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                       A Home-Based Business Online
              November 6

                          Editor: Elena Fawkner
                      Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
                         Contact By Email


                             IN THIS ISSUE
              1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
              2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Private
              3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Temporary
                   Help Agency
              4.   Article - Taming the Email Tiger
              5.   Telecommuting Openings
              6.   Guest Article - Why Do Most Network Marketers
              7.   Special Announcement - Give the Gift of Hope to
                   Disadvantaged Children this Christmas
              8.   Freebies
              9.   This Week's Web Site Pick
              10.  Next Week
              12.  Subscription Management
              14.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

        I mentioned last week that I had received an enquiry from
        Beverly (and Shiloh, her yellow lab guide-dog), wanting to
        know if there were any reputable envelope-stuffing
        opportunities available online and asked that any
        subscribers who knew of such an opportunity pass it along.
        Unfortunately, all of the responses I received, and my own
        enquiries, all seem to support the view that these so-called
        "opportunities" are nothing but a scam.

        So, A Home-Based Business Online, rising to the challenge,
        is now officially on a mission to find reputable, legitimate
        home-based income-producing work (whether business
        opportunities or "jobs") for those of you who just want a
        way to make a little money on the side rather than launching
        into a full-scale business of your own.  Starting next month,
        I'll be featuring such opportunities on an occasional basis.
        Because I will be personally researching and testing each of
        these opportunities before I recommend them, I need a few
        weeks to do some groundwork before getting Project
        Moonlighting off the ground.

        I would welcome your assistance with this project. If YOU
        know of any LEGITIMATE money-making opportunities that fit
        the bill, please let me know about them at
        Contact By Email .

        Special thanks go to Tom Koziol of
        this week who has offered to try and help Beverly and her
        group, the National Federation of the Blind of Greater Miami,
        find suitable money-making opportunities.  While on the
        subject of Tom, as many of you will know if you subscribe to
        his Cashclique.com Dollar$ign Newsletter, Tom is working
        with the IVE League's Christmas books-for-children charity.
        I am proud to say that A Home-Based Business Online has also
        joined forces with Cashclique.com and the IVE League to
        promote this worthy cause.  You can help the IVE League give
        the gift of hope to disadvantaged children this Christmas.
        Full details are in section 7 below.

        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email

        See you all again next week.


                        ** A Personal Endorsement **
                              by Elena Fawkner

        I often receive email from visitors to the A Home-Based
        Business Online website asking me how I got started in my
        business and where I got my hands on all of the reports and
        e-books and other resources I make freely available.

        When I first started thinking seriously about starting an
        online business, like many of you, I was overwhelmed by the
        vast array of information and resources available to me.
        Fortunately for me, I lucked out early.  I was referred to
        a site that I was told would answer my every question and
        meet my every need.  Skeptical by that time, I took a look
        anyway.  At that stage I had spent probably $500 here and
        there buying that e-book, this software, access to that
        site.  I'm sure you've all been there.  You may still be

        Then I paid 50 bucks and became an Internet Marketing
        Warrior. What I found in the Warriors Secret Site literally
        took my breath away.  Here I had access to absolutely
        everything I could possibly need and it was all FREE!  And
        not just information for my own use, either.  There were
        MANY resources such as reports and e-books that actually came
        with full reprint and resell rights!

        The reason I am writing this personal endorsement for this
        issue of the newsletter is that I received an email from the
        founder of the Warriors, Allen Says, this week.  He has just
        spent over $6,000 buying up the rights to many MORE resources
        that he is making freely available to his members.  I just
        visited the updated site.  Here's just the tip of the
        iceberg of what's available:

        -> You get the book "The Secrets of An Internet Marketing
        Warrior", the book that reveals the "ultimate law" of
        internet marketing.  Learn why every move you take must make
        use of this law.  Learn the secret of forcing the internet
        to make you money automatically.

        -> You get the DirectMarketingProTM follow-up autoresponder
        script, the complete script to run follow-up autoresponders
        from your own domain.

        -> You get Affiliate Master TM, a complete affiliate script
        to start your own affiliate program.

