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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas

           A Home-Based Business Online

          December 30

          Sent to 2,320 subscribers

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing


           IN THIS ISSUE
          1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
          2.   Home-Based Business Idea of the Week -
           Online Copywriter
          3.   AHBBO Subscribers Speak Out
          4.   Guest Article - Is Your Online Business Sinking
           or Swimming?
          5.   EBook Review - Learning the Ropes
          6.   Freebies
          8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          9.   Next Week
          11.  Subscription Management
          13.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!


        First of all, apologies for the delay in sending this
        issue of the newsletter to you.  My webhost's servers have
        been down for three days and as a result I've been delayed
        in putting the newsletter together.  If you haven't been
        able to access the AHBBO website at
        over the past few days, that's why.  I also haven't been
        able to access email for a few days so if you've
        contacted me but haven't received a response, please be
        patient.  All is now back to normal and I'll be able to
        respond shortly.


        I received emails from several of you in response to last
        week's article, "Profit is Not a Dirty Word".  The responses
        were, I think, a good representation of the polarized
        opinions this issue generates.  (If you missed last week's
        article, it's available by autoresponder at:
        ).  Because the issue of solo
        mailings is one about which many of you will have to make
        a decision in your own businesses, I am printing the
        comments received, with the permission of the respective
        authors, in place of this week's feature article.  The
        article that was planned for this week, "Look Before You
        Leap ... Is a Home Business REALLY For You?", will run
        next week instead.


        A couple of you have written to say that the links in
        the newsletter aren't clickable.  I'm trying to get an
        idea of whether this is a widespread problem and would
        appreciate your feedback.  If the links are NOT clickable
        for you, would you please let me know by sending a blank
        email to ?  I'd greatly appreciate it.
        For those of you experiencing this problem I apologize and
        will attempt to get to the bottom of it by next issue.


        This is the last issue of AHBBO for 2017.  Thank you for
        being an AHBBO subscriber and for your support this year.
        I look forward to bringing you AHBBO Vol. 2 in 2017.  I
        wish all of you a very safe and happy New Year.


        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email


        2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Online Copywriter

        Here's a business idea for those of you out there who are
        good at putting words together.  Why not refine that skill
        by learning what it takes to be a good copywriter in the
        online environment and offering your services to those in
        need of such a service (and there are PLENTY of them out

        There are many, many resources for learning about
        copywriting online, some free, some not.

        When you start your research you will quickly learn the
        common denominator - AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire,
        Action.  Master the AIDA principle as it applies to online
        copywriting and you will be well placed to offer a valuable
        service to internet marketers without the time, ability or
        inclination to master the skill of effective copywriting
        for themselves.

        You will find as you progress in your research that
        copywriting for the online environment is a very different
        proposition to what works in the offline world.  One major
        difference is that your copywriting has to be geared with
        the search engines in mind.  Anyone looking to you to
        create copy for a home page will, even if they don't
        express their needs in these terms, be expecting
        that the copy you produce will be written not only to
        grab and keep the attention of the reader and motivate
        him or her to action, but also to optimize the page for
        search engine purposes.  This means understanding the
        importance of keywords and how to write keyword-rich copy
        without compromising the effectiveness of the message of
        the copy.  This can be tricky.

        For this reason, your greatest investment in this business
        will be the time you need to spend to equip yourself with
        the necessary skills to be an effective online copywriter.
        Once you have this skill mastered, however, it's simply a
        matter of creating your own website (which, of course,
        will be a shining example of the quality of your work)
        and generating publicity.

        In terms of what you can offer from your website, consider
        in addition to copy for webpages, add-on services such as
        drafting of sales letters for use by your clients in their
        autoresponder marketing campaigns, preparation of press
        releases and a classified ad service.  You may then want to
        extend your reach to more general site promotion areas such
        as optimization of existing webpages for improvement in
        search engine rankings to a fully-fledged promotion service.

        Recommended sites (copy and paste the long URLs so they fit
        in one line in your browser window):

        -> Hodu Winning Documents

        -> How to Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web
           Marketing Pieces

        -> Effective Copywriting Techniques

        Recommended books:

        -> The Elements of Copywriting: The Essential Guide to
           Creating Copy That Gets the Results You Want
           By Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly

        -> Copywriting for the Electronic Media: A Practical Guide
           By Milan D. Meeske

        -> Copywriting by Design (Bringing Ideas to Life by Words
           and Images)
           By David Herzbrun

        You can purchase these titles online.  Amazon at
        http://www.amazon.com and Barnes & Noble at
        http://www.barnesandnoble.com are two good sources.


