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           Issue 157 : October 28, 2012

           Sent to 13,844 Opt-In Subscribers

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
            Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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          IN THIS ISSUE

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home Business Idea of the Week
        3.     Feature Article - Managing Time to Accomplish More
        4.     Surveys and Trends
        5.     Success Quote of the Week
        7.     Subscription Management
        9.     Contact Information


        1.     Welcome from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue.

        Time management is one of the greatest skills any home
        business entrepreneur can have -- particularly if you're
        juggling a J.O.B. at the same time.  This week's article,
        "Managing Time to Accomplish More" shows you how to
        allocate your "must do" activities according to your
        concentration patterns to ensure that you do the right
        things at the right time so that everything that needs to
        get done gets done.  It's at segment 3.

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.

        Remember, AHBBO is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or
        would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you.  Please send
        comments, questions and stories to Contact By Email .


        2.     Home Business Idea of the Week - Cleaning Broker

        I'm the first to admit cleaning house is definitely one of my least
        favorite activities. Couple that with a chronic lack of time and
        you're describing a huge segment of the population. One that
        isn't going to be shrinking any time soon.

        As a cleaning services broker you can tap into this market. A
        cleaning services broker basically brings together people wanting
        cleaning services performed and those prepared to perform that
        service for a fee.

        Start out by advertising for cleaners. You'll need to check
        references and test their skills. You may also want to consider
        bonding them. Once you have several cleaners on your books
        (as independent contractors, not employees), you can then start
        advertising your services to prospective clients.

        A Yellow Pages listing is a good place to start (although this
        does require quite a bit of forward planning) as well as classified
        ads in your local newspaper. Professionally produced flyers/
        brochures that can be distributed in a letter box drop in the
        geographic area you are targeting will also generate good

        You should set yourself up so that you bill the client for the cost
        of the service and you pay your cleaning contractors. The
        difference between what you pay your contractors and what
        you receive from clients is your commission.

        You can gradually expand your business too by adding more
        services over time. Logical extensions include window washing,
        garden maintenance, carpet cleaning and pet sitting, to name
        just a few examples. And don't forget to think outside the box
        when targeting clients. Consider, for example, real estate
        agents who need cleaning services for rental properties between


        This is an extract from just one of over 130 ideas from the new
        "Practical Home Business Ideas From AHBBO" e-book.  Find out
        more at Home Based Business Ideas .


        3.     Feature Article:  Managing Time to Accomplish More

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        Time is inelastic. Despite what some of us persist in believing,
        it will NOT magically expand to accommodate all we have to
        do.  So, in order to maximize the time we have available, we
        have to spend it wisely.  Here's how to do that.


        The very first thing to do is understand the structure of your
        time. If you think of the time you have available as some
        amorphous dimension, you will fritter it away on this and that
        without any real consideration of what is the best use of the
        time available. How many times have you got to the end of
        your day and felt like you'd accomplished nothing even though
        you'd been "busy" all day.

        All time is not equal. If you're a morning person, your
        morning time is worth more in terms of productivity than your
        late afternoon time.

        So think of time as variable in terms of potential for
        accomplishment and identify your most valuable time. Do
        the same for your intermediate-value time and your lower-value

        Reserve your most valuable time for your most intellectually
        demanding activities. Your intermediate value time should be
        spent on important tasks that don't require quite the same level
        of concentration. Finally, reserve your low-value time for
        activities that don't require much in the way of concentration.

        Now, obviously, if you have a full-time job away from the home,
        the decision of how to spend your 9 to 5 hours will largely be
        out of your hands. So, the best you can do if you're a morning
        person is to try and take care of some of your intellectually
        demanding activities first thing in the morning, say between
        5:00 am and 7:00 am. On the other hand, if you're a night owl,
        working a full-time job probably won't be much of a problem for

        If you run your own business from home, however, effectively
        structuring your time in terms of peak, intermediate and low-
        concentration blocks can make a profound impact on your
        productivity if you use that time intelligently.