        -> AND you get 3 hot new products to sell.   You can start
        making $15.95, $22.95 And $30.00 profits immediately.

        This week's newsletter has already gone way too long and I
        don't have room to detail it all here but PLEASE, do yourself
        a big favor and go visit the site.  I guarantee, you won't be

        And, by the way, if you're looking for a good affiliate
        program, all members are eligible to become resellers and
        earn $30 for every new member they refer.  Just refer two and
        already you're in profit!

        2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Private Investigator
        A private investigator is someone engaged by a company or an
        individual to carry out an investigation or to perform
        research in exchange for payment.  Private investigators
        are often engaged by law enforcement officers, attorneys,
        insurance companies and business people as well as, of
        course, suspicious spouses.

        The types of activities a private investigator engages in
        include surveillance (tailing, stakeouts, videography,
        photography, audio recording); detection of listening
        devices and cameras; undercover and covert operations;
        corporate espionage and competitive intelligence; background
        checks; locating missing persons; relationship, marital and
        custody investigations; skiptracing; locating missing heirs
        and witnesses; conducting injury or wrongful death
        investigations; investigating accidents, fires, property
        damage; locating assets and stolen property; providing
        security services; evidence gathering for legal proceedings;
        and process serving.

        Not all private investigators do all these things, of
        course.  Most will specialize in a few areas.  Some focus
        exclusively on marital infidelity cases, others on
        insurance fraud.

        Licensing requirements for private investigators vary from
        state to state.  Most states require PI's to be licensed but
        some have no licensing requirements whatsoever.  The first
        step is to ask your State Department's Division of Licensing
        for their current requirements for professional investigators.
        These requirements will also include educational
        prerequisites.  You should be prepared to undertake a course
        of study to qualify for your license.

        Full report:

        Useful sites:

        -> How To Investigate

        -> Infoguys.com

        -> National Association of Investigative Specialists

        -> National Association of Legal Investigators

        -> PI Mall

        Recommended books:

        -> How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Private Investigator
           by Edmund Pankau

        -> Introduction to Private Investigation: Essential
           Knowledge and Procedures for the Private Investigator
           by Joseph Travers

        -> Undercover Operations: A Manual for the Private
           Investigator by Peter Anderson

        -> Serious Surveillance for the Private Investigator
           by Bob Bruno

        -> Mega-Marketing for the Private Investigator: How to
           Drastically Increase Your Agency Business with Effective
           Mega-Marketing Techniques by Ralph Thomas

        -> Private Detective and Investigator Course by Max Dabbah

        Visit for links to
        all these titles.


        There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Temporary Help Agency
        [Editor's Note:  This week's Online Business Idea report was
        not written with the internet in mind.  Nonetheless, it is a
        very comprehensive report and the idea is one that lends
        itself readily to an online environment either exclusively
        or as an adjunct to an offline business.  Consider the
        possibility of creating an interactive database at your
        website where people interested in temporary assignments can
        "meet" employers with that need.  You could generate your
        income by charging employers and "temps" a fee to access the
        databases.  By keeping your databases relatively local (say,
        city-wide rather than state or national) you will be able to
        compete more effectively with the national giants that have
        already gained a foothold in this arena.]

        This is a service business with excellent growth potential,
        strong stability, a nationwide market with a growing demand
        and a risk factor that's rated average or less than most new
        business ideas.  Temporary help services are well suited to
        absentee ownership situations; require no experience or
        technical knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur; and
        have only minimal equipment needs.  Net profits before taxes
        for some established temporary help services have been
        reported as high as $500,000 per year.

        There's a difference between regular, private employment
        agencies and a temporary help service.  The employment
        agency is a "brokerage" office that matches unemployed
        persons with available jobs.  The temporary help service
        hires people onto its own payroll, sends them out on
        contract jobs, and pays them accordingly.