        There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home Business
        Ideas page at and
        Online Business Ideas page at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        3. AHBBO Subscribers Speak Out

        Seems last week's article "Profit is Not a Dirty Word"
        struck a chord with many of you.  With their permission, I'm
        sharing with you the opinions I received from several
        subscribers so you can consider this issue for yourself in
        the context of your own online business.

        Please bear in mind that the point of last week's article
        and this week's segment is NOT that you, as subscribers to
        this ezine, should be prepared to accept the occasional solo
        mailing from me, but rather that this is an issue you need
        to think about from a BUSINESS perspective insofar as it
        relates to your OWN online business.

        To clarify my personal position on this issue, I'd like to
        preface the comments that follow with my response to Ellyn's
        email which you will read below:

        "Thank you for your comments.  To clarify, I do NOT
        characterize subscribers who would prefer not to receive
        exclusive mailings as "freebie seeking tire kickers".  Those
        who unsubscribe to a newsletter they otherwise enjoy merely
        because they receive one exclusive mailing do, however, in
        my opinion, merit this label.  You will recall my article
        was describing my experience following one exclusive mailing.
        My first.  I wasn't sending out 4 or 5 a day (that is, I
        agree, GROSSLY excessive).  And the point of the article was
        not that I was lecturing my subscribers that they should be
        prepared to accept the occasional exclusive mailing, it was
        that they shouldn't be apologetic about seeking to make a
        profit from their OWN online businesses.  After all, I was
        speaking to those who DIDN'T unsubscribe.

        "That aside though, I don't believe it is unreasonable to ask
        subscribers to be prepared to accept, say, one exclusive
        mailing a week PROVIDED the subscribers are receiving a
        service they otherwise consider valuable.  It is, after all,
        something they are receiving for free.  I, too, subscribe to
        a considerable number of other newsletters and receive my
        fair share of separate mailings.  It's a price I'm usually
        prepared to pay if the newsletter's any good.  If not, I'll
        just unsubscribe.  But the unsub will be to do with the
        quality of the newsletter, not the fact that I'm receiving
        separate mailings.  Mind you, if I was receiving 4 or 5 a
        day I'd be unsubscribing no matter how good the newsletter

        "The response to this article has been surprising.  I am not
        used to subscribers taking the time or trouble to comment on
        my articles!  I have received five lengthy emails commenting
        on it so far today, including yours.  The other four were
        supportive of the position I took in my article.  This is
        obviously an issue that divides opinion.

        "Thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion."


        Incidentally, I've tracked down the URL of the article that
        I referred to in my article.  If you're interested you can
        read it at:


        Now, here are the comments I received:

        I read your article about "Profit" and applaud your
        statement and send a "Good for You".  As an on-line business
        man, I get calls, e-mails and mail from people that ask me
        to give, become a partner with them, cover the cost for them,
        or several other requests.  These people don't seem to
        understand what it takes to make a profit on the net.  I
        always tell them I would be doing them a dis-service if I
        gave it to them.  How would they appreciate what it takes to
        own, operate and grow a business, if it is just given to
        Now don't take me wrong, I do support a worthy cause or
        give advice when needed or even just asked, but you have to
        draw the line somewhere.  Keep up the good work (I really
        enjoy your e-zine) and have a Merry Christmas.  May all your
        endeavors turn profitable.

        Ken Hylton
        Hylton Enterprises


        I just finished reading your article about profit not being
        a dirty word and I am compelled to put in my "two cents." I
        recently made a commitment to advertise in your wonderful
        newsletter for at least the next 4 months. I would hate to
        think that my ad is being read by "freebie seeking tire
        kickers." (I just like that term.) I do offer free
        information on my web site but that is not my main focus. I
        would hope that after getting a few valuable ideas from the
        free information, the reader would sign up for one of the
        affiliate programs that I recommend. After all I am in this
        for the money and the profits.

        The weeding out process I believe is a terrific idea. It
        gives your advertisers like myself some degree of hope that
        I am targeting people who realize part of doing business is
        spending for quality information.

