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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas

           A Home-Based Business Online
           August 28

             Editor: Elena Fawkner
           Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
            Contact By Email

            IN THIS ISSUE

          1.   Welcome from the Publisher
          2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Holi-Swaps
          3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Outsource
          4.   Goal Setting Series - Part 4
          5.   Tutorial Series - How to Become an
           Information Broker
          6.   Article - The 9 to 5-Home Business Tug o' War
          7.   Freebies
          8.   The News Digest
          9.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          10.  Classified Ads
          11.  Subscription Management
          12.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome from the Publisher
        Hello again and welcome to another edition of A Home-Based
        Business Online.

        This week sees a continuation of our Tutorial Series - How
        to Become an Information Broker.  If this is your first
        edition of the newsletter, you'll want to grab last week's
        edition so you have Part 1 of the series.  As explained in
        last week's edition, the tutorial series, once complete,
        will constitute a manual for you to sell as an information
        product.  You can pick up last week's newsletter at /newsletters.html

        Writers, I am always happy to showcase your work either
        here or in the Reference Library so submit your articles
        (including resource box)to Contact By Email -- this
        is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
        your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
        online businesses.

        Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email

        2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Vacation Home Exchange
        This scheme was launched in February 2017 and is a great
        step forward for Holi-Swaps' well established and successful
        web site at http://www.holi-swaps.com Here's what the
        company has to say:

        "Holi-Swaps is a travel and tourism site built around the
        central theme of "vacation home exchange".  You perhaps
        know the idea - you live in our home for a few weeks, we
        live in yours.

        Both sides save money on accommodation and get a great
        place to stay.  Most say it beats a hotel stop hands down,
        plus you get to know the home and the local people and area
        before you go.

        Lots of people own time shares or second homes and can
        swap and exchange periods in those too.  You need not
        both swap at the same time. There are over 10 variations.

        Home swapping has been around for over 40 years, so it's a
        well-established concept.  The internet and e-mail offers
        a great way to promote it world-wide.

        Holi-Swaps lists home swap offers in dozens of countries
        and is especially prominent in the USA, UK, Australia and
        Canada. There are considerable growth opportunities in
        Europe and other parts of the world as more and more homes
        are connected to the internet.

        Holi-Swaps has a number of unique advantages.  You need
        to review the site in detail but here are a few key ones:

        1. Each member's page has links to local tourist info
        about the country, city or area.  Great information for
        potential exchange partners.

        2. For new home-swappers, a free downloadable tutorial
        to answer every "what if" query. You can get to know
        home exchange from your own PC and pass a copy on
        to friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

        3. Free monthly newsletter "Trading Places". Thousands
        of people get this FREE by e-mail, keeping them up to date
        with the latest news.

        4. Discussion group - swap tips, experiences and post
        questions with this FREE group designed to promote home
        exchange to an increasing number of people world-wide.

        5. Weekly updates - subscribers get a list of all new
        swap offers added to the site via email.

        6. Members have complete freedom as to how they promote
        their home and the offer.  They can add photos and links to
        other web sites and update when needed."

        Holi-Swaps is looking for regional partners.

        If this sounds like an opportunity you might be interested
        in, read the whole story at /holiswaps.html


        There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Outsource Worker
        By Betty Ann Wilkins

        A century ago, entrepreneurialism was more than a way of
        living; it was a way of life. Whether it was the farmer or
        the shopkeeper, the doctor or the nanny, the tailor or the
        blacksmith, entrepreneurs ruled the day. That way of life,
        however, was severely overshadowed at the turn of the
        century by the effects of the industrial revolution. A new
        way of life -- called "the secure job" -- began to shape
        our society's landscape.

        Today, we are fortunately witnessing a resurgence of that
        seemingly long lost entrepreneurial spirit -- but not
        without cost. While a greater number of businesses are
        getting started, many business owners find themselves either
        feeling lost or having lost much in the process. In other
        words, the rise in new ventures seem to have paralleled
        the increase in bankruptcies, competition, and scams.