        Temporary help services make money "off the top."  They send
        out temporary workers on one-or-two-day-only jobs paying $15
        an hour to the worker, and collecting $20 an hour for the
        time the worker spends on the assignment.  More and more,
        businesses are willing to pay the premium costs for a
        trained person for just a few days at a time, than to accept
        the burden of a 40-hours per week payroll obligation and the
        task of finding enough work to keep such a person busy
        enough to justify a full-time salary and the attendant
        support costs.  Businesses everywhere are finding it easier
        to pay more for "temporaries" than hired 40-hours per week
        "permanents."  That's the secret of success with this kind
        of business, and the point to keep in mind when selling your

        Full report:


        Useful Site:

        Recommended book:

        -> Start Your Own Temporary Help Agency
           Prentice Hall Editorial

        Visit for a link to
        this title.


        There are many more online business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        4. Article - Taming the Email Tiger
        By Elena Fawkner

        Email ... friend or foe?  On balance, I would have to say,
        "friend".  But there are times ... like when I download my
        mail in the morning ... all 200+ items of it, only to find
        a good 40% or so is nothing but junk, that I have to
        acknowledge that there is a "dark side", as well.

        In this article, I want to give you some tried and true
        tips for taming the email tiger from a raging, voracious,
        demanding beast ... into a sleek, efficient, purring engine
        of productivity.

        So, Tiger Taming 101, here we go.

        Tip #1 - Familiarize yourself with your email software, in
        particular the filter function.  Your email software has
        many inbuilt features designed to make your email processing
        (both receipt and delivery) more efficient.  Learn what
        features come with your email program and USE THEM!

        Tip #2 - Use Filters
        Full-featured email programs such as Eudora, Pegasus and
        others allow you to apply filters to your incoming mail.
        These 'autopilots' can move, delete, copy or forward a
        message depending on the criteria you set to apply to the
        To:, From:, and Subject: fields in the email's header.

        If you have set up appropriate folders (see Tip #3), your
        filters can be set to automatically forward incoming mail
        into the appropriate folder, leaving only messages that
        don't fall into a pre-set folder in your inbox.  This makes
        it relatively easy to sort through what's left, and get rid
        of the junk in a minimum of time and with a minimum of

        Tip #3 - Use folders to organize and prioritize incoming
        You could set up folders for Newsletters, Urgent Items,
        Priority Items, To Do This Week (or individual Monday
        through Friday folders), Current, Pending, Development etc..
        Decide on a time of the day or a day of the week to review
        and action the contents of each folder.

        Set up your filters to redirect your incoming mail to the
        appropriate folder as much as you can.  For example, use
        filters to direct mail with the subject: "A Home-Based
        Business Online" (and the names of all other newsletters you
        subscribe to) to your Newsletters folder.

        Tip #4 - Check your email only once or twice a day.
        Don't fall into the trap of checking your mail every time
        you see that little icon flashing "New Mail".

        If possible, disable the icon or the "You've Got Mail" pop-
        up message all together.  All it does is break your
        concentration and implant the subconscious imperative that
        checking your email is a priority.  It is, but only at the
        predesignated time of day you have nominated.

        Responding to every email as it comes in only fragments your
        attention and concentration and undermines your productivity.

        Tip #5 - Make a decision about each piece of mail and act on
        it AT ONCE.

        When reviewing your incoming mail, the first decision you
        need to make is whether to open it at all.  Some messages
        you can safely delete without bothering to open.  These
        typically have subject lines such as "EASY $$$$ FOR YOU",
        "How I earn $12,000 a month while I sleep", and "I saw your
        add [sic] in the Classifieds".  They are, of course, SPAM
        and can safely be deleted without reading them.

        The rest you will need to open.  Be very wary of opening
        attachments to emails unless you know the person it's come
        from -- this is a good way of catching a virus.

        Decide NOW what action you need to take in response to the
        emails you open.  Some can go straight into the trash bin,
        others you can answer immediately if the response will only
        require 1-2 minutes.  Others will require more time and
        should be filed in the appropriate folder you have created
        for this purpose (see Tip #3 above).

        Whatever decision you make, make sure you only make it
        once.  Don't let a read item continue to sit in your inbox.
        Before long you will forget what it is, only having to waste
        time reading it again.  Think of your inbox as a waystation
        - a place for your email to sit only until your next review

        Tip #6 - Use your email program's address book to manage
        email addresses.
        Most address books that come with email software allow you
        to enter the contact's name, real address, email address,
        phone numbers and other basic information.  By selecting a
        contact from your email address book, the email address
        will be automatically inserted into the "To:" field.  This
        can also be applied to groups of contacts.

