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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas

           A Home-Based Business Online
          October 16

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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           IN THIS ISSUE
          1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
          2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Caterer
          3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Website Design
          4.   Article - Program Yourself For Success
          5.   Telecommuting Openings
          6.   Guest Article - Strategic Alliances: Four
           Guidelines for Teaming Up to Offer Your Customers
          7.   Freebies
          8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          9.   Subscription Management
          10.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

        I received a few concerned emails from subscribers over the
        past week following last week's article about the free ad
        issue.  Rest assured, those comments were NOT directed at
        you!  I was speaking of people who are NOT subscribers and
        who are complete strangers to me.  I should have made this
        clear in the article. 

        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email

        See you all again next week.

        2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Caterer
        Businesses of all sizes are using catered lunches, cocktail
        parties and dinner meetings to build their images and
        increase company sales.  On a smaller, but just as busy
        marketing scale, many working parents are paying to have
        catered birthday and graduation parties, as well as wedding
        receptions handled by caterers.  The reasons are simple to
        understand - if both parents are working outside the home,
        they just don't have the time or the energy to do all the
        planning and staging of a memorable party.

        Caterers handle everything from birthday parties for
        children, to breakfast in bed and intimate candlelight
        dinners for two, to company dinner parties for 50 and
        wedding receptions involving a thousand or more guests.
        This kind of entrepreneurial business is definitely growing
        and becoming more popular with people of all income levels.

        You don't need special education or training to become a
        successful caterer.  You do need an affinity for people and
        a kind of intuition as to what people enjoy in different
        environmental settings.

        Full report:

        There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Website Design Service
        If you've ever created your own website, you will know
        first-hand how much time and trial and error goes into that
        first effort.  Once you've been through that whole process
        though, there's really nothing to it, is there?

        Whether you think of it this way or not, if you've created
        a decent website of your own, you have experience and skills
        that others are prepared to pay good money for.  Have you
        thought of offering your services to the newbie who simply
        doesn't have the time and/or inclination to create their own
        website from scratch?

        Granted, you may need to polish up your skills to a more
        advanced level so you can carry out some of the trickier
        features you may not have had to worry about for your own
        site, but that information is freely available on the
        internet.  If you've taught yourself enough HTML to create
        a good website, you obviously have the wherewithal to
        teach yourself the more advanced features.

        Full report:


        There are many more online business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.


        4. Article - Program Yourself for Success
        By Elena Fawkner

        We've all had them.  Those days when discouragement
        threatens to defeat purpose and conviction and start us down
        the steep, slippery slope of self-doubt.

        The early days of entrepreneurship are filled with activity,
        busy-ness, a whirlwind of activity.  Once that initial phase
        passes and things settle down to a more or less predictable
        routine, when our fantasies of fantastic wealth have not
        materialized after six months of endeavor, when someone is
        critical, when those orders just aren't coming in, no matter
        what we do or how many hours we work ... we get discouraged
        and begin to question whether we really do have the right
        stuff for this business, after all!

        So, how do you get through those times of self-doubt and
        back into the saddle?

        The first thing is to prepare for them.  KNOW there are
        going to be "days like this".  If you expect them then you
        will be better able to recognize them for what they are and
        not give them greater prominence than they deserve.  Nine
        times out of ten, things really DO look better in the
        morning! (You were right mom!)

        Next, get right back to basics.  What motivates you and
        keeps you focused?  What is your motivation and purpose
        in starting your own business?  The strength of your purpose
        will ultimately determine your level of motivation and hence
        determination.  Is your purpose clear in your mind?  If not,
        maybe you need to remind yourself of the reasons why you
        want to work for yourself.  You may find your reasons aren't
        strong enough motivators.  If not, find some that are.