        Now that you have some sense of how to best structure your
        time, you need to turn to what, exactly, you're going to spend
        that time on.

        That means identifying what you have to do. And that means
        identifying what you don't have to do as the flipside.

        When identifying what you have to fit in to your schedule,
        think about all areas of your life. Making time for yourself is
        not something that you get around to only if there's time left
        over. Making time for yourself is as much a priority as anything

        A good way of identifying activities that should be included in
        your schedule is to test them against the criteria of furtherance
        of an objective. If the activity does nothing to further any
        objective, why are you even doing it?

        So start by identifying objectives for your life. Consider categories
        such as health, finance, business/career, spiritual, family, social,
        intellectual and so on. Establish objectives for every area of your
        life that's important to you.

        Everything you do should bring you closer to an objective. If it
        doesn't, again, why do it?


        Now that you know how to best structure your time and what
        activities are going to lead you closer to your objectives, it's time
        to allocate those activities against the time you have available
        and in accordance with your various concentration levels.

        Begin by estimating how much time each activity in your day is
        likely to take. Be realistic about what you can really accomplish in
        one day. If you overload yourself you're only going to stress out
        about what you're NOT doing and that makes you less effective
        in what you ARE doing. So pace yourself. Just don't WASTE time.

        Assign your most intellectually demanding activities to your peak
        concentration time. This may be writing a chapter of your ebook
        or writing an article for the next issue of your ezine. Assign your
        less concentration-intensive activities to your intermediate
        concentration time. This may be redesigning a web page or
        reading and responding to email, for example. Finally, assign
        your truly "no concentration required" activities to your low
        concentration periods. If you've allocated time to exercising, this
        would be a good time to do a workout.


        Grouping like tasks will allow you to accomplish more in the same
        amount of time. It is much more efficient to run three errands
        while you're out and about rather than making three separate trips.
        Similarly, it's more time-efficient to run one large load of laundry
        rather than two separate, smaller loads. So give some thought
        to these mundane sorts of activities too. There's always a way to
        shave off a bit of time by grouping similar activities and doing them
        in one hit. Email's another prime example. Far more efficient to
        check and respond to mail twice a day than to read and respond to
        each message as and when it comes in, thereby distracting
        yourself from what you were doing in the first place.

        By thinking about what you have to do and scheduling those tasks
        in conformity with your concentration levels as well as grouping
        like activities, you will naturally make the most effective use of the
        time available. Your productivity will increase proportionately.


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        4.     Surveys and Trends

        © 2017 Ryanna's Hope

        The following is an extract from the current issue of Larry
        Wack's excellent weekly, "Surveys and Trends".  Subscribe
        using the link below for the full issue.



        The Atlas Institute, through surveys and research, give us all a
        picture of what the holiday shopping trends will be this year:

        Weekdays are the most active online shopping days, with
        Wednesday being the most active, compared to offline, where
        weekends are the most active shopping days. This reflects of
        the trend of shoppers at work, who continue to drive the
        majority of online sales during the holiday season.

        Peak online shopping occurs from noon to 3 p.m. EST, with
        1 p.m. EST being the highest.

        In 2001, online shopping tapered off seven days before
        Christmas, unlike offline, which is steady right up until the
        holiday. This "wait for shipping" lull shrank from 10 days in
        2017, indicating that consumers believe that the difficulties in
        the shipping processes are being eliminated. The lowest daily
        online shopping volume occurred two days before Christmas.

        The two days after Christmas are extremely active online,
        and nearly as strong as the pre-Christmas peak.

        Online shopping remains very active all the way through

        The month of January is equal to the strongest pre-Christmas
        week in terms of activity.


        5.     Success Quote of the Week

        The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of
        getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks
        into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.
          --  Mark Twain


        7.     Subscription Management


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        9.    Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
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