        Tony Lloyd


        Ellyn wrote:

        I am a person who has a full-time job, but also has a
        homebased business.  I have a great interest in trying to
        utilize the technology of the internet to improve my
        business.  I am one who has subscribed to quite a few
        newsletters in order to gain useful information and guidance.
        Your newsletter is one of them.  After reading the subject
        article, I felt the need to respond.  "Resent" might be too
        strong a word, but I do question subscribers who don't like
        exclusive mailings being characterized as "freebie-seeking
        tire kickers."  I understand you did not coin this phrase,
        but from the tone of the article, you do agree with it.  I
        find it to be an unfair generalization.

        I am one who personally dislikes these exclusive mailings.
        This dislike is simple...if I didn't personally request to
        have the information sent to me because of some relevance in
        my life, I consider it to be spam that is doing nothing but
        taking up space in my e-mailbox.  I certainly understand
        that your newsletter and website are profit-driven endeavors,
        and I don't begrudge that effort at all.  In fact, I don't
        even mind the ads that are IN your newsletter, or any
        newsletter for that matter.  Paid advertising subsidizes the
        endeavor, and allows us, the subscribers, to have the
        opportunity to obtain the valuable information you make
        available.  What I have a problem with is a purely practical
        matter: I can deal with having ads in a newsletter because
        the entire document is in a SINGLE e-mail.  Just like a
        newspaper or magazine, you have to deal with the ads with the

        What I can't tolerate is SEPARATE e-mails coming to me,
        unrequested.  I subscribed to one newsletter that sent at
        least 3-5 exclusive mailings A DAY!  A few mailings I found
        interesting, but for the most part, they were meaningless to
        me.  Hitting the delete key is easy enough, and that's what
        I regularly do, but that misses the point....I shouldn't
        have to be receiving (and deleting) e-mail I didn't request
        in the first place.  Needless to say, I unsubbed from this
        newsletter, even though I found a lot of its content
        informative and useful.

        Now, does wanting to keep my e-mail "inbox" at a sane level
        make me a "freebie-seeking tire kicker?"  I would think not.
        Sure, I like to find a good deal, and usually when I buy
        something on impulse, I live to regret it.  I value all the
        information and knowledge I have gained from your newsletter
        thus far.  And I also EXPECT you to seek adequate
        compensation for subscribers patronizing your service.  But
        if you're expecting me (or anyone else) to have to comply
        with receiving unasked for, separate e-mails in order to
        benefit from your newsletter, and to be negatively
        characterized if we don't, I, for one, would have to
        seriously reconsider the benefit TO ME of continuing to
        receive this newsletter.  I could probably find the
        information elsewhere....and without the stereotype.

        Just something for you to consider....


        Thanks Elena!

        I just finished reading my first issue of your ezine and
        had to write and tell you I loved your article "Profit is
        Not a Dirty Word." It's something that I, as an ezine
        publisher, really needed to hear.

        Lately I've been getting almost physically ill every time I
        get an unsubscribe request, feeling like I'm doing something
        terribly wrong even though out of 2017+ subs, I only ever
        get 3-4 unsubs a week. Your article puts it all in

        Thanks again,

        Ruth Farmer
        editor, Classifieds Links n more...

        FREE site submissions, software and e-books for all new
        subscribers to Classifieds Links n more... the ezine
        dedicated to free and low-cost site promotion tips and
        tricks. Subscribe today!

        Proud Member of the Ezine Advertising Network


        Sam wrote:

        Profit is definitely NOT a dirty word.  Having just lost
        my job and not too sure what Social Insecurity will provide
        a sixty eight year old (going on thirty), I have begun
        building a new career for myself. I surf a lot as a result
        and subscribe to quite a number of newsletters. Those which
        I find not germane to my goals (not PROFITABLE) I drop.
        Mail which does not capture and hold my interest within
        twenty lines I delete out of hand.  Not profitable to go
        further.  I have little time to build .... cannot waste it
        reading reams of hype and empty filler.  Therefore:  Go for
        it girl! Keep your eye on your goal and follow the golden
        rule.  Sincerely, Sam I Am.


