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        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Indoor Fountains
        4.     Computer Tips Without the Geek Speak!
        5.     Motivational Tip for the Day
        6.     Subscription Management
        8.     Contact Information

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who
        have joined us since the last issue.

        This week's article is in response to an email I received from a
        subscriber during the week who wanted to know how to grow
        an email list.  Having struggled for a couple of weeks, she still
        only had a list of 3,500 and wanted to know my "secret".  As I
        told her there was no secret, just many different strategies, all
        of which have a role to play.  This week's article is all about those
        strategies and how to grow a list of several thousand subscribers
        in only a few months.

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's

        Remember, this ezine is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or would
        just like to share your experiences with other subscribers, I want
        to hear from you.  Please send comments, questions and stories
        to Contact By Email .

        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Indoor Fountains

        Wow, table top fountains! They're everywhere these days,
        in gift stores, garden centers, craft fairs, New Age
        bookstores, healthy living catalogs. Do fountain artists
        really make money? Can you do it as a home based business?

        The answer to the first question is, yes, they do if they
        plan for success and know their market. And, yes, you can
        do this as a home based business. Indoor fountains are more
        than a passing fad.

        Pump manufacturers, says my supplier, are gearing up for a
        20% market penetration by 2013, from the current penetration
        of 4%. That is, by 2013, 20% of the US population will have
        a water feature--swimming pool, outdoor pond, aquarium,
        container water gardens or indoor fountains. Why this
        attraction to moving water? And why now?

        Fountains appeal because they meet so many needs, spoken and
        unspoken. By bringing the natural sounds of flowing water
        indoors, we reconnect with nature and create an oasis of
        serenity in our fast paced world. People are instinctively
        drawn to water sounds for a refreshing pause and visual

        Fountains have many health benefits:

        * they clean the air and humidify dry winter air,
        * they help us relax into sleep,
        * they release negative ions (when water droplets are
        sheared) so we enjoy better moods and concentration,
        * they are an avenue for creative play and for personal self

        You can follow several approaches for developing an indoor
        fountain business. You can:

        * sell finished fountains on consignment or at fairs,
        * sell on consignment or on Internet stores a packaged kit
        of bowl, stones, centerpiece (or fountainhead as it is
        generally called), silk plants and perhaps a small Buddha
        or turtle for accents,
        * sell fountain supplies on your own web site or at fountain
        building classes,
        * lead fountain building classes at private parties or at
        recreation, community or Adult Education centers,
        * develop a book or booklet with fountain projects and tips
        on maintenance and finding supplies.

        Think about what is most convenient for you, how you'd like
        to shape the business, and how much time and money you'd
        want to invest at first.

        Begin researching what is out there:

        1. At the library check out books on how to build indoor

        * Tabletop Fountains by Dawn Cusick (40 projects)
        * Water Gardening in Containers by Nash & Speichert
        * Container Water Gardens by Philip Swindells
        * Do It Yourself Fountains published by Leisure Arts
        (20 projects)
        * Create Your Indoor Fountain by Paris Mannion (11
        projects plus fountain Feng Shui and history of

        2. Get your retail seller's license so you can purchase
        fountain supplies at a discount. Some suppliers have
        a minimum purchase requirement ($50-$400), so you might
        want to go in with a friend on an order.

        3. Using the Internet, look at maybe 30 of the 500 or so
        fountain sites (more going up every day). Type in
        "indoor fountains" or "table top fountains" to eliminate
        drinking fountains and large ornamental fountains from
        your results. Order 3 or 4 different pump models to see
        what you like best.

        Or visit an aquarium or hardware store to see what they
        carry. I've found the Hagen Aquapump 1, an aquarium
        pump, best suits my needs for a quiet, small, durable
        pump with water flow regulator and secure positioning in
        the bottom of the bowl.

        4. Scan the Garden and Lifestyle sections of your paper to
        see if someone is holding fountain classes or being
        interviewed. If you can during the day, watch HGTV or the
        Discovery channel for fountain building projects.
        Kitty Bartholomew at HGTV's You're Home says, "You're
        seeing a lot of water fountains and natural scents. The
        more scents you use while decorating, the more powerful
        the experience." JoAnne Liebeler at Discovery's Home
        Savvy says, "Fountains are becoming popular both inside
        and outside the home."

        6. Think about strategic partners to help promote your

        * a massage therapist or chiropractor who might showcase
        your work, or
        * a garden center that might host your fountain building
        demonstration, or
        * a hospital that might want a soothing fountain for the
        ICU waiting room (positive press release), or
        * an interior decorator might want to include your
        fountains at a trade show.

        Indoor fountains are the Wave of the Future, on the verge
        of breaking into mass consciousness. A customer wrote that
        she's afraid there will be so many fountain makers that
        fountains will be hard to sell. I think the fears are

        Most of my 4600 subscribers to Design on Tap, the indoor
        fountain monthly Ezine, come from California. Fountain
        awareness is gradually spreading across the country. It
        will be years before the demand is sated. In fact, my first
        teleclass (on a conference line) on How to Lead Fountain
        Building Classes just finished. Nine enthusiastic fountain
        pioneers are out there now showing others how to build
        satisfying, lovely indoor water gardens. Don't miss the


        Article by Paris Mannion, author of Create Your Indoor
        Fountain, How to Lead Fountain Building Classes and
        publisher of Design on Tap. Visit http://www.buildfountains.com for further inspiration!


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
        Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
        added all the time.

        4.     Computer Tips Without the Geek Speak!

        Taking stock of your property holdings.

        Windows uses a management system that includes what's
        called a 'Property Sheet' for each icon or file you see on
        your computer. This is like describing the properties of a
        pencil: It's cylindrical, made of wood, has an eraser at one
        end, and a graphite writing tip at the other. So what are the
        properties of the My Computer icon on your desktop? And how do
        you find out?

        Easy. Just RIGHT click the icon. In fact, you can RIGHT click
        any icon or file on your computer, and a context menu will
        appear. At the bottom of that menu will be the 'Properties'
        item. A click there and you'll bring up the associated Property
        Sheet for that item. Try it. You'll discover a lot of info about
        your computer's files this way. Instead of calling it a 'Property
        Sheet' you could call it a 'Property Window' if you wanted to.
        Whatever. :-)


        Tips by Tom Glander and Joe Robson of The Newbie
        Club. The best Newbie Site ever to hit the Web.

        Cut through the Information Overload! I WILL HELP YOU.

        5.     Motivational Tip For The Day

        © 2001 Jan Tincher

        Your brain works in pictures.  See what you want so it can bring it
        to you.

        Do you *wish* you had a better job?

        Do you *wish* you had more money?

        Do you *wish* you had more energy?

        Your brain works in pictures.  *Wishing* is not a picture.  *Wishing*
        is so far out there, your brain doesn't even recognize it.  *Wishing*
        is just saying something like, *Oh, I wish I could do, have, be  . . .*

        Picture having what you want.  Then maybe your *wishes* will
        come true.


        Learn unique strategies and techniques for personal success
        from Jan Tincher online at
        While you're there, sign up for her free e-zine *Tame Your Brain!*

        6.     Subscription Management


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