        Remind yourself of your purpose when you need to motivate
        yourself.  If you're a mom, perhaps your purpose in starting
        your home business was so you could be home with your
        children rather than in the paid workforce.  So, when you're
        feeling discouraged because you didn't land that account you
        wanted or didn't make that sale, remind yourself why you're
        doing this in the first place.  Picture your children.
        Visualize your purpose as vividly as you can.  Then harness
        that motivation and turn it into energy you can direct back
        into your business.  Use that energy to examine why you
        didn't land the account or make the sale and then change
        whatever needs to be changed.  By making changes in response
        to such stimuli, you are increasing the odds of being
        successful next time around.

        Your response to setbacks will also be determined by your
        personal confidence level.  A confident individual is more
        resilient in the face of setbacks whereas a less confident
        person is more likely to react to a setback as an indication
        that he or she is not really capable of being successful.
        Your response to setbacks is critical to the future success
        or failure of your business.  If you're someone whose
        self-talk is positive, you will tell yourself, "well, that
        approach didn't achieve what I wanted.  I'll have to try
        something different".  If, on the other hand, your self-talk
        is pretty negative, you are much more likely to tell yourself
        "well, that obviously didn't work.  I just don't have what
        it takes to be a success at this".

        The difference between the two is that one, the positive
        self-talker, refuses to internalize a setback as a personal
        failure.  The negative self-talker, on the other hand,
        doesn't view the setback as just part of external
        environment in which the business operates but rather,
        internalizes the setback as a personal failure.

        So, watch your self-talk.  The language you use in your
        thoughts makes an enormous impression on your subconscious.
        If you impress upon your subconscious that you are not
        deserving of success, your subconscious will busily go
        about proving the truth of that statement.  Similarly, if
        you impress upon your subconscious that you are a successful,
        confident person, it will work just as hard to validate that
        presumption.  The important point is this: your subconscious
        DOESN'T CARE where it takes you.  It will literally take you
        WHEREVER you program it to go.

        One highly effective technique to help remove the negative
        self-talk that can be so harmful to long-term success is
        self-hypnosis.  There are many good induction tapes
        available that will guide you into a state of deep mental
        relaxation and then provide you with positive suggestions.
        If you are in a state of deep relaxation when you receive
        a positive suggestion, it will be absorbed much more readily
        by your subconscious, where those nagging self-doubts emanate
        from in the first place.  Choose a tape that deals with
        issues such as self-confidence or positive thinking.  By
        programming your subconscious with positive messages of
        confidence and success, it will actively go to work
        integrating those qualities.

        Do not underestimate the value of positive programming and
        the danger of negative programming in determining the
        ultimate success of your business.  It may very well mean
        the difference between stunning success and whimpering


        5. Telecommuting Openings
        -> Medical Transcription
        Requires a minimum of 3 years acute care hospital
        transcription experience. Home-based, in multiple U.S.
        cities. We will provide you with a personal computer.
        Enjoy a competitive salary and a complete benefits package.
        You can apply online or call, fax, e-mail your resume.
        EDIX Corporation
        3001 Executive Dr, Suite 370
        Clearwater , FLORIDA 33762 USA
        Phone: 800 943-6698
        Fax:  877 743-1728
        URL:  http://www.edix.com

        -> Professional Services Consultant
        A leading edge technology firm is seeking an analytical,
        detail oriented full time Professional Services Consultant
        (telecommuter) who has an automotive dealership background.
        This person has to have front end automotive experience
        (automation, sales cycle and inventory, services and parts
        are not as critical). You will be trained on this leading
        edge product at the company's midwestern location. You will
        then set up a home office where you will work on 14 week
        projects to analyze processes and consulting surrounding a
        data warehouse. Travel can be 40%-70% where the first 2
        weeks is spent on site, then maybe one day a week on site
        for a couple of weeks, and then all work could be done from
        your home office. The ideal candidate will have good
        communications skills, analytical and finance background,
        UCS or ADP knowledge, and excited about learning a data
        warehouse product. The type of background the candidate will
        have is a DBA, Systems Administrator, Finance and Insurance
        Manager, or Assistant Controller. This is not a sales
        position. If you want great experience in how to implement
        a data warehouse and likes or wants to learn the consulting
        arena while getting full benefits, and working out of your
        home, this job is for you.
        Russ Hadick & Associates
        7011 Corporate Way
        Centerville, OHIO 45459 USA
        Phone: 937 439-7700
        Fax:  937 439-7705
        URL:  http://www.rharecruiters.com
        Contact:   Bruce Smith