        When I was watching a movie and a commercial came on, I
        didn't throw the TV out the window! And I even pay for the
        newspapers that run ads. You are 100% right. It's the
        profits you make that buy us your free ezine.  Good for you
        and good for us. You don't need the crybabies that want a
        free lunch without strings.

        Keep up the good work!

        Bob Sharpe

        Free Report: How to Get the Government to Pay You to Start
        a Business

        The Home Business Career Center


        So, there you have it.  Make up your own mind about what's
        best for YOUR business.



        Work from Home Now with Medical and Dental Benefits.
        Connect to the source that has it all:


        4. Guest Article - Is Your Online Business Sinking or

        By Tony Lloyd

        When I asked Phil about doing business online, I got a very
        negative response. His view of online business was bleak
        and gloomy. He told me "Oh, it's a bunch of hype. They told
        me I could make lots of money. Instead I lost lots of

        When I asked Ron a similar question I received a much
        better response. His view of online business was pleasant
        and his forecast for the future was promising! He admits a
        few rough spots and some disappointments. He recalls, "At
        first it was very discouraging but I did not quit. I kept
        looking for new and better ways to reach my goal. In the
        end, all the time and effort paid off."

        Phil and Ron both faced the same challenge-doing business
        online. Apparently each did not take the same approach and
        therefore experienced different results.  Is your online
        experience similar to Phil's or Ron's? Let's take a closer
        look at each person's online experience and figure out why
        one failed and the other succeeded.

        Phil was lured to the web by the promise of "big money." He
        did not have a product (or service) to market so he
        searched the web to find the "right" product. His search
        led him to a long list of affiliate programs. He joined a
        few and started to promote them in free classified ads.
        This was not very profitable for him so he tried a few paid
        classifieds. He was not satisfied with the results and
        impatience started to set in. After some more research he
        found out that e-zine advertising was one of the most
        effective forms of advertising. He checked out the cost of
        advertising in e-zines and placed ads sporadically. Once
        again he did not achieve the results he  hoped for. The
        promise of "big money" eluded him.

        Phil realized that making money online is not as easy as
        some made it sound. He also found out that a good amount of
        effort was involved. He decided to get a web site from one
        of the larger companies offering free web sites. His web
        site listed the affiliate programs he joined and had a few
        fancy graphics and links. He used a recommended software to
        submit his site to hundreds of search engines, directories
        and free classified ads. Still, weeks passed by and no "big
        money." Finally, he gave up.

        Ron started out just like Phil. He didn't have his own
        product so he joined a few affiliate programs. He soon
        discovered electronic newsletters (e-zines) and subscribed
        to seven of them. He set aside time to read them as soon as
        possible since he realized that there was a lot to be
        learned. He even printed some of the articles he considered
        very informative. From these articles he found out that
        marketing his products involved writing effective ads.
        These ads had to grab his readers attention and move him or
        her to a desired action.

        He also found out that the success of his ads depended
        heavily on the headlines. So he spent about two weeks
        searching for articles on "killer" headlines. What he
        discovered was amazing. For example, changing the word
        repair to fix in an ad featuring car maintenance almost
        tripled the response from a particular ad. He diligently
        studied headlines in all the ads he could find. He noticed
        that the attention-grabbing ads used words like FREE, YOU,
        As he applied what he learned he saw an increase in the
        response to his ads. The increased response was encouraging.
        He felt like he was making progress!

        Unlike Phil, he consistently placed ads in e-zines. He
        eventually got his own domain name and listed his affiliate
        programs on his web site. He also provided free useful
        information on his site. His site was simple but effective.
        Download time was kept to a minimum. There were no
        unnecessary graphics or links on his site. He manually
        submitted his site to the top seven search engines.

        Besides using e-zine ads to market his products, Ron used
        "pay-per-click" sites such as GoTo.com and Rocketlinks.com.
        He got good results from direct e-mail marketing which is
        not to be confused with SPAM or unsolicited e-mail
        marketing. He developed his own mailing list through
        extensive advertising and regularly targeted this group. He
        always used a signature file at the end of his e-mails.
        Offering advice in forums and discussion groups and
        submitting articles to e-mail newsletters were on his list
        of marketing techniques, which he would get involved with
        in the future. These two methods were highly profitable for
        some of the business men and women he admired.