        Obviously, this entrepreneurial spirit is not exclusive to
        those who wish to get out of the corporate rat race or to
        those who seek the freedom of making a living in the comfort
        of their own homes. It also includes, unfortunately, many
        scamsters and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. Needless to say,
        there is also a tremendous lack in resources for the
        home-based worker to successfully "make it" in the world of
        home-based business or employment.

        That, however, is slowly changing. Companies, such as
        OutSource2017, are making strides in providing and equipping
        would-be home-based entrepreneurs with resources,
        information, tools, and opportunities for turning their
        dreams into a successful reality. In fact, OutSource2017
        provides a truly interactive forum that contains continuously
        updated, credible information relating to all aspects of
        working from home -- as well as extensive listings (over
        3000) of jobs available from leading home-work employers.

        When it comes to comparing a "secure job" to a home-based
        business, more often than not, the true "security" people
        seek is the range of benefits and resources they possess
        from their on-site employment. As a result, OutSource2017
        provides enrollment into a complete medical, dental, and
        optical healthcare program exclusively designed for home-based

        OutSouce2017 claims to be "the one-stop shop" for obtaining
        every valuable resource needed to run a successful home-
        based business, which is far from being untrue. They provide
        access to a multitude of key information: from business
        plans, finances, bookkeeping, tax preparation, business
        ethics, promotion, and laws, to top employment services such
        as nationwide employment agencies, staffing services,
        24-hour counseling, and over 11,000 free newsletters and
        programs. In short, OutSource2017 truly provides all the
        essential ingredients needed for home-based work success.

        Interestingly enough, OutSource2017, in itself, offers
        remarkable income opportunities. In addition to their over
        1000 quality self-help publications one can download from
        their site, they also offer a CD called "Power Publisher,"
        which contains over 1800 publications, books, reports, and
        guides with complete reprint and reproduction rights.
        Additionally, one can become an Independent Marketing
        Representative for OutSource2017 and make 20% of all sales
        personally achieved as well as 10% of all sales achieved
        from IMRs one has personally sponsored. However, unlike most
        MLM's or pyramid schemes, one is not required to become a
        member or pay any fees to get involved with OutSource2017.

        Nevertheless, the most important resource OutSource2017
        provides is an online advocacy program to which anyone who
        feels that a company or individual has taken advantage of
        them (i.e., scams) can submit official complaints.
        OutSource2017 keeps all such complaints on file and, once
        they receive just 10 or more complaints against the same
        company or individual, they present those complaints in one
        neat little package to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),
        the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Attorney General's
        Office (AGO), and other authorities.

        In essence, OutSource2017 is a carefully researched and
        fully established company. They provide the largest
        interactive online home-based job forum, with the largest
        inventory of home-based work related information. For those
        who wish to work at home, be closer to their families,
        enjoy the freedom of being one's own boss, or continue to
        work when traditional on-site employment is prohibitive,
        OutSource2017 is a credible company offering an incredible

        Members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and
        the Business and Professional Association, OutSource2017 is
        truly a breath of fresh air (particularly for those who have
        had one too many bad experiences) at an amazingly affordable
        investment -- less than $50 for a full-year membership!

        Betty Ann Wilkins, Publisher/Webmaster
        "At Home Working News" - receive 2 FREE Reports
        listing 600 Work-At-Home Jobs when you subscribe.
        Archives at  http://www.the-work-at-home.com/archives

        There are many more online business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        4. Goal Setting Series - Part 4
        (c) AHBBO Publishing 2017
        By Elena Fawkner

        Achieving Goals
        In this series of articles you've learned why setting goals
        is important, how to decide what it is you really want, how
        to set effective goals and how to create a goal plan by
        starting long-term and working backwards in time. This final
        article in the series concentrates on how to achieve the
        goals you have set.

        Now obviously, once you have a daily task list you have in
        your hands the steps you need to take to reach your longer-
        term objectives.

