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           A Home-Based Business Online
          November 13,2017

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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           IN THIS ISSUE
          1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
          2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Event Planner
          3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Apollo
           Internet Services
          4.   Article - The Visionary Entrepreneur
          5.   Telecommuting Openings
          6.   Guest Article - Don't Mess with the IRS!
          7.   Freebies
          8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          9.   Next Week
          11.  Subscription Management
          13.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

        During the week I received an email from a UK subscriber
        asking whether there were any resources for telecommuting
        positions in the UK.  This seems to be a somewhat elusive
        beast but I will continue the hunt and report back by next
        week hopefully.  In the meantime, I have included in this
        week's telecommuting job listings a selection that are
        open to anyone anywhere in the world, in addition to
        US/Canadian positions.

        I am currently evaluating several opportunities for the
        upcoming Project Moonlighting which will be launched in
        December.  If this is your first issue, I announced last
        week that I would begin testing some money-from-home
        opportunities to recommend to those of you who want to
        increase your income but aren't ready to make the leap
        to your own fully-fledged business just yet.  Look out for
        the first of these opportunities in December.

        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email

        See you all again next week.


        2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Event Planner
        An event planner is someone who arranges special events on
        behalf of clients, either corporate or private.

        The client will tell the event planner what kind of event is
        proposed and the budget for it.  The event planner then
        arranges the whole thing including finding the right venue,
        issuing invitations, catering, transport to and from the
        event, and accommodation.  In addition, the event planner
        will be responsible for meeting any special needs of
        attendees and, in the case of corporate functions, probably
        also the availability of presentation facilities such as
        audiovisual equipment and the like.

        The first step is to ascertain the client's objectives for
        the event and whether it is a corporate or social event.
        Often, corporate meetings will also include a significant
        social aspect so the event planner for a management retreat,
        for example, may also need to arrange for sightseeing or
        entertainment in addition to the corporate side of the event.

        Once the objectives are clear, the event planner will then
        work with the client to set a budget for the event and
        decide with the client where to hold the event.  The event
        planner needs to know who the attendees will be and where
        they are travelling from so that accommodation and transport
        can be arranged as necessary.  In addition, the event planner
        will arrange for catering, communications, labor, meeting
        facilities, printing and supplies, entertainment, speakers,
        gratuities, awards, insurance and anything else that may be
        required for the specific event in question.

        The event planner, of course, relies on third parties to
        actually provide these services and will have an established
        network of contacts with suppliers and vendors among
        caterers, hotels, travel agencies, printers, furniture/
        equipment hirers and so on.

        Event planners vary in their approach to billing.  Some take
        as their fee a fixed percentage of the total cost of the
        event (say 10 - 15 percent).  Other charge clients on an
        hourly basis.  In either case, event planners will require a
        deposit (usually a percentage of the budget) to be used to
        make advance payments.

        The beginning event planner should expect long hours and low
        pay when first starting out.  The money will improve with
        experience and reputation, but the hours will always be long
        because although the planning occurs during the day, the
        event is usually at night or on the weekend.  Personal
        qualities required in an event planner are leadership,
        organization skills and attention to detail.  A calm
        disposition is essential as the event planner will have to
        cope with many last minute "disasters" and personalities.


        Useful Sites:

        -> Event Planner

        -> Event Source

        -> Meetings Industry Mall

        Recommended book:

        -> Affairs of the Heart: How to Start and Operate a
           Successful Special Event Planning Service by Nancy
           D. Gluck
           This book is designed to help you start or improve your
           career as a Special Event Planner. It is chock-full of
           inside information. It includes actual business cards,
           contracts, bookkeeping ideas, sales scripts and follow up
           techniques. It is down-to-earth, filled with facts and not
           'fluff.' It is easy to read and follow. A 'must-have' if
           you are considering this field.

        Visit for this title.


        There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Apollo Internet
        Once in a while I feature an online business opportunity in
        the Online Business Idea of the Week section.  You may
        recall a few weeks back I featured Harmony Major's "Home-
        Business In a Box".  This week I have another bizopp for
        you.  This time it's Susan Jackson's Apollo Internet
        Services.  Susan is a subscriber to A Home-Based Business
        Online and I have spent time over the past couple of weeks
        looking over Susan's site and talking to her about the
        opportunity she has for you. Over to you Susan!


