frustration and "overwhelmingness" we ALL face when
        grappling with what we think we need to know before we
        can begin to start an online business.  It's like trying to pin
        jelly to a wall - there's just so much we know we're missing
        so at what point do we actually bite the bullet and just

        If this is how you're feeling as you sit here reading this late
        at night, chin propped on hand, after yet another evening of
        searching, downloading and reading everything you can lay
        your hands on about generating an income from the Internet,
        only to end up feeling more confused, overwhelmed and
        discouraged than when you started, take heart.  This is just
        how it is.  You're not alone.  We've ALL been there - it's just
        part of the process, a rite of passage, if you will.  Rest
        assured, you CAN get through this to where you need to be.

        Let's shine a light on this beast and cut him down to size,
        shall we?  Here's the process and, although there may not
        be much you can do to avoid it, at least you can recognize
        it for what it is and be reassured in your darkest moments
        that, far from being lost at sea, you are walking a well-worn
        path.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and
        you'll get there if you don't give up.

        => Phase I - Have Computer, Will Get Rich

        OK, so you have a computer, and an Internet connection.
        You've been online for a while actually, just dabbling about,
        sending email to family and friends and maybe doing a bit
        of surfing. 

        In your travels, you've stumbled across all these people who
        are making fortunes on the Internet.  After a while, it seems
        to you that pretty much everyone who has a computer and
        an Internet connection is using them to generate a huge
        income.  You think to yourself, "I have a computer and an
        Internet connection.  I should be making a fortune too."  So,
        like the pioneers before you, you decide to go after your
        rightful share. 

        So here you are, computer connected to the Internet, fingers
        poised over the keyboard.  Now what?  How am I supposed to
        use this thing to make money?  Oh, I know, I'll do a search.  I
        can find out anything on Google.  So you go to Google (or, if
        you're really new, Yahoo!), and you type in "making money
        on the internet".

        And Wazzooo!  Lists and lists and lists of sites that promise
        to show you how to make money.  Oh, this is a goldmine!
        Already you're planning a month-long trip to Europe.

        You merrily head off and visit dozens of sites your first
        afternoon.  During the course of that afternoon and in the
        weeks that follow, you come across sites that promise to
        give you $30,000 in 30 days if you invest just $30 (you
        learn about matrix/pyramid schemes the hard way), then
        you learn about affiliate programs and how you can make
        money by referring people to someone else's site (but only
        if they buy) which is great because you have no product
        and no idea about how to create one.

        You hear a lot about MLM programs and network marketing. 
        You think they sound an awful lot like pyramid schemes but
        you know they're different, you're just not sure how. 

        And then you find out about products with resell rights so
        you can keep 100% of the profits (but you have to buy the
        product first).

        Every time you turn around there's another expert promising
        to show you the way to the promised land.

        => Phase II - This is More Complicated Than I Thought

        You soon realize that this whole making money with your
        computer business is way more complicated than you
        thought.  And now you discover you need to go off and learn
        something else besides.  Internet marketing.  After all, when
        you finally decide what you're going to sell, you have to
        know how, right?  Fortunately for you, there are literally
        thousands of Internet marketing experts out there just
        waiting with bated breath to share their secrets with you.
        For a price.

        Everything is so confusing and overwhelming that you just
        don't know where to begin.  So you decide you'd better
        learn everything there is to know about Internet marketing
        before you start.  That way, when you've learned everything
        you need to know, you won't make any mistakes.

        So you spend the next several weeks to several months
        downloading all of the free Internet marketing ebooks that
        you can find.  When you realize they all pretty much say
        the same thing, you decide you'd better get serious and start
        paying for some of the really good stuff.  So, three months
        and $900 later you have a hard disk crammed full of ebooks
        that you don't even remember reading and you're damned
        if even now you have the foggiest idea where to start.  No
        wonder.  It's pretty hard to visualize how you're going to
        market a site you haven't even created yet, let alone make
        money from it.

        Then you learn about the secret marketing sites.  Aha! 
        That's where all the good stuff is, you figure.  So you pay
        your $60 lifetime access fee to two or three of the really
        best secret sites, confident that you're entering an
        exclusive club just for those who are REALLY successful
        in their Internet businesses.

        What you find, of course, is more of the same stuff that
        you've already read, it's just that now it's all in one handy

        => Phase III - Paralysis by Analysis

        You finally accept that you really do have all the information
        there is to have sitting right there on your computer.  You
        just have to use it.

        Only problem is, it doesn't matter how much time you spend
        reading, rereading and absorbing all of the information, the
        fact is you still don't have a site, you still don't have a
        product and you still don't have a business so what are you
        reading all this Internet marketing stuff for?

        You've reached the point where you have so much
        information, all of it telling you to do something different,
        that you don't know where to start or in which direction to
        turn - paralysis by analysis, in other words.

        => Phase IV - The Dawning of Realization

        So you take a step back (or have a dummy spit - whichever
        you prefer).  Thoroughly fed up and disillusioned, you decide
        that this whole Internet business thing's nothing but a crock
        - a quagmire of false promises made by unscrupulous con
        artists out for a quick buck.  There's just no way to make
        money on the Internet.  It's all a big con.

        You go back to watching television in the evenings and
        having actual conversations with family members.  After a
        few days pass, though, what you read in those interminable
        Internet marketing ebooks and at those secret sites starts
        to germinate.  Independent thought actually starts to
        flourish.  Suddenly, you realize you were missing the woods
        for the trees.

        You reluctantly accept there really is no business in a box. 
        You're going to have to create it for yourself.  You come to
        understand that the only way to make money on the
        Internet is to do *everything* you've been reading about. 
        All of the contradictory advice wasn't contradictory at all -
        it was cumulative!  There IS no one way of doing this.  You
        need a solid, content-intensive web site to attract visitors. 
        You need an ezine to keep in touch with them.  You need
        products to sell and quickly (affiliate programs! you astutely
        think to yourself).  You need to create your own products. 
        You need to market and to advertise.  You need to get good
        search engine rankings.  You need a lot of sites linking to
        yours.  You need to write and publish articles to get your
        name out there.

        All of the things you've been reading about were true after
        all.  You just have to do them *all*.  The light has finally

        => Phase V - Where You Need To Be

        In a sense, Phase V brings you right back to square one -
        how am I going to make money on the Internet?  But
        unlike Phase I, you now know what it's going to take.

        What you need to do now is the hardest work of all.  You
        have to come up with a rock solid idea for your web site. 
        Only when you have this can you begin to build your
        business.  That's why you never got anywhere in Phase I.
        You went out looking for ways to make money with your
        computer but you had no context.  What's the point of
        signing up for and promoting affiliate programs when you
        don't even know if they're going to fit with your site?
        How are you supposed to think about writing information
        products if you have no idea of your subject?

        Once you have your good idea, everything else falls into
        place.  You can get to work creating your web site,
        publish your ezine, decide which affiliate programs to
        promote, create your own products and all that goes
        along with these things. 

        So, when you find yourself back at square one, don't
        despair, congratulate yourself!  You're exactly where you
        need to be.

        => Phase VI - Just Do It

        Now it's time for action.  The past weeks and months have
        not been wasted.  They've exposed you to all of the things
        you need to do to establish and grow your online business. 
        But at some point you have to stop reading and start doing. 
        Only then does the real learning begin. 

        That time is now.

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