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        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Gift Baskets
        3.     Special 100th Issue Advertising Offer - Continued
        4.     Feature Article - Everyday Heroes
        5.     Computing Tips from The Newbie Club
        6.     Motivational Tip for the Day by Jan Tincher
        7.     Subscription Management
        9.     Contact Information

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who
        have joined us since the last issue.

        On behalf of Jan Taylor, AHBBO's marketing director (and my
        mother) and myself, we extend our most profound sympathies
        to all those affected by the tragic events of September 11,
        directly or otherwise.  Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

        Last week I made a special advertising offer to AHBBO subscribers
        which was to expire at midnight on Sunday, September 16.  As
        most of us have been thinking of more important things this past
        week, I am now extending the offer to Sunday, September 23.  See
        segment 3. for details.

        I seriously thought about not publishing this week.  However, as
        many have echoed over the past few days, pressing on is all we
        can really do.  Nonetheless, this week's article is different from the
        articles you are used to seeing in AHBBO.  I hope you will indulge
        me, just this once.

        There is a banner on my home page that some of you with websites
        may want to copy.  Please do so  (but please don't link to the banner
        on my site - copy it to your own).  The Australian flag is also on my
        home page this week, both as a symbol of international solidarity
        and to acknowledge the 100 or so Australian casualties, along with
        those of many other nations.  Little is being said in the press about
        these victims and, as a result, their friends and families are isolated
        in their time of grief.  Please spare a thought for the friends and
        families of the many hundreds of "foreigners" who have also lost
        their lives this week.

        As always, thanks for reading. 

        Remember, this ezine is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or would
        just like to share your experiences with other subscribers, I want
        to hear from you.  Please send comments, questions and stories
        to Contact By Email .

        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Gift Baskets

        The gift basket industry has exploded over the past few years and
        continues to be a consistent money maker for those involved in it. In
        many ways, it's the ideal business. You can run it from the home.
        It's an extremely inexpensive business to start (you only need supplies
        and a marketing budget). The product is in demand (who doesn't like
        getting an artistic basket with fresh fruit, candies, or cheeses?).
        Competition isn't much of a problem (you can easily set yourself off
        from the rest by producing specialized types of baskets). It's a dynamic
        business that is changing and developing with the times.

        One of the newest developments is the candy flower basket. This is a
        new type of gift basket that will definitely set you apart from your
        competition. It's very artistic and creative, and pretty, too! The candy
        flower basket is easy to make, and will turn heads wherever it is given.


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
        Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
        added all the time.

        3.     Special 100th Issue Advertising Offer

        To mark the occasion of AHBBO's 100th issue, all AHBBO
        subscribers who purchase advertising space between now and
        midnight Sunday, September 23 (PST) will receive two for one of
        whatever they order.  So, if you purchase a solo mailing, you'll
        receive a second solo mailing, absolutely free.  If you purchase
        a single classified, you'll receive a second, absolutely free.  AND,
        if you purchase an ad pak (4 ads for the price of three), you'll
        receive a whopping 8 ads for the price of 3 (that's $400 worth for
        only $150).

        Important: To take advantage of this offer, make sure you type
        "AHBBO Subscriber" in the text field before you type in your ad.

        All advertising information is at .

        This offer is STRICTLY limited to AHBBO subscribers and ONLY until
        midnight (PST), Sunday, September 23 so ACT NOW.  This offer
        will not be extended again.

        The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
        The common principles and practices of all men and women who
        become millionaires in one generation given to you by one of
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        4.     Feature Article: Everyday Heroes

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        I write this late afternoon on Thursday, September 13
        from sunny Southern California.  It is a typical late summer day
        in LA.  The sky is a hazy blue, the air is warm, disturbed only
        by the slightest of breezes, a glimpse of ocean to the west, just a
        little to the left of the Santa Monica skyline ... for all the world,
        a day like any other in this part of the world at this time of the

        But this is not a day like any other.  Today cars on freeways
        fly the American flag.  Today the airwaves tell stories of death
        and terrible destruction, of miracles and unfathomable heroism and
        self-sacrifice.  Newspapers around the world are filled with surreal
        images of what must surely be a scene from a movie.  But it isn't. 
        It's reality and it's ugly.  In our numbness it seems unreal but is
        becoming less so with every hour that passes.

        Outside my office window on the 16th floor overlooking the 110
        freeway, life appears to be going on as it always has.  Huge birds
        lazily glide around buildings, buses trundle by, calmly and
        methodically ferrying people about their business, a yellow school
        bus now, taking kids home from school, and the late afternoon rush
        hour just getting up a head of steam.  Any other day. 

        It takes a certain kind of courage to keep going through the motions
        in the face of such monumental disaster.  As I was leaving for work
        yesterday morning, my cat had buried herself under the comforter
        of my bed.  I wished I could have done the same and stayed there. 

        Yet, on the television news, in the newspapers, on the radio, there
        were and are nothing but image after image of REAL acts of
        courage and heroism ... from the rescue workers who, once their 24
        hour shifts are over, pretend to leave but go right back to work trying
        to find that one person who may yet be clinging to life underneath
        the rubble ... to the passengers on the plane that crashed into an
        uninhabited field in Pennsylvania, with every indication they, knowing
        full well their own lives were about to end, nonetheless were
        determined not to take anyone else with them ... to those leaping to
        their deaths rather than be incinerated in the maelstrom that, minutes
        before, had been their workplace ... to the survivors of Manhattan
        lining the streets in a quiet show of support and solidarity for their
        fellows - survivors, victims and rescuers.

        We bear witness to these great acts of courage and, as a result,
        we and they are strengthened.  So, to all of you reading this, those
        of you, like me, not "directly affected", if there is such a thing, to
        those of you quietly and resolutely going about your daily lives despite
        that heavy feeling somewhere deep in your heart as though someone
        is pressing on it with his thumb, those of you struggling back to your
        feet to stand tall with head held high, bloodied but unbowed, your
        bravery is also witnessed.  Be proud of yourselves as I am of you,
        my adopted country.  You are strong and brave and free.  And no
        one can take that away from you.  No one.

        5.     Computing Tips From The Newbie Club

        Clean up your icons. Why leave them strewn all over your
        computer screen... do you like clutter? Can't find anything,
        can you? Just create a new folder by right clicking your
        desktop and choosing New, Folder. Name the folder "My Stuff"
        and then drag all of your icons into that folder. Now you
        can see your wallpaper again! Just open the "My Stuff"
        folder to access what was once a gaggle of icons cluttering
        your screen!

        Tips brought to you by Tom Glander and Joe Reinbold of
        the Newbie Club. 

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        6.     Motivational Tip For The Day by Jan Tincher

        Do you make good choices?

        Always remember this. Whether you do or whether you don't
        make good choices, you are the sum total of the choices you

        Start making good choices by realizing right now that anything
        inside of you that stops you from reaching your goals is all yours.
        And if it's yours, YOU can release it, let it go.

        Any thought you have that doesn't work for you can be released.
        Practice releasing bad thoughts every day until only good
        thoughts are left.


        Learn unique strategies and techniques for personal success
        from Jan Tincher online at
        While you're there, sign up for her free e-zine *Tame Your Brain!*

        7.     Subscription Management


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        9. Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
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