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           A Home-Based Business Online

          December 9

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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           IN THIS ISSUE

          1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
          2.   Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Internet
          3.   Article - Not a Marketer?  Got an Online
           Business?  Guess What?  You're a Marketer!
          4.   You Asked For It!
          5.   Guest Article - The Fine Art of Juggling
          6.   Freebies
          8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          9.   Next Week
          11.  Subscription Management
          13.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!


        A couple of announcements to make this week.  Firstly, as
        you can see, I have made a change to the publication date
        of AHBBO.  Instead of being published on a Saturday,
        starting with this issue it will be published on a Thursday
        or, occasionally, a Friday.  I am making this change for
        purely selfish reasons.  Taking Carmen Slaybaugh's advice
        to heart (see this week's guest article), effective
        immediately I am taking weekends off!

        Secondly, commencing January, AHBBO will be running a new
        weekly tutorial series.  This series will focus on how to
        create and publish your own online newsletter.  We will be
        covering all aspects of newsletter publishing throughout the
        series including: why you should start your own newsletter,
        coming up with your own concept, identifying your target
        market, soliciting subscribers, getting publicity, writing
        and reprinting articles, accepting classified advertising and

        Valerie from Mom's Garage will be our case
        study.  Each week of the tutorial will contain two parts.
        The first part will be the lesson for that week which will
        focus on one aspect of newsletter publishing. The second
        part will be Valerie's diary for the week on her progress
        following the previous week's lesson.

        If you've been thinking about starting your own newsletter
        but haven't quite got around to it yet, why not follow along
        with us and get 2017 off to a running start?


        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email


        2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Internet

        The staffing industry estimates that in 2017, U.S. companies
        will pay over $1 billion to self-employed recruiters who
        work from home.  The awesome earning potential that comes
        with a home-based recruiting business on the internet is no
        longer a secret.  With the right training and know-how, even
        people new to the industry are making money from companies'
        intense demand for their most prized and valuable commodity
        -- employees!

        Internet recruiting involves finding and introducing
        qualified job candidates to companies, who pay you when the
        candidates you introduce get hired.  Companies compensate
        recruiters for their services on a contingency, retained, or
        hourly basis (usually $40-$100 per hour).  Navigating your
        way on the internet makes running a lucrative home-based
        business a more attainable goal now than in any time in the
        past.  Internet recruiting is gaining popularity as a home-
        based business for essentially five reasons:

        1.  There is ample evidence that one can establish an
            internet recruiting business for less than $200 with as
            little as a telephone and access to the World Wide Web.
        2.  Recruiting is a low-risk home-based business that can
            generate a healthy revenue stream.
        3.  All of your work is done online and by telephone,
            allowing one to enjoy the benefits of a self-employed
            lifestyle at home.
        4.  Internet recruiting is a cost-effective tool for
            matching qualified candidates with good job
        5.  The internet offers easy access to information in
            popular recruiting industries such as technology, health
            care, finance and many others.

        To get the most out of the internet, recruiters often enter
        split-fee agreements and use email as their primary source
        for communication.  Split-fee agreements allow one recruiter
        to supply a job order and another recruiter to supply the
        candidate.  If the candidate is hired, the fee is split
        right down the middle, 50% to both parties.  A search
        assignment that generates a $16,000 fee will be split
        between the two of you, $8,000 each.  This type of
        collaboration occurs frequently for dedicated recruiters,
        and offers significant earning potential, even to those who
        run their business part-time.

        The internet is undeniably a money-making tool for
        recruiters.  Internet recruiting is not complex, and you can
        easily double or triple your income by converting your
        electronic relationships into human ones.  With the right
        motivation and training, almost anyone can achieve healthy
        financial goals as an internet recruiter.


        To help you get started, http://www.homebasedrecruiter.com
        has a special offer allowing you to receive the well-known
        Recruiting 2017 audio series and workbook, unlimited
        mentoring and advice by telephone and email, six months of
        online advertising within the HomebasedRecruiter.com network,
        and a free listing in the Recommended Recruiters directory.
        Visit the site or call (480)503-2017 to get started!