        Tip #7 - Reduce email volume by getting your email address
        off unwanted lists (where you can) and by choosing the
        digest mode for the lists you are subscribed to.

        Tip #8 - Reduce unwanted mail by practicing basic anti-spam
        tactics such as:

        -> using the filters that come with your email program (see
           Tip #2)to automatically delete messages with certain
           addresses or subject line keywords;

        -> avoiding entering on-line sweepstakes or ordering online
           from companies that don't have a privacy policy;

        -> thinking carefully before submitting your email address
           to classified ad and FFA sites.  You will be bombarded
           with spam; and

        -> using an "unlisted" email address to be used only when
           communicating with those you want to be able to access
           you.  You treat this address as you would an unlisted
           telephone number.  In other words, be selective about who
           you give it to!

        Email may well be recorded in history as one of the most
        significant technological advances of the twentieth century.
        There is no doubt that used efficiently, it can make an
        immeasurably positive impact on our personal productivity.
        Be sure to control this tool though, and not the other way
        around.  By implementing the above tips consistently, you
        can be sure to catch that tiger by the tail.  Don't let go
        though, whatever you do!


        5. Telecommuting Openings
        -> Translator/Interpreter
        Optimal Communications
        Orlando, FLORIDA USA
        Florida based translation and interpreting company seeks
        bi-lingual individuals for freelance medical and legal
        assignments. Must be fluent in native language and English.
        Experienced preferred. Mostly have positions throughout
        Florida, however we are rapidly expanding nationwide. Need
        all languages, primarily Spanish and Creole. Translation
        assignments can be done from home. Great pay and flexible.
        Contact us at or fax resume to (407)

        -> Telemarketer #99-27
        123 Tenth Street
        San Francicso, CALIFORNIA 94103 USA
        We are currently seeking an experienced professional to work
        on the telephone out of our office or to telecommute (work
        from home), making telephone calls to our prospects in an
        effort to assure our database is accurate and expanded.
        We are looking for a rockstar telemarketer, who wants to
        make big things happen.  If you meet the qualifications
        below, please do not hesitate to send us your resume.
        Positions are available across the nation.
        Make outgoing phone calls and take incoming phone calls from
        business professionals.  Effectively ask questions that
        result in answers for improved and expanded database
        information to support our sales staff. Enter information
        into a lead database. Assure data is accurate. Coordinate
        activities with others in the office. Duties and role may
        change in the future.
        Good speaking voice. Excellent telephone skills. Telephone
        Survey experience or Telemarketing Experience. Comfortable
        with PC data entry when using the phone
        Fax:  415 723-7824

        -> Home-based Virtual Technical Recruiting
        EagleTech Consulting
        Phoenix, ARIZONA USA
        Home Based technical recruiting opportunity. Incredible
        commission rate. If you have a computer, internet connection,
        and experience in recruiting, sales, or consulting, you can
        take advantage of "Virtual Recruiter" status and possibly
        earn a six figure plus income from your home. This is a
        totally internet focused recruiting effort with complete
        training provided either live or via the internet. We have a
        proven system for success with cutting edge support.  No
        quotas. Work and train at your own pace.  Take home the
        "Lions Share" of your recruiting fees. Being a virtual
        headhunter is truly being in business for yourself. Top gun
        sales people encouraged to apply.
        Entrepeneurial spirit a must. Some experience in sales or as
        a recruiter a must. Able to function totally unsupervised.
        Self motivated individuals only. Work out of a "Virtual
        Office" in your home as an independent contractor, utilizing
        all the amenities of an agency such as an online application
        to manage your business, Web Site, and advertising.  If you
        can follow a blueprint for success, the Sky Is The Limit.
        Those that are driven to succeed, please e-mail your resume
        first to and then call Ralph
        Toole for details at 781-659-3331.