        -> Telephone Counselor
        Telephone Counselors needed immediately. Position requires
        sincere desire to help others. Good communication and
        listening skills are a must.  Openings on all three shifts.
        Flexible schedules.  Work from the comfort and privacy of
        your home.  Receive weekly paychecks.
        C.W.C. Consultants
        1900 Kent Drive
        Camp Hill, PENNSYLVANIA 17011 USA
        Phone: 717-975-9693
        Fax:  707-281-7763
        Contact:   Rosemary Holbert

        -> Freelance Writers - Health & Wellness; Finance
        Fast paying national consumer publication seeks superb
        freelance writers specializing in health & wellness or
        finance. Writers must have 7+ years exp with major consumer
        publications & the ability to write tight, clear,
        sophisticated, 1500- word ``how-to'' articles on a range of
        topics based on phone interviews with top experts. We pay our
        freelancers very well, but require the best in return.
        Please send your resume & clips to:
        M.M. Richards
        55 Railroad Avenue
        Greenwich, CONNECTICUT 06830 USA
        Fax:  203 861-7057

        -> Psychic Reader (Just had to throw this one in!)
        Psychic Readers wanted for busy line. Choose your own hours.
        Top dollars paid.
        FJM Murray, Inc.
        Phone: 1 800-530-9408

        -> Mortgage Reduction Sales Consultant
        As a sales consultant you will show local homeowners how to
        save money with our services.  Easy to learn and training
        provided. Full-time and part-time available.  Outstanding
        commissions paid weekly. Vacation benefits.
        Mortgage Reduction Services
        Clearwater, FLORIDA USA
        Phone: 1-800-365-7550 Ext.87379
        Fax:  727-781-8416
        Contact:   Jon Cardell, Sales Director

        Source: Outsource 2017
        If you want to work from home, you will not find a more
        complete source of telecommuting job listings.  For access
        to thousands of job listings just like those above, visit


        6. Guest Article - Strategic Alliances: Four Guidelines for
           Teaming Up to Offer Your Customers More
        By Robert Spiegel

        Can a home business deliver a fully working team that can
        take on a business opportunity usually reserved for large
        business enterprises?  don't limit yourself just because you
        answer your business phone in the same room that the kids
        play in. You can take on big, team-managed projects if you
        find the right partners. Strategic alliances with other
        companies and professionals can give the you ability to
        deliver the punch of a large company.

        There are many ways you can extend the products and services
        you offer to your customers. An example is an accountant who
        works cooperatively with a bookkeeping and payroll company
        to provide a complete financial package to home-based
        businesses. The goal is to provide additional related
        services or products to serve the customer and increase your

        Strategic alliances can also increase referrals and extend
        market reach.  An example is a remodeling company that teams
        up with a real estate company to present seminars that
        introduce options for home improvement. Another example is
        mutual referrals, where companies negotiate agreements to
        recommend each other to their customers.  These alliances
        can provide inexpensive ways to reach new customers.

        The reasons for developing strategic alliances are to extend
        your market reach and to provide a wider range of choices
        for your customers as well as to increase convenience. When
        you develop strategic alliances, make sure the products
        relate to each other. A nutritional consultant who also
        sells gold coins comes across as an opportunist. A
        nutritional consultant who also provides a catalog of
        exercise equipment and instruction is on target.

        Here are four guidelines to keep your strategic alliances

        Make Yourself a One-Stop Shop
        In choosing strategic partnerships, think in terms of
        making your company a one-stop for customers who need
        anything in your field. As an example, if you sell computer
        networks, team up with a computer furnishings business and
        a computer hardware company. You might also deliver
        software packages depending upon your customer needs.