        There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home Business
        Ideas page at and
        Online Business Ideas page at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        3. Article - Not a Marketer?  Got an Online Business?
           Guess What?  You're a Marketer!

        By Elena Fawkner

        What's that I hear you say?  You're not a marketer?  You've
        got an online business haven't you?  Well, guess what, baby.
        You're a marketer!

        With all due respect, I have never been too fond of what I
        think of as "marketing types".  To my mind, they were always
        supreme manipulators with one, and only one, purpose in mind
        at all times.  To convince me by devious means to part with
        my hard-earned money.  Like if I spend $35,000 on this cute
        little bubble car, rich, handsome men will have an epiphany
        and suddenly conclude that I have style and panache and that
        certain irresistible "something" they never realized before
        they've been in search of their entire lives.  Yeah, right.
        Give me a break.

        Since I've been running my own online business, though, I
        have come to view "marketers" in a new, softer light.  (I'm
        still not buying that car thing though.)

        Like you, I started out with an idea.  In my case it was to
        create an online business that tapped into the
        entrepreneurial spirit of people like me wanting to break
        the corporate shackles for the "freedom" (which is a WHOLE
        other article) of work-from-home self-employment.

        So, I identified my niche and set about creating my first
        website.  As any one of you who has built their own website
        knows, the first thing you notice when creating your site
        is just how much "how-to" information there is out there.
        "Build it and they will come" is a common internet
        expression to describe the naive expectation some of us had
        when first starting business online that all that is required
        to have a hugely successful online business is to build a
        brilliant and beautiful website that people will flock to in
        droves.  I'm embarrassed to even admit this now, but when I
        started out, I ACTUALLY thought that all I had to do was
        create a website and it would automatically be found by all
        the major search engines!

        Reality check #1 - No-one knows your site exists.  And so
        you learned that to get people to visit your site you must
        first announce its existence.  You learned then of improving
        search engine rankings and getting listed in the big
        directories, of the importance of linking and forging
        strategic alliances.

        Reality check #2.  No-one cares that your site exists.
        If there's nothing in it for them, that is.  You learned the
        first principle of ecommerce-psychology - WIIFM.  What's
        In It For Me?

        Reality check #3.  Even if you manage to drive traffic
        to your site and then deliver something your visitor values,
        that doesn't mean they will buy from you.  You learned that
        when it comes to giving over information, whether that be
        names and email addresses or credit card numbers, online
        consumers are a distrustful lot.  And rightly so.

        Reality check #4.  Our predecessors have done such a
        wonderful job of scamming and spamming that we have to
        overcome the presumption in the minds of our site visitors
        that we are all a bunch of crooks.

        So, how do we go about convincing visitors to look at our
        site; how do we go about convincing them that we have
        something to offer that will benefit them; how do we go
        about convincing them that we will safeguard their privacy;
        how do we go about convincing them that we are honest and
        reputable and professional?

        Answer (in unison, please): we MARKET ourselves.  Every
        day, in every way.  Every time we answer an email.  Every
        time we send an email.  Every time we tweak our home page.
        Every time we write an article.  Every time we request a
        link.  Every time we swap an ad.  Every time we accept an
        order.  Every time we issue a refund.  Literally, with every
        action we take, we are marketing ourselves and our

        What does YOUR marketing say about YOU and YOUR business?

        Start with reality check #1, your website.  Is it clean and
        professional looking?  Does it load quickly or is it bogged
        down with humongous graphics that take so long to load that
        your visitors hit the BACK button in frustration?  Is it
        well designed and easy to navigate?  Is the color scheme
        easy on the eye?  Is it welcoming?  Does it contain full
        contact information so your visitors can actually
        COMMUNICATE with you?

        Or is it little more than a long list of banners, each one
        of which is linked to that wonderful, you-beaut self-
        replicating site you got for FREE! when you joined the
        affiliate program?

        Which brings us smack into reality check #2.  WIIFM?  What's
        in it for your visitor?  What benefit does a long list of
        banners for your umpteen different and unrelated affiliate
        programs bring to your site visitors?  You've heard it
        before.  Hear it again, now.  C O N T E N T   is    K I N G.
        Creating a website is a LOT of hard WORK!  Slapping up
        affiliate program banners is not.  Any idiot can do that.
        And plenty have.