        But along the road to your destination, you are going to
        encounter unexpected twists and turns.  And probably a
        pothole or two for good measure.  You may find you get
        bored doing the same things day after day.  You are going
        to have setbacks and crises of confidence.

        These are all to be expected and are perfectly natural and
        normal.  The trick, though, is not to let them derail you
        from your course.  This is what separates the successes from
        the wanna-bes.  There are five keys to staying on track:
        commitment, flexibility, discipline, determination and

        Designing a goal plan and sticking to it requires commitment.
        It requires commitment to yourself and to your values and
        ideals.  Unless you are committed to improving your life,
        don't even bother starting with goal setting. It won抰 be
        worth the effort.  Remind yourself constantly of your
        objectives. Put up photographs that represent your goals in
        prominent places.  Write the reasons you want to achieve a
        particular objective next to the objective in your goal plan.
        Read them every morning and evening.

        If your reasons don't compel you to keep striving, then
        perhaps they are not good enough reasons.  Maybe the
        objective is not something you want badly enough.  If so,
        change it.  don't let your objectives lock you into a path
        you don't want to go down.  Be flexible.  Setting and
        achieving goals is a lifetime process.  Over the course of a
        lifetime you will go through many changes. What was important
        to you ten years ago may not be a priority any more. If this
        happens to you, let it go.  Set new objectives that are
        consistent with who you are today.

        Many of the tasks you have to do on a daily basis to achieve
        your longer-term objectives will be laborious and may become
        boring.  It is tempting when boredom sets in to do something
        different.  don't!  Discipline yourself to carry out those
        tasks every day even if you don't feel like it.  An objective
        to lose 60 pounds is not going to be achieved overnight.
        It requires daily exercise and attention to diet.  Bored
        with your exercise routine?  Change your routine but exercise
        anyway.  Exercise personal discipline.  It is amazing the
        difference daily performance of seemingly minor tasks can
        make over only a relatively short period of time.

        When you suffer setbacks, and you will, grit your teeth and
        keep going.  This is what separates the winners from the
        wanna-bes.  Anyone can give up when the going gets tough.
        Most do, in fact.  It is those who keep going in the face of
        setbacks who are ultimately victorious.

        And finally, persistence, persistence, persistence!  Never
        give up.  Never ever let anyone else make you doubt whether
        you can achieve your goals.  Your success is in your own
        hands.  Reach out and take it!


        Missed earlier instalments of this article series?  Pick
        them up from the archives at /newsletters.html

        Feel like you're stuck in a rut? The Secrets of Mastering
        Your Destiny will help you get your life on track. This
        goal-setting program (named after a self-help seminar) helps
        you focus on what you want in life by having you write down
        your personal goals and store them in database form. The
        program provides separate sections for nine main areas of
        life: Material, Career, Family, Relationship, Spiritual,
        Social, Mental, Financial, and Health. You can review your
        goals daily by looking at them in the database, or use the
        program's Event Timer to flash them on the screen for
        you at any time of the day. The program includes a Calendar
        and a To Do List. Take a look at what you value in order to
        understand your current condition in life; The Secrets of
        Mastering Your Destiny is ready to assist. You can evaluate
        the program FREE for 30 days.

        5. Tutorial Series - How to Become an Information Broker
        Part 2 - Start Up Materials and Costs

        Now that we have covered the necessary evils, let's start
        looking at some of the things you may need to purchase
        in the early stages of your business.

        One of the main reasons that a mail-order type of business
        is so attractive to the would-be entrepreneur is its low
        initial start-up investment.

        This list was made with the assumption that you already
        own a computer and all the hardware and software necessary
        to connect to the internet and send and receive email.
        Other than your monthly online charges, as you will see from
        the list you really won't have to spend much, if anything!