        Hi, I'm Susan Jackson from Apollo Internet Services and
        Elena has invited me to tell you about a business I started
        a few short months ago that almost immediately began
        producing sales and residual income.  A first for me.  In
        fact, I framed my first commissions check which was $789
        from just one sale.

        I guess you could say I am fortunate in that my "day" job
        affords me a lot of free time.  Rather than "killing" this
        time I wanted to be productive, thus my lengthy search for
        an online business began and the birth of Apollo Internet
        Services resulted.

        You need to know that I am (was?) a newbie in the truest
        form.  No marketing experience whatsoever.

        So, I needed a business that was already set up and I needed
        someone to show me exactly what to do.  And that's exactly
        what I got.  But I also wanted the big commission of owning
        my own business.  And I got that too.

        This business is for anyone,  from the newbie to the
        experienced marketer.  Complete support and training is
        offered to beginners so it's a great place to begin an
        online career.

        You can literally own one of the most powerful money making
        websites on the net.   However, I cannot project your
        earnings because I don't know you or your level of
        commitment.  I DO know we have people making over $6,000 a
        month, and Rick Harrington (who is no head of marketing) has
        made as much as $32,000 a month!  You get out what you put
        into it.  Period. Oh, and Rick was a newbie a year ago.

        You get a fully customized award winning 150 page website
        that sells every product and service needed for conducting
        online business.  That includes domain names and
        registration, website design, hosting, software, advertising
        and much, much more, plus the business opportunity itself.

        And we offer four different levels at which to join to meet
        all budgets as well as a payment program.  These are all
        listed in detail on the website.

        There are literally thousands of businesses from which to
        choose on the net today.  Be careful what you select
        because you most certainly will get what you pay for!

        I have chosen a solid, proven company of integrity that
        will continue to grow with the internet and be around years
        from now.


        There are many more online business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        4. Article - The Visionary Entrepreneur
        By Elena Fawkner

        What is your vision for your business?  Where do you see it
        being, in one, five, ten years?

        We all start our businesses with a vision of what our life
        will be like as an entrepreneur.  If you left paid
        employment to establish and run your own home-based
        business, before you took that step you first envisioned
        what it would be like to work from home.  Perhaps you thought
        of the convenience of not having to commute to and from the
        office every day; the comfort of working within your own
        environment; the flexibility of setting your own hours; the
        rewards of being home with your children.  This vision was
        obviously compelling enough to motivate you to do whatever
        it took to break the bonds of corporate servitude and set
        you on a path of self-determination and independence.

        Congratulations.  You are officially an entrepreneur.  Now

        You have achieved your vision of convenience, comfort,
        flexibility and family life.  What are you envisioning now
        for the future of your business?

        Making the break and starting your own home-based business
        is an important step and represents a significant change in
        your life and your lifestyle.  But it is only the first of
        many steps you will take along the road to success in your
        business.  Just as your vision of working from home
        motivated and propelled you towards your objective, so too
        will the vision you have for what comes next propel you
        towards ever bigger and greater achievements.

        Do you have a vision for your next step?  If not, how will
        you know what you are working towards?  How will you know
        when you get there?  How will you know if you will EVER get

        Visions, or dreams, are what your subconscious acts upon to
        create your reality.  Visions can be both positive and
        negative.  If you envision yourself in ten years time as a
        supremely successful businessperson (and you must also
        visualize all of the trappings of success so that "success",
        whatever that means for you, is a tangible, clearly defined
        thing), and you believe in the deepest part of your being
        that you will be successful, then your mind will
        subconsciously seek out ways to bring that vision to life.
        Equally, if you envision yourself in ten years time doing
        pretty much what you're doing now, then you can be pretty
        confident that that's EXACTLY where you will end up.

        So, ask yourself, where do I want to be in ten years?  What
        do I need to do within the next five years to bring me
        closer to my vision?  What do I need to do within the next
        year to bring me closer to where I need to be in five years
        if I am to achieve my ten year vision?  What do I need to do
        within the next six months, one month, one week, today, NOW?

        This, of course, is classic goal-setting process.  You've
        heard, over and over again, that you need to set goals in
        your life.  To fail to set and achieve goals is to fail to
        achieve anything.  The focus of this article though is on
        the crucial importance vision plays in the future success of
        your business.  It is only when you have a vision in mind
        that you can even have the starting point you need to begin
        to think about setting the goals that will get you there.