        What do you have to offer that's different from the rest?
        Find it and develop it.  Separate yourself from your
        competition.  Find your niche.  Give people a reason to
        visit you.  More importantly, give people a reason to come
        back.  You want to be bookmarked.  Make your site one they
        just can't put down.

        Let's move onto reality checks #3 and #4.  Why should people
        give over their information to you, a total stranger?  The
        internet is a great, big, level playing field.  You can be a
        one-man band working out of your basement for two hours
        after work each night in your underwear and still give every
        impression of being Microsoft if you want.  The internet is
        the great leveler AND it is anonymous.  What's that saying?
        On the internet no-one knows how ugly you really are.
        Something like that.  No-one knows WHO you are, either.

        Putting my site visitor hat on for a moment, I want to KNOW
        who I'm dealing with!  I don't want to transact with a
        personality-free website that may or may not be legit.  I
        want to know your name.  I want to know your telephone
        number.  I'm not going to call you.  I just want to know
        you're a real person with a real voice who I can call if
        I want to or if I need to.  I want your email address.  I
        want to know I'm dealing with a PERSON and not an ATM.

        So how do you get me to give you my name and email address
        and, maybe, eventually, my credit card number?  Simple.  You
        show me yours and I'll show you mine.  Let me get to know who
        you are and why I should do business with you.  Be accessible.
        Then, maybe, just maybe, I'll trust you with my email
        address.  But show me your privacy policy first.  Promise
        me you won't sell my address or give it away to anyone either.

        Do that, and maybe, ten visits from now, or twenty visits
        from now, I may just trust you enough to give you my credit
        card number.

        4. You Asked For It!

        Over the past few weeks I've received a few emails from UK
        subscribers bemoaning the dearth of practical home-based
        business-related sites and opportunities for those located
        in the UK.

        If you're in the UK, check out the Internet Homeworking
        Directory at for
        opportunities in a broad range of areas such as freelance
        work in proofreading, translation, research, secretComic Sans MS and
        writing; internet based opportunities; details of companies
        offering clerical, craft and assembly work; and telephone
        work.  Includes an extensive list of UK-related sources
        for the would-be home worker.


        MONDAY MEMO! All New Ezine Dedicated to Upgrading
        Professionalism on the Web. Sick & tired of trying to run a
        professional business on the Web?   Ready to do something
        about it?  Content rich with fresh, colorful articles -
        humor - motivation - Sound Off column.


        5. Guest Article - The Fine Art of Juggling

        by Carmen Slaybaugh

        Fortunate, indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right
        measure of himself, and holds a just balance between
        what he can acquire and what he can use. - Peter Mere

        Do you ever feel like your life is one big circus and you
        are the clown in the middle ring juggling for dear life? The
        only thing is, though, you aren't tossing around bowling
        pins or brightly colored balls - you're trying to keep your
        life in balance. And, you know if you drop just one, the
        rest may very well come tumbling down right behind it.

        "Okay," you say. "I hear what you're sayin, and I'll get
        right to it. That is, when I get a second." Exactly my point.
        You have to start putting the cart behind the horse, not the
        other way around, before you will get anywhere. And, while
        you may have reaped some of the rewards life has to offer,
        if you don't have your life properly ordered, you'll never
        have the time really to enjoy those newly won perks.

        Before you can start putting things in their proper order in
        your life, you need to know what is causing you to run
        around in constant chaos in the first place. Though there
        are many possible culprits available to throw monkey
        wrenches in your gears, we'll take a look at five of the top

        The first is not being able to say the word "no." Let me use
        the recently popular phrase, "What part of 'no' don't you
        understand?" Maybe you say yes so people will keep thinking
        you're a great gal. Or, you feel like you owe the person
        asking some favor. Whatever the reason, by not using this
        itsy-bitsy two-letter word, you are pouring hot sauce on your
        life. Remember, it's not so much the quantity of things we do
        in life, but the level of quality that we do them.

