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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas
          IN THIS ISSUE

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Bulletin Board
          Advertising Service
        3.     Feature Article - Those Not-So-Beaut Information
        4.     Surveys and Trends
        5.     Success Quotes of the Week

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue.

        I'd like to end this year with another "debunking" article.
        I receive way too much email from people asking whether
        they can REALLY make a fortune promoting someone else's
        information product as the author of the product invariably
        promises.  This week's article, "Those Not-So-Beaut
        Information Products" should make the answer pretty clear.

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.  Happy New Year everyone!

        Remember, AHBBO is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or
        would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you.  Please send
        comments, questions and stories to Contact By Email .

        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Bulletin Board
          Advertising Service

        Believe it or not, bulletin boards actually work as traffic builders
        for just about any small business. They serve to enhance the
        community relations image of a business, and the space required
        to locate a bulletin board can be written off as a tax deduction
        when listed as advertising or public relations expense.

        People use these "business provided" bulletin boards to advertise
        things they want to sell, home-based businesses, and whatever
        they might want to trade for or buy. Then, they come back,
        sometimes morning, noon, and evening everyday, to check on
        them, or to see who else has an announcement posted. Each
        time they come into the business owner's store or shop, they
        may not feel an obligation to buy something, but of course the
        business owner has another opportunity to sell them something.

        Just about anybody can organize a route of bulletin boards:
        charge the advertisers a small monthly fee, keep them up-to-
        date and neat (which will make the business owner happy), and
        make some really easy money in the whole process.

        The first step is to contact as many businesses in your area as
        possible. Grocery stores, drugstores, barber shops, beauty
        salons, service stations, quick print shops, rental shops, mobile
        home parks, shopping centers, apartment complexes that have
        foyers or recreation rooms - and so on.

        Sell these businesses on the idea of allowing you to install and
        maintain a bulletin board service for them. Emphasize the
        community service, the tax write-off, and the fact that you'll
        keep it neat. When you get ten or more signed to allow you to
        install a bulletin board, you're ready to start making your bulletin


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
        Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
        added regularly.

        3.     Feature Article:  Those Not-So-Beaut Information

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        Every man and his dog will tell you that the Internet is an
        information medium and this is precisely why one of the
        greatest commodities you can sell online is information.

        Many of you reading this article will already have been
        suckered into believing that you can run a real "business"
        selling ebooks from your site and may have even spent
        countless hours creating a you-beaut site to showcase
        the ebooks and various other forms of informational products
        you have for sale.  Why have your sales been so

        Quite simply, you're wasting your time.

        Granted, the Internet IS an information medium.  Granted,
        information products DO sell very nicely indeed online.  But
        not if all you're doing is selling someone else's product in
        isolation.  You will not generate an income from promoting
        the latest Internet marketing guru's "insider secrets" marketing
        course.  Sure, you may make a sale here or there but you'll
        also be spending a fortune in advertising.  Don't believe
        them when they tell you you will make thousands promoting
        their products, if that's ALL you're doing.  Despite what the
        "gurus" would have you believe, it just ain't gonna happen!


        Because people need to have a reason to seek out your

        How do you give people a reason to seek out your site?

        Provide them with the information they're looking for.  In
        other words, in order to sell information products from your
        site (or anything else for that matter) you must first
        create a content-rich site that contains the sort of
        information the target audience for what you sell is
        looking for.  Then, and ONLY then, will you have even the
        chance to sell the information product.

        There are a number of products out there that have done
        EXTREMELY well for their authors by being bundled with
        resale rights.  In other words, if you buy the product, you
        then have the right to resell it to others.  These products
        typically sell you on the notion that you, just like the
        author, can make thousands of dollars each month reselling
        the book. 

        There's just one teensy bit of information the author neglects
        to mention.  Although he "gives you" a website, just like the
        one you visited when you bought the book, if you want it you
        must host it with the author.  For a monthly fee. 