        So, how do you go about constructing a vision that is
        compelling enough to continue to motivate you through the
        inevitable ups and downs of the lifecycle of a business,
        that gets you up and moving every morning, that continually
        challenges you to find new and better ways of doing things?
        You may be saying at this point, well, I know I want to work
        from home and make enough money to live the kind of life I
        want.  But have you really sat down and thought, long and
        hard, about exactly what kind of life you DO want?

        What limitations do you place on your own thinking?  Do you
        believe there is a limit to the amount of wealth you can
        create for yourself within the next ten years?  Do you think
        in terms of $100,000 a year?  If so, why not $500,000 a
        year?  Why not $1,000,000?  What if the sky was the limit?
        What if you had a completely blank page with no limits?
        What if you could create, from scratch, EXACTLY the life you
        would choose if it was yours simply for the taking?  Think
        about that.  You can have ANYTHING you want!

        Make a list.  Want $10,000,000 in the bank?  Write it down.
        Want a happy marriage?  Write that down too.  Want a PhD?
        Add that to the list.  Want to donate $500,000 to your
        favorite charity?  That goes on the list.  Go through every
        area of your life and write down the highest ambition you can
        think of for each area.

        When you have finished your life plan, and this may take you
        several days or even weeks, brainstorm for ideas how you can
        leverage your business to bring you closer to your vision.
        (You will, of course, also need to think about non-business
        ways for those objectives that have nothing to do with your

        If one of your goals is to make $1,000,000 a year, then
        obviously you need to think about how you can generate more
        income from your business.  Write down as many ideas as you
        can think of for the next five minutes.  Then prioritize
        them on efficiency principles.  What will give you the best
        return for your efforts bearing in mind your overall vision?
        Express them as objectives.  Within what timeframe could you
        reasonably expect to achieve this objective?  What steps do
        you need to take between now and then to achieve your
        objective?  These are your sub-goals.  Write them down and
        allocate achievement dates next to them.  Do this with all
        of the elements that make up your vision.

        Now take your list of objectives and sub-goals and work
        them back in time.  If one of your objectives is to be
        independently wealthy in ten years time, one of your major
        sub-goals may be to take your company public within five
        years.  What steps do you have to take between now and then
        to be in a position to float your business in five years

        Work all of your objectives back like this.  You should end
        up with five year goals, one year goals, six month goals,
        one month goals, one week goals and, finally, a daily to-do
        list.  Once you have mapped out a plan for your vision to
        this level of detail, you will find that literally every
        task you perform in your day to day life is geared toward
        the attainment of your vision.

        You WILL achieve your vision.  It is inevitable.  Our lives
        are a function of our deepest beliefs about ourselves and
        our world.  The key to "success" and "happiness" in life is
        to create a positive vision of what that means to YOU.

        A word of caution, though.  Make sure your vision is truly
        what you want because you WILL get it.  As the old saying
        goes, be careful what you wish for.


        5. Telecommuting Openings
        -> Independent Distributor - USA/Canada
        We are seeking good people who wish to make an extra income
        by providing our popular financial services.  You make money
        by offering the following services:
        * Debt Consolidations regardless of credit or home
        * Unsecured Credit Cards - regardless of credit.
        * Credit Repair Services.
        * Stop Foreclosures.
        Offer all or just the ones you want.  For details, please
        email or visit our site for details.
        Pro-Link Marketing Group
        Contact: Donna St Andre,Independent Distributor

        -> E-Mail Processor - Worldwide
        RLM Marketing is looking for serious applicants interested
        in home based opportunities. The majority of positions
        involve light clerical skills to process customer orders and
        inquiries. We recommend that applicants have access to the
        Internet and Email Account. All customer requests must be
        processed within 24 hours. Don't hesitate, start today!
        There are many opportunities to choose from, including
        a program with vacation pay! We offer a flexible schedule,
        work days or nights. We have many opportunities for Home
        Computer Users, Word Processors, Customer Service Reps.,
        Typists, and much more!
        RLM Marketing
        12052 E. 65th. Street
        Indianapolis, INDIANA 46236 United States
        Phone: 317-823-5724
        Fax:  317-826-8944
        Contact:   Holly Harmon, Independent Marketing Representative

        -> Marketing - Worldwide
        Marketing online computer training through the Internet.
        CTC Consultants, Ltd.
        116 Azalea Ave
        Garden City, GEORGIA 31408 USA
        Phone: 1-877-964-9287
        Fax:  1-912-966-0324
        Contact: Jim Casey, Independent Consultant