        Be honest with yourself. Does your life resemble a person
        who is constantly jumping from one sinking boat to the next?
        Are you just finishing fixing one problem, when the next one
        comes popping up? Are you reacting, rather than acting?
        Sometimes, those "must handle now" problems aren't the
        most important ones in the long run. The worse thing about
        being a crisis caretaker is that it can be addictive. You
        begin to relate your self-worth to the number of chaotic
        situations you have in your life. Even to the point of
        subconsciously creating the chaos or putting yourself in a
        position to have this turmoil in your life.

        "Excuse me, where were we?" is what at least one of you out
        there is saying right now. You've let yourself become
        distracted. You quit paying attention. In the morning you
        get up, raring to go. Your day's goals firmly in your mind.
        But, when you start to work on one project, something draws
        your attention away. It might be a phone call or commercial
        on the radio. And, pretty soon, you "wake up" to find
        yourself immersed in some other project or maybe just
        looking out your office window.

        Now, don't get me wrong. It's healthy to relax and let your
        mind wander - at the right times, though. Your
        distractability might be a sign of some underlying problem
        you have with the project or person. And, you might need to
        reexamine it more closely to see if your lack of interest is
        more closely associated with some problem and not simply you
        taking a reality break during the day.

        How about the person who takes on one more commitment than
        he really can handle. Who is always running around, going at
        the speed of light? This person is so busy, he doesn't have
        time to think. In fact, the person this guy may be avoiding
        is none other than himself. As long as he stays so busy, he
        doesn't have time to take a good hard look at himself. He
        doesn't have to face the mirror and deal with his own demons.
        This person is a walking time bomb. Just because he doesn't
        want to cope with his problems, doesn't mean they simply go
        away. Actually, this denial makes them grow bigger and bigger.
        Out of sight is not out of mind.

        The last big destroyer of balance is stagnation. Each of us
        are dynamic individuals. Even if the change is almost
        undetectable, you are changing each day. You are, in spite
        of yourself, growing. You may have had a wonderfully
        balanced life when you first began your home business, but
        now, two years up and running, situations have changed, but
        you haven't. Like any plan, you need to take time to
        reexamine your life and update your personal one. Look at
        your commitments to your business, your family and, most
        importantly, to yourself. And, it's important you put
        yourself first. If you aren't happy, then how do you expect
        to make those around you happy? Honestly, the greatest gift
        you can give to anyone is taking care of yourself first.

        Balance is a very personal subject. What is ideal for one,
        would be manic for another. But, taking time to truly look
        at your life now and where you want it go, you can find that
        unique level of balance all your own. Once you have it, you
        will see just how much more you will get out of your life and
        how much more you will have to give to others.

           Reprinted in association with FindYourDream -
           the home-based connection.


        6. Freebies

        -> E-Book - How to Make Money on the Internet With Affiliate
           The author of this e-book is not shy about plugging the
           affiliate programs she is signed up for but don't let
           that put you off.  There is a lot of good, basic
           information here.

        -> E-Book - Lifestyles Publishing's Holiday Collection
           Only partly business-related but it has a wonderful
           collection of feel-good stuff that's just in time for
           the holidays.  We all deserve a break right about now,
           anyway.  A product from Ruth Townsend of Directory
           of Ezines fame.

        -> Software - My Motivator
           Online goal setting software.  Lock in those New Year's


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        8. This Week's Web Site Pick - BigNoseBird.com

        A real find for the webmaster in all of us.  BigNoseBird.com
        is a veritable goldmine of FREE scripts, graphics and
        tutorials on pretty much anything you would ever want to do
        with your website.  Pick up CGI scripts, HTML tricks and
        tutorials, more than 1,000 truetype fonts, DHTML scripts,
        thousands of icons and clipart images, instant web graphics,
        cartoon fonts and much more.

        9.  Next Issue

        That's it for this week, everyone.  Here's what's in store
        for the next issue:

        -> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Online Newspaper
        -> Feature Article: But It Wasn't Supposed to BE like this!
        -> Guest Article: It could be yours!  Please send original
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        -> More great Freebies

        Thanks for being with us and have a great week everyone.


        11. Subscription Management

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        13. Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
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