        The product contains links to other products and sources
        that you can't change.  Guess who gets the commission every
        time one of these links is used to make a purchase?  You? 
        Hah!  Author again. 

        And forget about choosing who you use for your payment
        processor.  9 times out of 10 you're forced to use a payment
        processor designated by the author because, of course, he's
        negotiated the best possible deal.  For you.  Yeah right.  He
        gets a commission of every sale you make. 

        THAT'S how the author makes HIS fortune.  By lining up an
        army of patsies, most of whom will be lucky to sell a single
        copy of the product.  But because he has THOUSANDS of you
        out there, he still makes a fortune.  If each of the thousands
        of resellers sells only one copy, he still makes commissions
        on thousands of sales.  You don't get that opportunity.

        And one other piece of vital information.  You need to be
        one of the very first marketing these products to generate
        any income from them at all.  They have a VERY short

        Now, these types of products certainly have their place.
        I promote one of them from my site, in fact.  But I don't
        promote it as something to generate an income with.  I
        promote it instead because of what it can teach you about
        internet marketing in a very short time.  And I say so.

        Information products can do very well online, indeed.  But
        not these sort.  Think instead in terms of creating your own
        content-rich site that attracts targeted traffic (the more
        specialized your niche the better) and then write your own
        e-books and sell them from your site.  Establish an affiliate
        program to get others to sell your book for you.  There is
        a veritable army of people out there looking for a product
        to sell, and any product, so it sometimes seems, will do. 
        In time, they will wake up and smell the coffee but until
        then, put that salesforce to work for YOU.  Just don't
        promise them the moon though, OK?

        Think also in terms of publishing a newsletter on the subject
        of your choice.  Not only does this help spread the word
        about your website, vital to all-important traffic generation,
        your newsletter can become quite a lucrative source of
        advertising revenue once your subscriber base reaches a
        decent size (of several thousand). 

        Or you might decide instead (or as well) to launch a
        subscription-based newsletter to generate subscription income
        as well as advertising revenues.

        Another approach is to create a members-only area of your
        web site and charge a monthly fee for access.

        All of these ideas involve information products.  Start
        thinking outside the paradigm of "selling an information
        product from your site".  Your site *IS* an information
        product!  So is your newsletter.  And utilized effectively,
        they're MUCH more likely to result in a steady, reliable and
        secure source of income for YOU, not just another internet
        marketing "guru".



        entrepreneur.  http://www.shelteredturtle.com

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        during your baby's first years! Enjoy information, expert advice,
        tools, and community. All just for you!

        4.     Surveys and Trends

        © 2001 Ryanna's Hope



        According to Greenfield Research, here's some tips:

        67% of on-line consumers are likely to be attracted to web
        sites that offer free items. Other incentives include discount
        prices (47%), contests (43%) and brand names (39%).


        According to Media Metrix division AdRelevance, about 65%
        of on-line companies fill advertising space on their sites with
        their own banner ads; 63 of the 500 sites surveyed carried
        more than 20% house ads.


        People will do everything on the Web. The biggest mistake
        a marketer can make is to not separate hype from reality,
        to buy into a future that no one can predict. The marketplace
        is littered with companies that have fallen into this trap.

        What is known is that habits change very slowly. People will
        continue to go shopping in stores. What is known is that
        people need to see and feel certain things ?expensive
        jewelry and haute couture clothing ?before they buy them.



        NCL surveyed 1,003 US adults, age 18 and older, living in
        private households. It found that 55% of US consumers with
        internet access at home or at work have purchased something
        online -- up from 44% in 2017. NCL says that convenience is
        still the key factor for buying online: 56% cite it as their number
        one motivation for e-shopping.


