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        Another AHBBO Article
        Profit Is Not a Dirty Word!

        © 2000-2017 Elena Fawkner

               I hope I don't disillusion you but I don't run my website
               or publish this newsletter out of the goodness of my heart.
               I do it because, like many of you who have a full-time job,
               I would one day like to work for myself out of my home.
               To do this, I have to find an alternative source of income.
               Ergo, I have a profit motive in bringing this newsletter to

               I haven't been in this business very long.  I only started
               this past July, in fact.  I started out small and, slowly
               but surely, my business is growing.  I am now able to
               supplement my salary with several hundred dollars a month
               from my online business.  There is no secret to making
               money in this business.  Like anything else, it takes hard
               work and commitment.  Like many of you, I make my money by
               promoting affiliate programs and charging for paid
               advertising in this newsletter.

               The past few months since I started AHBBO have been a great
               learning experience.  Like anyone, I have made mistakes
               along the way but I also got some things right too.  In this
               article, I would like to share with you my greatest lesson
               from 2013.  It is this ... profit is not a dirty word.

               From time to time since starting this newsletter, I would be
               approached by advertisers asking me to send out an exclusive
               mailing.  This is a mailing sent out, BY ME (of course I
               don't make my subscriber database available to ANYONE else),
               containing a single advertisement.  I am paid by the
               advertiser for sending this message to you.  Initially I was
               in two minds about exclusive mailings.  I received my fair
               share of them because I am subscribed to a lot of other
               newsletters.  Most of the time I didn't read them and they
               went straight into the trash bin without being opened.  "I
               didn't sign up for this newsletter to get THAT", I would
               sometimes think to myself.  So, not wanting to generate
               unsubscribe requests to my own newsletter, I resisted these

               Over time, as I started receiving more and more of these
               requests from advertisers, I began to realize that exclusive
               mailings obviously worked.  If they didn't, people wouldn't
               want to pay me good money to have their message reach you.
               That meant that many subscribers obviously read them and
               some bought what was being offered.  But the one thought that
               would always stop me was that I may alienate some of my
               subscribers and they may leave me as a result.

               But then I realized that although an exclusive mailing would
               sometimes prompt me to unsubscribe to a newsletter that I
               didn't particularly enjoy, it NEVER prompted me to
               unsubscribe from a newsletter I DID enjoy.

               So, I decided to try an experiment.  A few weeks back I sent
               out an exclusive mailing for a paying advertiser.  I coded
               the unsubscribe instructions in the special mailing so I
               could tell which unsubscribes came from the special mailing
               and which were just natural attrition.  I received, I think,
               19 unsubscribe requests as a direct result.  Out of a total
               database of something like 1600 back then, that was, in
               retrospect, a very small number.

               I also received a couple of very irate unsubscribe emails
               from people who expressed their "disappointment" in me for
               having the temerity to be seeking to make a profit from my
               business!  How dare I!  These individuals obviously thought
               that I was putting in all this work and all these hours for
               purely altruistic reasons and for their personal benefit

               So, I concluded that my experiment was a failure and put it
               down to the vagaries of human nature, bemoaning to myself
               how people would take whatever you had to offer so long as
               it was free ...

               I made this point in a disgruntled email to an online friend
               of mine, muttering that never again would I send out an
               exclusive mailing.  That friend did me a great service.  She
               told me to rethink that decision and pointed me to a
               wonderful article on exactly this point.  I've lost her note
               to me now so I can't pass it on to you but the gist of the
               article she referred me to was that the author, a newsletter
               publisher, actually welcomed the unsubscribe requests that
               followed his exclusive mailings because exclusive mailings
               were his way of weeding out, as he called them, the "freebie-
               seeking tire kickers".

               These were people who signed up for his newsletter only
               because it was free and he figured losing these subscribers
               was no loss at all.  He preferred to retain only those
               subscribers who valued the information he provided to them
               enough to be willing to accept an occasional exclusive
               mailing from one of his advertisers or, on occasion, himself.
               The people who unsubscribed on the strength of one exclusive
               mailing were, he reasoned, never going to do business with
               him anyway.

               I thought about this.  Then I thought about it some more.
               He's right! I finally thought to myself.  I should WELCOME
               losing those subscribers who leave just because they receive
               an exclusive mailing from me.  This is not a hobby, it is
               a business.  I am in this business to make money ...
               correction ... a PROFIT.  Why should I apologize for that?
               I am doing so by honest means.  I am doing so by way of hard
               work and by giving value to my subscribers.

               So I began to think of exclusive mailings as a way of
               culling the "freebie seeking tire kickers".  THEN I began to
               think of exclusive mailings as a way of actually CLEANSING
               my subscriber database.  Why, I should send out exclusive
               mailings on principle!  Why should advertisers spend money
               sending advertising to people who have no intention of
               buying from ANYONE?  And why should I apologize for trying
               to make a profit out of my own business?  I shouldn't and I
               don't!  Because profit is NOT a dirty word!

               With every exclusive mailing I send, I receive a small
               number of unsubscribe requests as a direct result.  As the
               man in the article I referred to earlier said, "And that's
               the way I like it."


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