        Phil's online business sank while Ron's business is still
        swimming among the fierce competition online. He keeps up
        with the changes and new trends in online marketing and
        uses them to his advantage. He often visits the web sites
        of those who are successful to learn a few valuable ideas.
        Ron is consistent with his marketing efforts and more
        importantly, he is patient. His ultimate goal is to develop
        his own product or products which would increase his profit
        and give him a true sense of satisfaction.

        I sincerely hope your online experience is similar to Ron's.


        Thinking of starting an online business? Have you started
        one recently? Here are proven tips, ideas, marketing
        strategies and resources that will make your new business,
        home business or small business successful. For more
        details visit

        5. EBook Review - Learning the Ropes by Harmony Major

        A very thorough, yet succinct, journey to a successful home-
        based online business.  Written for the would-be online
        entrepreneur starting from ground zero, this book covers
        all the bases yet can be digested in little more than two

        Comprising 10 substantive chapters (plus a couple of
        additional chapters and works from contributing authors
        to round out the resource), Harmony takes you through:

        => the home business pre-launch (to knock those rose-colored
        glasses right off your face -- yes, Virginia, a home-based
        business is REAL work and takes REAL time);

        => the pros and (mostly) cons of reselling other people's
        products (not a bad place to start if you're a newbie but
        if you want to make serious money, get your OWN product;
        what to look for in a good reseller program);

        => products and payment options (creating/acquiring your
        own products; accepting payment online and off);

        => creating a risk-free guarantee (with a unique twist --
        the "refund appreciation" guarantee);

        => setting up your website (get your OWN domain name if
        you plan to do this right; free v. paid web hosts);

        => designing a professional website (doing it yourself
        -- and the free resources you need to do it -- v. using
        professional designers -- maybe you just don't have the
        time to do it yourself, so here's some low-cost
        designers to check out);

        => mastering meta tags;

        => making sure your website is ready for the public;

        => getting publicity with your own ezine; and

        => creating a profitable reseller program of your own.

        Very effective summary checklists follow each chapter as
        a recap and a check on your understanding.

        Harmony includes links throughout the book to great free
        and low cost resources that are a real find.  Resources
        like a wonderful free HTML editor (Arachnophilia), an
        outstanding free HTML guide and where to find a good free
        webhost (if you really must).

        Running your own business is no rose garden and Harmony
        tells it like it is.  Read chapter 1 and you'll have no
        illusions.  But get the mindset preparation right and you
        have a good foundation for what follows.  Harmony takes
        you by the hand and leads you through the minefield in
        one piece.

        And no, I'm not a reseller of the book.  I just liked it.

        Order at .

        Harmony's offering AHBBO subscribers 50% off until midnight
        January 2.  Also, she'll give you 10% off her Home-
        Business-In-A-Box(tm) that was featured as AHBBO's Online
        Business Idea of the Week back in October.  Full details
        are at .  For
        the October review of Home-Business-In-A-Box(tm), see
        Consulting Services


        8. This Week's Web Site Pick - Search Engine Watch

        Nicely organized site that's widely regarded as THE
        authority on search engine goings-on.  A must if you have
        an online business.

        Here's a summary of the various sections of the site:

        -> Search Engine Submission Tips
        Learn how search engines find and rank web pages and what to
        do to improve the ranking of your site.

        -> Web Searching Tips
        For tips on how to use search engines more effectively and to
        learn how others search online (very useful for meta tag

        -> Search Engine Listings
        To find all the major search engines.

        -> Reviews, Ratings & Tests
        For a list of comparison reviews, which search engines are
        the most popular and why.

        -> Search Engine Resources
        For a collection of links to search engine-related resources.

        -> Search Engine News
        To sign up for the site's free monthly newsletter.

        Spending time seriously studying the information at this
        site will definitely pay off in the form of increased
        traffic to YOUR site.


        9.  Next Issue

        That's it for this week, everyone.  Here's what's in store
        for the next issue:

        -> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Gettin' Crafty
        -> Feature Article: Look Before You Leap ... Is a Home-
           Based Business REALLY For You?
        -> Guest Article: It could be yours!  Please send original
           article submissions to
        -> More great Freebies

        Thanks for being with us and have a great week everyone.


        11. Subscription Management

        To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:

        To UNSUBSCRIBE or get removed from this Newsletter:

        If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
        in its entirety to your friends, family and associates!

        13.  Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
        Contact By Email


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