        By the end of 2017, the U.S. online purchasing population had
        grown to 68 million consumers. Yet as they spend more time
        and money online, consumers are growing intolerant of confusing
        or flawed purchasing processes. A survey of almost 3,000
        consumers revealed that 41% of customers who experience a
        purchasing failure say that they stopped shopping at the site in


        In 1995, just 15% of internet users were women, currently it
        is about 50%. "Over nine million women have logged onto the
        internet for the first time in the past year, and 58% of all new
        internet users are now women," says Rosenzweig.

        PeopleSupport expects women will outnumber men on the
        internet by a 3-to-2 margin by the year 2003.



        America's Research Co. has made these stats available from
        recent surveys which give entrepreneurs an idea of what
        people on the Net are really looking for:

        1. To do personal research 54.2%
        2. To send and receive E-mail 51.6%
        3. To do research for business purposes 42.6%
        4. To look up information on products 42.2%
        5. To research children's homework assignments 34.4%
        6. To obtain health information 31.9%
        7. To check on local and national news 31.4%
        8. To play games 30%
        9. To locate people's names and addresses 28.7%
        10. To keep up-to-date on the latest technology 28.4%


        In a study released by BizRate.com and The NPD Group, more
        than 10,000 consumers were surveyed. Respondents indicated
        what occurred after they abandoned the shopping cart:

        > 39% did not purchase the item at all
        > 26% purchased the product from a competitor
        > 17% made their purchase offline
        > 18% returned to the site to make the purchase at a later time



        According to the Zandl Group, clothes, sports equipment and
        books are the "most recent" purchases of US boys in the 13 to
        17 year-old age group. Popular purchases for girls in the same
        age group include clothes, books and CDs.

        Zandl studied boys and girls in three age groups -- 8 through 12,
        13 to 17 and 18 to 24 -- in December 2001. The company found
        that boys in the 13 to 17 year-old age bracket are the only boys
        to say they recently purchased books online. Zandl notes that
        girls in every age group say they recently purchased CDs online.


        For an idea of how many young people are online, in its latest
        eCommerce: B2C & Demographics Report, eMarketer estimates
        that in 2001, 80% of teens in the US between the ages of 14 and
        17 are online. eMarketer predicts that this percentage will grow to
        88% of the total 14 to 17 year-old population by 2005.



        Barna Research reports that 8% of adults and 12% of teenagers
        in the United States use the internet as part of their religious or
        spiritual lives. The 2001 study finds that just 1% of adults and
        2% of teenagers eschew physical houses of worship in favor of
        going online, but predicts that use of the web for religious
        purposes will continue to grow. Barna forecasts that at least
        10% of the US population will rely on the internet for their entire
        spiritual experience within this decade.


        WANT MORE?

        Ryanna's has published over 45 business articles nationwide
        for the home entrepreneur. You can obtain free info about their
        offer of  Cash Making you've Never Seen..." and you can
        obtain free ebooks and other articles at their site. Subscribe to
        their free ezine Surveys and Trends For Entrepreneurs" too!
        5.     Success Quotes of the Week

        "Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline...too
        much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of
        something to fall in love with."
          --  Dale Dauten

        "Doing is a quantum leap from imagining. Thinking about
        swimming isn't much like actually getting in the water. Actually
        getting in the water can take your breath away. The defense
        force inside of us wants us to be cautious, to stay away from
        anything as intense as a new kind of action. Its job is to
        protect us, and it categorically avoids anything resembling
        danger. But it's often wrong.  Anything worth doing is worth
        doing too soon."
          --  Barbara Sher

        "What you see (in your mind's eye) is what you get. Proof:
        What you saw is pretty much what you got!"
          --  Joe Klock

        "Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow
        it to take hold and dominate their thoughts find that new worlds
        open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new
          --  Norman Vincent Peale

        "You may feel like dwelling on your limits or your fears. Don't
        do it...A perfect prescription for a squandered, unfulfilled life is
        to accommodate self-defeating feelings while undercutting
        your finest, most productive ones."
          --  Marsha Sinetar

        7.     Subscription Management


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        9. Contact Information

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