        -> Medical_Transcription
        Total eMed
        5301 Virginia Way, Ste 250
        Brentwood, TENNESSEE 37027 USA
        Are you tired of the daily commute? Why not telecommute?
        Concerned about being a Subcontractor? Now you can be an
        employee and work in the comfort of your own home on
        employer-provided state-of-the-art technology!  Total
        eMed.com, the emerging leader of Internet-based
        transcription services, is offering immediate at home
        opportunities to qualified medical transcriptionists with at
        least 2 years multi-specialty transcription experience.
        Preference given to those with a working knowledge of MS
        Word, Windows, the internet and the AAMT Book of Style for
        Medical Transcription. Our compensation package includes:
        paid training, flexible scheduling, paid time off (PTO) plan,
        holiday differential, paid down time, medical/dental/life
        insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan. In addition, we
        provide the PC, software and internet access at no cost to
        you. Join our team of medical transcriptionists working at
        home!  Submit resumes by fax, email or apply online.
        Fax:  256 852-0333

        -> Real Estate/Broker
        P. O. Box 2371
        LaGrange, ILLINOIS 60525 USA
        Econobroker, an internet-based discount real estate broker,
        is looking for a licensed Real Estate Agent (broker's
        license preferred) to work at home.  This part-time position
        with flexible hours will be responsible for inputting
        listings in the Realtor Multiple Listing Service that we
        receive from our website. Following up with questions and
        queries from home will also be required. All work
        assignments will be passed via e-mail. Position reports to
        Midwest Regional Broker working out of our Chicago office.
        Areas currently available are: CA, NY, PA, DC.  If you're
        looking for a rewarding and exciting job working for a
        growing company that offers great pay and stock options,
        fax your resume to: 708 401-0444

        Source: Outsource 2013
        If you want to work from home, you will not find a more
        complete source of telecommuting job listings.  For access
        to thousands of job listings just like those above, visit


        6. Guest Article - Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?
        By Gordon Taylor

        Many of the clients that consult me about starting a home
        based businesses ask this question in some form or another.
        "I hear great things about Network Marketing, and would love
        to give it a try, but I have known several people that have
        tried it and failed. Should I give it a try?"

        My answer is always "YES." I believe Network Marketing,
        MLM, Cooperative Marketing or by any other name you want to
        call it, is by far the best choice for a home based business.
        Network Marketing presents unlimited, residual earning
        potential and is directly responsible for more self made
        6 figure incomes than any other entrepreneurial venture on
        this planet. Period.

        Yet, many people fail when trying Network Marketing. When
        failure occurs, most run back to their comfortable former
        income generator, THE JOB. Others keep trying one program
        after another, blaming their failure on the program, their
        upline, the product etc. And most are right in their
        assumption. But the reason that those components failed is
        not really the program, or the people or the product. The
        reason all of those components failed is for one or more
        of the 4 general reasons you are about to discover.

                           Reason Number One

        By far the number one reason that most people fail in
        Network Marketing is a lack of leads. All programs teach
        you to work your warm market. Make a list of everyone you
        have ever known. Your friends, relatives, old school mates
        you haven't seen in many years.

        While that may have worked in the 70's, 80's and early
        90's it is no longer true. Your immediate warm market,
        friends and relatives, is still very important, and can give
        you a real boost as you start your new business. But the
        rest of the old training isn't valid any more. We are at the
        dawn of the new millennium, and with it are new success
        stories, using new methods of selecting and sorting prospects.

        The truth is, no matter how many people you know, most of
        them will never join your program  or any one else's. It
        doesn't matter if they're your closest friends, good family
        members or casual acquaintances, most of your warm market will
        not join you in your success.

        What was that word I just used at the end of the last
        sentence? Success? Yes, if you learn to overcome the four
        reasons I am listing here, you will be a success in Network
        Marketing. Pretty big statement to make, but absolutely true.

        A new era requires a new approach and many people are
        adapting the new technologies that are emerging, to their
        programs and having unheard of results.

                            Reason Number Two

        The second most common reason for Network Marketing
        failure is training. Not lack of training, but lack of
        proper training. Most organizations are so busy trying to
        produce results, that they tend to neglect the importance of
        training. Notice I said most. Some companies have realized
        the importance of this valuable resource and have
        incorporated excellent on going training programs.