        Research Material
        Any time you take on a new venture, whether it be a
        business or a hobby, it's always a good idea to learn as
        much as you possibly can about this new interest of
        yours.  This means you should read books, instructional
        literature, magazines and anything else related to your
        new area of interest.  You can of course get much
        information from the internet but you can also purchase
        these items or better yet, make a trip to the local library.
        The libraries are filling up with information about online

        Expected cost: $0 - $100

        Registration, Licensing, Permits
        You may need to do some form of registration to make your
        business legal.  As suggested earlier, check with your
        local officials to find out exactly what is necessary in
        your area.  Don't make the mistake of waiting until it's too
        late.  Do this relatively early in your business start-up
        period so you won't need to worry about it later.

        Expected cost: $0 - $200

        Basic Office Supplies
        You certainly can spend a lot of money here, but don't.
        Just start with the very basics.  Pens, pencils, paper,
        business size envelopes and a good notebook should get you
        started in the beginning.  You can purchase other larger
        office supplies on an as-needed basis.  Not included in this
        basic needs list is shipping supplies.  These don't need to
        be purchased until you've actually sold your product.  You
        should look into prices though, to get a rough idea of the

        Expected cost: $0 - $20

        Business Checking Account
        You should open a business checking account sooner or later
        to keep all of your business transactions separate from your
        personal finances.  It is important to have your business
        name on your checks to keep a professional image.  You should
        open this  account once you have chosen a name and
        registered your new business.

        Expected cost: $0 - $50

        Office Equipment
        Most people can probably get by without purchasing any
        office equipment at all.  Don't go out and buy anything
        until you absolutely need it.

        If you don't already have a printer connected to your PC
        you should think about getting one.  You'll eventually need
        to print a letter to a customer or envelopes or even sales
        literature.  Although you don't need to have one right away,
        consider the time it will save you in the long run.  Anyway,
        here's a few things to consider before you purchase.

        There are basically three types available.  Listed in order
        from low price range to high they are the dot matrix, the
        ink jet and the laser printer.  Of course the laser printer
        produces the best quality printing at the highest speeds,
        however, you pay dearly for this performance.  The low cost
        dot matrix type printers print at a decent speed, however,
        the quality is generally not as good as the other two.

        After much research, I would recommend an ink jet printer
        for someone just starting a home-based business.  The prices
        are sensible and the printing quality is more than adequate.
        All three types come in black or color.  In the average
        prices listed below for each type of printer, the lower cost
        reflects black and the higher cost reflects color models.

        Estimated cost:
        Dot matrix printer: $100 - $300
        Ink  jet printer: $175 - $500
        Laser printer: $325 - $2,000 or more

        You should think about getting good word processing or
        desktop publishing software on your computer.  There are
        many available on the market ranging from $90 to $900.  If
        you don't already have something similar, be sure the one
        you purchase has the ability to do labels and comes with
        free technical support.  Another very helpful type of software
        to have is a mail list or address list program.  You can keep
        a running customer list and keep rack of product ship dates,
        amounts paid, email addresses and other pertinent information.
        It is also very helpful when offering new products to existing

        The only thing I failed to mention in the list of start up
        items is something that you can't purchase ... space.  Of
        course, you are going to need some space to set up a mini
        office type of environment.  A spare room, a basement or
        even a card table should suffice in the start-up period of
        your business.

        Once your business starts to grow, you will begin to require
        more space, so try to plan accordingly in the beginning if at
        all possible.  It's also a good idea to pick a place where
        you can get as much privacy as possible.  I know from
        experience, however, that sometimes this is virtually
        impossible in some households.  Anyway, try to pick a good
        place at the start since it is very difficult to move
        everything once you have settled in.

        That just about does it for start-up materials.  You will
        probably come across a few things here and there but there
        won't be many surprises now that you've read this fairly
        extensive start-up list.  As you can see, you shouldn't need
        to purchase much to get started.  Actually, most people
        won't need to buy a single thing!  However, if you do need
        to get a few of the items listed, don't do it all at once.
        There's no reason to put yourself in the poorhouse before
        you have a chance to sell a single thing.  Take your time
        in acquiring everything you decide to get.