        -> Writers/Editors/Researchers - Worldwide
        We have a openings for 5 full-time Editor/Writers of various
        seniorities plus spots for about 5 freelance writers and
        researchers. Salaries for experience staff from $30,000 to
        $80,000 plus stock options. Editors and writers are the star
        of this Internet startup devoted to e-commerce issues. You
        will research, report and write about the findings of
        consumer product research.  What's different about this
        startup is that editors are king and editorial judgment and
        talent drive the business. Your cash salary will be market
        rates but the possibility to earn stock options provides the
        potential for spectacular earnings. For the full story and
        information on how to apply see the website (details below).
        We require a strong analytical mind, capable of deep
        research and strong, reasoned analysis. The full-time
        positions are based in New York City; the freelance
        positions can be based anywhere. Two of our openings are for
        very senior, seasoned staff editors. Email after following
        the instructions at the website.
        ConsumerSearch, Inc.
        487 Columbus Ave, #3R
        New York, NEW_YORK 10024 USA
        Fax:  978 359-8533

        -> Flash Designer - Worldwide
        Set your own hours. Work on your own projects. Be your own
        boss. BE CREATIVE. We're taking greeting cards to a new
        level of artistry and interactivity. Ecards.com utilizes
        Macromedia Flash technology to produce the most dynamic and
        exciting electronic greeting cards on the Net!  If you are
        proficient in Flash and can draw, write and artistically
        conceptualize, then creating copy and art for the online
        greeting card market is for you...  Ecards.com offers
        freelance Flash Designers the creative freedom to design
        compelling and entertaining content for the web.  This work
        is ideal for anyone who loves to draw, create characters and
        has a good sense of humor. So whether you see this as an
        opportunity to build on your Flash skills, add to your
        portfolio, potentially have your work showcased at leading
        edge sites or just to make money, don't miss this
        opportunity to be part of Our Global Team of Designers!
        77 Mowat Ave Suite 508
        Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3 Canada
        URL:  http://www.ecards.com

        -> Mystery Shoppers - USA/Canada
        Mainstream Marketing is a family owned and operated firm
        specializing in mystery shopping, focus groups, surveys and
        on site assessments across the United States and Canada.
        Please visit our job board for current openings and apply as
        an experienced or new shopper.
        MainStream Marketing
        P O Box 4961
        Wenatchee, WASHINGTON USA

        Source: Outsource 2017
        If you want to work from home, you will not find a more
        complete source of telecommuting job listings.  For access
        to thousands of job listings just like those above, visit

        6. Guest Article - Don't Mess with the IRS!
        By Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale

        So, you've got your web site; you've studied Internet
        marketing.  Your site is generating thousands of hits
        per month.  you're making sales and you're feeling
        successful!  You are successful!  But if I asked you
        about your record keeping you'd probably say, "Oh yeah
        that.  I know I've got to get better at it but I
        really hate it and let's face it, record keeping
        doesn't generate income.  I'll deal with that at the
        end of the year when I have to get my tax records in

        Therein lies the problem.  No one wants to think about
        record keeping until it's too late, until it's the end
        of the year and your tax professional is hounding you
        for data to prepare your tax return or until the
        unthinkable happens and you are selected for an audit!
        What's worse is that it may not be just the IRS who
        wants to audit your records.  No, there are many
        different taxing authorities out there all of whom want
        a piece of your business!

        If you're like most people I know starting a home
        based or internet business can be very frightening.
        Not because of the product or service, the promotional
        or marketing efforts, or the customer service issues
        but because of the increased paperwork and the looming
        threat of taxes and the IRS.  Starting a business, any
        kind of business means more tax forms, more filings,
        more risk, more threat of an audit!  It can be
        overwhelming.  But it doesn't have to be.

        Oh I know you may be thinking that you pay someone
        else to handle this so you don't have to worry about
        it.  But let's face it, no one is going to care about
        your finances the way that you do.  So it pays to be
        informed.  Have you ever heard the expression "garbage
        in, garbage out"?  If you're not adequately informed,
        if you don't know what to provide to your accountant
        or tax preparer you'll wind up with garbage.  Your
        accounting professional is only as good as the
        information you provide to them.

        Your books and your taxes do not have to be that
        complicated or that confusing and no, I'm not that
        crazy!  All of the anxiety over extra tax forms, and
        increased filings and all of the fear behind an IRS
        audit can be lessened by better organization.