        You would not believe the number of companies spending tons
        of money on glitz and glamour in the form of presentation
        materials, supply systems and product development and have
        little or no training beyond initial new distributor

        Most professionals, regardless of their profession, never
        stop training. The same is true in most good MLM companies.
        And if not within the company, certainly within successful
        groups within those companies. Constant, consistent training
        is an absolute requirement for success in Network Marketing.

        Stop training and your organization will fall apart.
        Another big statement, but the facts are indisputable.

                             Reason Number Three

        The third reason most common among Network Marketing
        failures, is lack of program adaptation. Times are changing
        faster than ever, and we must adapt to the change or your
        business is dead.

        Not all of us are computer whizzes, capable of adapting
        all this new technology to our programs. But all of us are
        capable of learning it. Companies on the leading edge of
        this market sector are adapting these technologies to their
        operation, and then sharing it down the line with their

        A few years ago, most people never even heard of the
        Internet. Now it is becoming a dominant force in every
        aspect of your life. It will affect both your personal and
        business future, and unless you learn how to understand and
        use these new technologies, your business is doomed to
        failure. Another big statement, but none the less fact.

        There are people that will argue this point with me
        endlessly. The fact is that I have been involved with
        computers for more than 30 years, yes 30, and never have I
        seen a technology impact every day life as the Internet has.
        It will change the way we do everything. Everything. Brick
        and Mortar store chains are already feeling the impact of
        the Internet, and the Internet is only responsible for about
        5% of all retail sales at this point.

        There are many figures being thrown around about the
        number of people that are coming on line. The most consistent
        number, and the one that I think is most accurate, is 47,000
        a day. A DAY! Now, armed with the technology that is out
        there, what does that say about your prospect base?

                             Reason Number Four

        The fourth reason most Network Marketers fail is due to
        running out of money. Many people pay their startup fee,
        buy products and sales aids and run out of money before
        they ever make a dime from their business.

        The key word here is business. Many people enter into
        a Network Marketing program without thinking of it as a
        serious business. And it really is a deadly serious business.

        It requires the same types of attention any business does.
        If you open a gift shop on the corner, you know that it
        is going to take money and time. Network Marketing is no
        different, except that as a home based business you can
        control how much time and money you invest.

        By adapting the new technologies available to your
        program you can leverage that time and money investment.
        Used properly, technology can increase the amount of
        exposure your program gets by hundreds of times.

        For example, on any good day, the average Network
        Marketer might get to do his/her presentation 3 times.
        Extrapolating that out to a normal month that's an
        average of 60 people a month that listen to your
        presentation. We all know the industry percentages of
        conversion means that 9 will take it to the next level
        and maybe one will sign up.

        By using technology to sift and sort prospects, you
        can reasonably expect to present your opportunity to
        at least 1000 a month. That means that you will talk
        to 50 people a month, but those 50 are already at
        the next level, and you will find your conversion rate
        on those 50 to be at an unheard of 50%, not 5%.

        So, you have talked to 10 less people a month, but
        put 24 more into your business. These numbers are real,
        they are being accomplished every day and are about

        And, you have leveraged your time and money by talking
        only to qualified prospects, qualifying them much more
        economically by using technology and avoiding the
        pitfall of running out of money.


        Gordon Taylor is a Professional Network Marketer who has
        been in the business for more than 20 years. To learn
        how to acquire and take advantage of these technologies to
        make your business explode, contact him at
        or visit his website at


        Increase sales instantly up to 200%.  Accept your customers'
        credit cards with your own low-cost credit card merchant
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        7. Special Announcement

        Help Give Children A Gift To Last A Lifetime...

        Orangevale, CA (USA)-- Remember when Christmas wasn't
        mentioned on radio or television until after Thanksgiving?
        I do.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems when I was growing
        up every holiday enjoyed its own bragging time. Thanksgiving
        moved center stage after Halloween then Christmas replaced
        Thanksgiving in the newspapers, radio and television.

        Not so today.  Christmas seems to grow a "short time"
        calendar about 90 days out.  Halloween and Thanksgiving
        probably get their fair share, but it's so many shopping
        days left till Christmas that we hear and read about.