        Another option is to work on the basis of receiving a
        finder抯 fee for direct referrals, or you can offer a
        catalog of products supplied by a different company. Then
        you buy wholesale from the catalog company and sell retail
        to your customer. This gives your customer a good discount
        while making you a profit on the transaction. It抯 the best
        of both worlds. Your customer gets a discount and you get a

        When you are a one-stop for your customer, you have the
        extra burden of customer service and follow-up. Make sure
        you bring on reliable partners who will stick through the
        good times and the bad.

        Team Up with Quality Players
        Alliances need to meet your quality level or surpass it.
        Lower quality partners 搇ower the bar?for your company.
        Strive to bring in partners with slightly higher quality
        standards. It will lift the customer perception of your
        company and reduce potential dissatisfaction. You also need
        partners you can trust. Finally, look for companies that have
        longer track records. You can leverage their credibility
        when you make sales calls.

        Make It Easy
        Strategic alliances work because it is easier for customers
        to buy from one source. But you need to make sure the
        alliance provides a simple buying process. If difficult or
        hard to understand, the buying process will hurt your sales
        rather than help them. Flexibility is helpful when offering
        your line of products or services. For example, if you are
        a marketing consultant and you recommend a media package to
        your client, you can then offer to handle the design,
        production and printing of the package.

        If you explain that you have created a team of designers,
        production artists and a printer that can deliver high
        quality at a lower price than your customer would find on
        his own, the customer will choose your option. The first
        hurdle was defining the need for a media package. The rest
        was simple customer service that increased profits.

        Offer Customer Support on Your Entire Package
        Customer service must be seamless and easy. If you are
        simply offering a referral and receiving a finder抯 fee,
        make sure you are referring to a company that will provide
        good customer service. But if you are making the sale
        yourself, you need to deliver customer service directly to
        your customers. don't just sell a product and later give
        your customer an 800 number to call when there抯 a problem.
        If a problem arises, you need to take care of it for the
        customer. If you don't, it lowers the perception of the
        entire strategic enterprise.

        Strategic alliances can bring additional profits without
        incurring additional investment, but you need to make sure
        you follow the above four guidelines. Once you get
        comfortable with offering a wider range of products and
        services to your customers, you can continue to expand
        through strategic alliances. The ultimate size of your home
        business is determined by the size of your imagination, not
        the size of your home office.
        Robert Spiegel owns Spiegel Enterprises, a marketing company
        that helps emerging businesses grow. Spiegel provides
        marketing plans and publicity plans that help guide
        companies to success. Spiegel Enterprises also publishes a
        newsletter for freelance writers entitled Freelancers
        Marketplace. You can call Robert at 505/275-2556 or write
        him at 10308 Oso Grande NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111.

        Originally Published at http://www.homebusinessmag.com
        Reprinted with permission.


        Increase sales instantly up to 200%.  Accept your customers'
        credit cards with your own low-cost credit card merchant
        account. Quick & easy setup.  New businesses, high-risk
        businesses welcome.  95% approval.  NO application fee.  NO
        setup fee.  NO obligation.  U.S. business only.

        7. Freebies
        -> E-Book - Making Money Online: The Cold Hard Facts
        This e-book will tell you the facts about making money
        online, give you business ideas, a look at some popular,
        money-making opportunities online, and provide you with
        general online business information.

        -> E-Book - The Complete HTML Teacher
        This e-book will help you design and maintain your own
        website...even if you don't know any HTML. This publication
        was designed to teach you HTML in the easiest fashion...by
        doing it! If you need a website, you need this e-book!


        8. This Week's Web Site Pick
        K. Williams Resources

        I stumbled across this site while searching for some free
        e-books for this week's issue.  As I quickly discovered,
        this site is about much more than free e-books.  You will
        find The Home Business Files, 200 pages of information
        about starting or running a small or home based business,
        free business resources, article library, business
        opportunity directory, links to other useful business
        related sites, free e-books (see this week's Freebies
        section above for two from this site), free ezines and much,
        much more.

        A very comprehensive source for all of your small and
        home-based business needs.

        9.  Subscription Management

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        If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
        to your friends, family and associates!

        10.  Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
        Contact By Email


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