        What is better organization?  Well, it starts at the
        very beginning...

        It means that you've clearly defined the product or
        service you want to provide.  You know who your
        customers will be, how much you'll charge and how
        you'll deliver.  It demands that you thoroughly
        investigate and understand your target market and your
        competition.  It requires that you research and know
        the differences between a "C" Corp, an "S" Corp, an
        "LLC" and not incorporating at all.  It assumes you
        have made an informed decision about your entity's
        identity and that you are aware of the tax and legal
        consequences behind that decision.

        Better organization means you have investigated the
        differences between an independent contractor and an
        employee and that you have classified your associates
        appropriately.  It means you are informed of the
        various taxing authorities that have jurisdiction over
        your business and that you file with them in a timely
        and accurate manner.

        Better organization is demonstrated by a well-planned
        office and complete business files.  Records are
        maintained in a logical manner and support is obtained
        for all business transactions.  Better organization
        assumes an overall understanding of cash and accrual
        basis accounting and an awareness of the method
        selected.  It dictates that only  "legitimate business
        expenses" (the only expenses that are deductible) are
        transacted and that they are kept extremely separated
        from personal business.  Record keeping is beyond

        Better organization means that you know your records
        as well as you know your business.  Believe it or not
        an auditor will concern themselves with all of this
        and more.  If they don't, they cannot conduct an
        effective audit.  A comprehensive knowledge of your
        market, product, delivery system and your business
        identity help them to appreciate the resulting
        transactions on your tax return.  It's all
        interrelated.  It's all relevant.

        So, if you're wondering now if there's anything you
        can do to avoid an audit or to "stack the deck in your
        favor", I asked that same question of the IRS auditors
        with whom I worked.  Their answer?  It all depends on
        the size of the IRS office in your area, their
        staffing and the luck of the draw.  No, there's
        nothing you can do.  But if your business has been
        well planned, if your transactions have been well
        documented, if your records are organized and easily
        accessible and if your tax return reflects legitimate
        business deductions----then you have nothing to worry
        Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale is a CPA.  She specializes
        in home based and internet businesses and can be She is also the
        author of the ebook "108 Things You Need to Know About
        Record Keeping for Your Business" (to help keep you out
        of trouble with the IRS and other taxing authorities
        you might not even know about!)  It can be purchased
        online for $4.95 at:


        Increase sales instantly up to 200%.  Accept your customers'
        credit cards with your own low-cost credit card merchant
        account. Quick & easy setup.  New businesses, high-risk
        businesses welcome.  95% approval.  NO application fee.  NO
        setup fee.  NO obligation.  U.S. business only.


        Turn Pennies Into Dollars. Become a member of The Successful
        Pennystock Investor Website.  The most coveted penny traders
        resource on the net.  Learn to trade penny stocks the sure
        fire way with H.I.R. Investments.


        The FREE Directory of Ezines.  One of the best-researched
        ezine directories on the Web. And its 100% FREE.

        7. Freebies
        -> Tax E-Book
        The 'ins & outs' of what you will owe and what you can claim
        for your small online business, referral program etc. Be
        forewarned and save money!  Based on US 2017, but the
        principles will apply anywhere.

        -> The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning
        Magical Marketing Strategies for Creating an Endless Stream
        of New, Repeat, and Referral Business by Michel Fortin, Ph.D.


        9. This Week's Web Site Pick - Bizy Moms
        Liz Folger created Bizy Moms as a free resource for those
        looking to work from home.  You will find a list of 250 work
        from home ideas (some with supporting articles), chat room,
        mall, article archive, discussion forums, and a section on
        scams and how to avoid them.

        A simple, easy to navigate, user-friendly site.  Check it



        10.  Next Week
        That's it for this week, everyone.  Here's what's in store
        for next week's issue:

        -> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Interior Designer
        -> Online Business Idea of the Week: Online Internet
        -> Feature Article: A Foot in Each Camp ... Making the
           Break From Workforce to Full-Time Home-Based Business
        -> Telecommuting Job Openings
        -> Guest Article: It could be yours!  Please send original
           article submissions to
           Contact By Email
        -> More great Freebies

        Thanks for being with us and have a great week everyone.
        And, please remember Project Moonlighting!  Let me know
        about the legitimate work-from-home opportunities YOU have
        come across in your online career at Contact By Email .

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        14. Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
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