        Next week - Part 3 - Getting Down to Business

        Missed earlier instalments of this tutorial series?  Pick
        them up from the archives at /newsletters.html

        6. Article - The 9 to 5-Home Business Tug o' War
        (c) AHBBO Publishing 2017
        By Elena Fawkner

        Perhaps the scarcest commodity the new home-business
        owner just starting out has is time.  This is particularly
        so if you are also working a traditional, full-time job and
        building up your business "on the side" in your spare time.

        This is a situation I am all too familiar with.  I still
        work a full-time 8:30 - 5:00 job while building my own
        internet-based business in my spare time.  So how do you
        go about burning the candle at both ends without burning
        yourself out in the process?

        First off, let's think about priorities.  Working a full-
        time job while developing a business requires stamina and
        endurance if other areas of your life are not to be
        neglected.  This means being fit and healthy.  Make time to
        exercise at least three times a week.  Four or five is
        better.  I know how hard it can be to commit an hour to
        working out when you've got an endless (and I mean ENDLESS!)
        list of things you need to be doing NOW for your business.
        But make the time.  It pays BIG dividends in terms of stamina
        and endurance. For me, this means getting up at 4:00 am on
        workout days.  If that's what it takes for you, do it!

        Second, eat right.  Don't just grab a McBurger on the way
        home from work and scoff it down as you're driving.  Take
        the time to cook a proper meal and relax for a half hour
        or an hour before getting down to business.  This gives you
        a break and time to unwind from the pressures of the day,
        making you much more productive when you do get down to
        work.  Eating proper meals will keep you in good health and,
        coupled with a regular exercise routine, will help keep
        your energy levels high.

        OK, so you're physically in shape and taking care of
        yourself.  The next major thing to think about is time
        management.  Every weekend, before the working week starts,
        prepare a business plan for the coming week.  This is
        nothing more complicated that writing down the various
        business-related activities you must do over the course of
        the coming week and then scheduling them according to how much
        time you know you are going to have on a particular day.  By
        planning out your time this way, you can schedule your
        business activities alongside your other activities.  Take
        care of as many of them as you can through the course of the
        day.  Whether you are able to do this depends on the nature
        of your 9 to 5 job but if you have even a little autonomy you
        should be able to squeeze out a little time here and there.
        Not huge chunks, just 10 minutes here and there.

        The nature of your job may mean you don't have the luxury
        of that sort of autonomy.  If this is you, then there's
        nothing for it but to free up time before and after work.
        This may mean getting up an hour earlier every day, for example.

        Whatever your personal situation, by planning ahead you will
        at least have the peace of mind of knowing that time has
        been allocated to all important business-related tasks.
        By eliminating the "scatter gun" approach you will find that
        the limited time you do have will be much more productive.

        There are going to be some activities that you have to do
        day in, day out.  Decide what time of the day is best for
        you to attend to these routine tasks.  The more you can
        integrate business activities into your daily routine the
        more efficient will be your use of time.  Let's take email,
        for example.  Anyone running an online business has to deal
        with email on a daily basis.  I use the time between when I
        get up in the morning and when I start my workout for this.
        It gives me time to wake up before I launch into physical
        activity and it is a relatively undemanding task that does
        not require precision concentration.

        Make use of autoresponders for as much of your email
        processing as possible.  This will further reduce the amount
        of time you have to spend on this aspect of your business.

        Other routine activities include things like site promotion
        and search engine position monitoring.  Now there are a lot
        of great tools to help webmasters with this part of their
        business.  For example, WebPosition Gold will automatically
        review your position in all the major search engines and
        report back to you with the results.  It can also be
        programmed to auto-submit at appropriate intervals.  Be sure
        to use quality automated tools wherever possible.  They can
        save you literally hours of work every week and as we all
        know, time is money in this business.

