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        Online Marketing Tips for New Website Owners

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        Not a Marketer? Got An Online Business? Guess What? You're A Marketer

        © 2013 Elena Fawkner

        What's that I hear you say?  You're not a marketer?  You've
        got an online business haven't you?  Well, guess what, baby.
        You're a marketer!

        With all due respect, I have never been too fond of what I
        think of as "marketing types".  To my mind, they were always
        supreme manipulators with one, and only one, purpose in mind
        at all times.  To convince me by devious means to part with
        my hard-earned money.  Like if I spend $35,000 on this cute
        little bubble car, rich, handsome men will have an epiphany
        and suddenly conclude that I have style and panache and that
        certain irresistible "something" they never realized before
        they've been in search of their entire lives.  Yeah, right.
        Give me a break.

        Since I've been running my own online business, though, I
        have come to view "marketers" in a new, softer light.  (I'm
        still not buying that car thing though.)

        Like you, I started out with an idea.  In my case it was to
        create an online business that tapped into the
        entrepreneurial spirit of people like me wanting to break
        the corporate shackles for the "freedom" (which is a WHOLE
        other article) of work-from-home self-employment.

        So, I identified my niche and set about creating my first
        website.  As any one of you who has built their own website
        knows, the first thing you notice when creating your site
        is just how much "how-to" information there is out there.
        "Build it and they will come" is a common internet
        expression to describe the naive expectation some of us had
        when first starting business online that all that is required
        to have a hugely successful online business is to build a
        brilliant and beautiful website that people will flock to in
        droves.  I'm embarrassed to even admit this now, but when I
        started out, I ACTUALLY thought that all I had to do was
        create a website and it would automatically be found by all
        the major search engines!

        Reality check #1 - No-one knows your site exists.  And so
        you learned that to get people to visit your site you must
        first announce its existence.  You learned then of improving
        search engine rankings and getting listed in the big
        directories, of the importance of linking and forging
        strategic alliances.

        Reality check #2.  No-one cares that your site exists.
        If there's nothing in it for them, that is.  You learned the
        first principle of ecommerce-psychology - WIIFM.  What's
        In It For Me?

        Reality check #3.  Even if you manage to drive traffic
        to your site and then deliver something your visitor values,
        that doesn't mean they will buy from you.  You learned that
        when it comes to giving over information, whether that be
        names and email addresses or credit card numbers, online
        consumers are a distrustful lot.  And rightly so.

        Reality check #4.  Our predecessors have done such a
        wonderful job of scamming and spamming that we have to
        overcome the presumption in the minds of our site visitors
        that we are all a bunch of crooks.

        So, how do we go about convincing visitors to look at our
        site; how do we go about convincing them that we have
        something to offer that will benefit them; how do we go
        about convincing them that we will safeguard their privacy;
        how do we go about convincing them that we are honest and
        reputable and professional?

        Answer (in unison, please): we MARKET ourselves.  Every
        day, in every way.  Every time we answer an email.  Every
        time we send an email.  Every time we tweak our home page.
        Every time we write an article.  Every time we request a
        link.  Every time we swap an ad.  Every time we accept an
        order.  Every time we issue a refund.  Literally, with every
        action we take, we are marketing ourselves and our

        What does YOUR marketing say about YOU and YOUR business?

        Start with reality check #1, your website.  Is it clean and
        professional looking?  Does it load quickly or is it bogged
        down with humongous graphics that take so long to load that
        your visitors hit the BACK button in frustration?  Is it
        well designed and easy to navigate?  Is the color scheme
        easy on the eye?  Is it welcoming?  Does it contain full
        contact information so your visitors can actually
        COMMUNICATE with you?

        Or is it little more than a long list of banners, each one
        of which is linked to that wonderful, you-beaut self-
        replicating site you got for FREE! when you joined the
        affiliate program?

        Which brings us smack into reality check #2.  WIIFM?  What's
        in it for your visitor?  What benefit does a long list of
        banners for your umpteen different and unrelated affiliate
        programs bring to your site visitors?  You've heard it
        before.  Hear it again, now.  C O N T E N T   is    K I N G.
        Creating a website is a LOT of hard WORK!  Slapping up
        affiliate program banners is not.  Any idiot can do that.
        And plenty have.

        What do you have to offer that's different from the rest?
        Find it and develop it.  Separate yourself from your
        competition.  Find your niche.  Give people a reason to
        visit you.  More importantly, give people a reason to come
        back.  You want to be bookmarked.  Make your site one they
        just can't put down.

        Let's move onto reality checks #3 and #4.  Why should people
        give over their information to you, a total stranger?  The
        internet is a great, big, level playing field.  You can be a
        one-man band working out of your basement for two hours
        after work each night in your underwear and still give every
        impression of being Microsoft if you want.  The internet is
        the great leveler AND it is anonymous.  What's that saying?
        On the internet no-one knows how ugly you really are.
        Something like that.  No-one knows WHO you are, either.

        Putting my site visitor hat on for a moment, I want to KNOW
        who I'm dealing with!  I don't want to transact with a
        personality-free website that may or may not be legit.  I
        want to know your name.  I want to know your telephone
        number.  I'm not going to call you.  I just want to know
        you're a real person with a real voice who I can call if
        I want to or if I need to.  I want your email address.  I
        want to know I'm dealing with a PERSON and not an ATM.

        So how do you get me to give you my name and email address
        and, maybe, eventually, my credit card number?  Simple.  You
        show me yours and I'll show you mine.  Let me get to know who
        you are and why I should do business with you.  Be accessible.
        Then, maybe, just maybe, I'll trust you with my email
        address.  But show me your privacy policy first.  Promise
        me you won't sell my address or give it away to anyone either.

        Do that, and maybe, ten visits from now, or twenty visits
        from now, I may just trust you enough to give you my credit
        card number.

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