        But, when I think about it, maybe that's the thing to do.
        After all, look at the real state of the economy.  Two
        parents working, mortgage payments paralleling the national
        debt, credit card debt at an all time high and disposable

        That's right.  Disposable children.

        You know them.  Sexually, physically and/or mentally abused.
        Children who have been discarded for one reason or another.
        Children who didn't ask for the abuse, but who live with it
        day in and day out.  Children whose only quality time is
        between episodes.

        We at the Ive League have decided this year is the year
        these children will get a gift they will use and enjoy for
        years to come.

        Candy is traditional.  No doubt about it.  It is also
        traditionally forgotten after it is eaten.  Toys too are
        traditional.  No doubt about it.  Also, traditionally broken
        or discarded before New Year's Eve.

        We aren't anti-toy, anti-candy.  That simply isn't our
        focus.  Rather, we are asking you to put books in the
        stockings of children who otherwise might only get candy or

        We want every child who has the misfortune to reside in any
        abusive or neglectful situation to receive at least one book.
        One book that may change their life.  We make no savior
        claims.  We know we can't stop abuse permanently.  We'd like
        to, but facts are facts.

        The question then becomes: "What can we know?"

        We know you can touch a soul, tickle a heart.  We know you
        can bring a smile to a face over and over.  We know you can
        ignite a spirit and fan a desire to achieve.  We know you
        can make a difference through kindness.  We know reaching
        out and saying, "here, this is for you, no strings attached",
        is powerful and can be that one ray of sunshine keeping the
        dream of a better life alive in a child's heart.

        We believe if you reach out, extend a hand and a kind word,
        you can touch a life.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if that life
        grew up and found a cure for cancer?  Became an astronaut or
        a world class sprinter or swimmer? Became the best they
        could be in spite of their circumstances.

        All you need to do is tell us, in the remarks section of an
        order form, to whom you want the book(s) mailed.  It is that
        easy.  Every child everywhere must be allowed to experience
        the caring spirit of the holiday season.  They cannot be
        forgotten simply because they are children.

        As stated, the where we send the book(s) isn't important.
        What's important is that you initiate the exchange. You are
        the catalyst. You gave a child the gift of opportunity.  Go
        to: and order one or
        more books for the children.

        On the order form, tell us where you want the books
        delivered and we will send them to arrive about a week
        before Christmas.  If you do not designate a location, we
        will have the books come to our address for distribution
        throughout northern California.

        We accept credit cards over a secure server so you do not
        have to worry.  You may also mail check, cash or money order
        for your book(s).  The ordering address is on the site.

        Wherever possible, volunteers from the Ive League will use
        their time, gas, vehicles and energy to personally see that
        your wonderful gift finds the minds that would otherwise be
        looking out a bleak window into an overcast shrouded

        We realize it may not seem like much, but we know what a
        book can do.  We are in the business of education.  We see
        first hand how eager young minds absorb words and pictures.
        What a super feeling.

        We hope you will join with us in helping those less
        fortunate.  Please go to:
        , look over the
        selection and place your order.  The step by step
        instructions make it easy to order to make a child smile.

        Thank you.

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        -> E-Book - Success Secrets: How To Be More Successful!
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        9. This Week's Web Site Pick
        Be Successful!  Business & Personal Success Resources

        One of those sites that, once you land there, you will
        spend time wandering around.  The brainchild of Kevin
        Sinclair, this site is what it says it is ... a collection
        of business and personal success resources.

        In the How To Be Successful In Your Online Business section,
        you'll find out about:

        -> tips and tricks to get a top ranking in the search
        -> how to use banner ads and classified ads as sources of
           traffic to your site and where to find the best banner
           ads and sites for your ads;
        -> how to market your web-based business including many
           insider secrets;
        -> how to maximize your profits and success with affiliate
        -> where to get a domain name, credit card facilities and
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        In the How To Be Successful In Your Life section, you'll
        find a wealth of self-improvement resources all designed to
        ensure balance in your life to stop the effects of burn-out
        and other success-sapping syndromes.


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