        Keep a journal for a week.  Record in it everything you do
        during the day from the moment you get up in the morning
        to the moment you go to bed.  What activities can you
        eliminate in favour of freeing up some time for your
        business?  Maybe it means getting up an hour earlier.
        Maybe it's forgoing the sleep-in on the weekend.  Maybe it
        means giving up those two hours of TV every night.  You will
        find even 15-20 minutes blocks here and there can add up to a
        sizeable chunk of time over a week or a month.

        If you travel, keep a copy of your website on your laptop
        and work on it while you're in the air or waiting for a
        flight.  Or answer your email ready to send it when you get
        plugged in again.

        As you can see, the trick is to practice the "nibble"
        technique.  If you wait until you have a great chunk of time
        in one block, such as the weekend, you'll only waste all of
        those little bits of time you could have put to good use
        during the week and fritter away your "quality" time on
        routine tasks rather than business development.

        One final piece of advice.  Take time every week to just
        relax and do something you want to do.  Although the
        pressures of a new business are demanding, failing to take
        time out will only lead to burn out.

        7. Freebies
        -> A Beginner's Guide to Starting a High-Income Business on
        the Internet
        What's in this e-book?  More than you could imagine,
        including business start-up guidance, cyber-sales
        strategies, e-marketing techniques, web marketing, software
        resources, marketing hot-spots and even a nifty game! /jddfreebook.exe

        8. News Digest
        -> Email 'cheat' to sue university
        Says she didn't do it and wants her name cleared.

        -> Where No Star Has Clicked Before

        -> Nordstrom to spin off Internet subsidiary
        By Troy Wolverton

        -> Vendors Say Bye-Bye To Bandwidth
        The buildup of fiber-optic networks and the rollout of new
        forms of laser-optic technology will not satiate the
        Internet's bandwidth appetite, according to technology

        -> Seagate Lays Off 1,600, More Cuts Possible
        Seagate Technology, the world's largest independent computer
        disk-drive maker, said it will eliminate 1,600 jobs in
        Singapore as it cuts costs to become more competitive.

        -> Stocks End In Mixed Trading
        U.S. stocks ended in mixed trading on Tuesday after the
        Federal Reserve raised interest rates by one-quarter of a
        percentage point.

        -> Gore Unveils  In Education Tech Grants
        Vice President Al Gore announced Tuesday  million in
        grants from the Education Department to train 400,000
        teachers to use technology in the classroom.

        -> Northpoint CEO Takes DSL To Retail
        NEW YORK  -- The CEO of a large CLEC says he expects to see
        more deals where bandwidth  will  be bundled with computers.

        -> School Shoppers Catch Internet Bug
        CNN reported Tuesday that a study sponsored by Quicken,  the
        maker of personal finance software, found online shopping for
        school supplies has exceeded purchases made at
        brick-and-mortar stores.

        -> NextCard Measures Web Transactions
        America Online is the top online merchant and Amazon is second,
        a credit card company said Monday.

        9. This Week's Web Site Pick

        Would you like to learn how to sell the knowledge that you
        already have in  your head?

        If you're a writer, author, consultant, coach, speaker,
        trainer, entrepreneur or professional who wants to increase
        profits by selling your know-how as an information product,
        then you've definitely reached the right place.

        Sell Your Brain Food! will help you create, compile and
        promote a book, booklet, e-book, audio/video tape, or any
        other information product that you're thinking about.

        Stories From a Brain Food Saleswoman
        Never let it be said that Monique Harris doesn't practice
        what she preaches! Stories From a Brain Food Saleswoman
        chronicles her day-by-day trials and tribulations while
        promoting her own information products.

        She follows the exact advice offered in her How to
        Successfully Sell Information Products Online, manuals. So
        if you already have them, you'll get a first-hand look at
        everything she talks about. If you don't have the manuals,
        or you're a newbie to the world of info-publishing, you'll
        get a sneak peek at what it takes to succeed.

        You can read Stories From a Brain Food Saleswoman right
        at Monique's website. Every day, or so, a new excerpt is
        added to the homepage of the Sell Your Brain Food! Web site.

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