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           A Home-Based Business Online
           August 21

             Editor: Elena Fawkner
           Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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           IN THIS ISSUE

          1.   Welcome from the Publisher
          2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Relocation
          3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Resume Writing
          4.   Goal Setting Series - Part 3
          5.   Tutorial Series - How to Become an
           Information Broker
          6.   Guest Article - Crash! by Jim Daniels
          7.   Freebies
          8.   The News Digest
          9.   This Week's Web Site Pick
          11.  Subscription Management
          12.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome from the Publisher
        Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

        You will notice a change in format from this week.  Instead
        of a weekly spotlight, I have included a home business
        idea or opportunity of the week and an online business
        idea or opportunity of the week.  If you have a
        home-based or online business idea or opportunity you
        would like to see featured in either of these sections
        in future editions (and added to the website), submit it
        to me at Contact By Email and include your resource
        box.  I will investigate your opportunity and feature
        it if it represents a genuine and viable opportunity for

        If you haven't visited the website recently, please do so
        and check out the revamped Home Business Ideas page at
        - many additions
        have been made and will continue to be made over the next
        week or two.  In particular, each link now takes you to
        a page that includes not only reports on the particular
        idea but also lists businesses offering opportunities in
        that particular area.  More are being added all the time
        so keep checking back for new opportunities.

        Writers, I am always happy to showcase your work either
        here or in the Reference Library so submit your articles
        (including resource box)to Contact By Email -- this
        is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
        your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
        online businesses.

        Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
        questions and stories to: Contact By Email

        2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Relocation Consultant

        The term "Relocation Consultant" is an all-encompassing
        one that involves everything to do with transferring
        people from one location to another. The task of a relocation
        consultant includes some or all of the following activities
        and services that generally arise when moving to a new

        -> Selecting a moving company.
        -> Selling the old house.
        -> Finding and buying a new home or renting a new apartment.
        -> Packing/unpacking services.
        -> Arranging connection of utilities.
        -> Arranging insurances.
        -> Change of address notification.
        -> Suggesting schools, churches, etc.
        -> Spouse job placement counseling.

        Of course you choose which services you want to include
        in your repertoire. However, with a joint-effort with
        other professionals in your area, you can really offer an
        extensive menu of services.

        Relocation consultants do not own moving companies.  They
        hire moving companies for and on behalf of the client.
        As a relocation consultant, you also deal with real estate
        agents, travel agencies, and career consultants.  You
        control the middle ground where all these services merge
        to fulfill the needs of your client.

        The most important issue in any relocation is where your
        client will reside in their new city or state. Some clients
        buy a home in the new city before they move.  Others prefer
        to rent, giving themselves enough time to become familiar
        with the area before buying a house.  Most relocation
        consultants receive their commission from the real estate
        agent.  However, if your client wants to rent, as opposed
        to immediately buying a home, the company relocating your
        client will more than likely pick up the tab, usually
        equal to one month's rent.

        Some landlords of rental properties, however, will pay
        a relocation consultant a commission equal to one
        month's rent.

        Alternatively, you can negotiate a fixed fee with the client
        or the client's employer.  How you structure your
        remuneration is really up to you.

        You can do a real volume business by targeting large
        corporate accounts.  Companies in high-technology related
        products and services are the growth markets in relocation.

        Contracts for technical top-guns range 3 to 5 years, so
        you can expect excellent turn over in the high-tech industry.
        Concentrating on a specific industry gives you credibility
        and lots of referrals.


        There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Resume Writing Service

        Applying for jobs electronically is becoming more and more
        common.  All of the major search engine sites have a careers
        section where employers and recruiters can post their jobs
        and candidates can search for positions right from their
        desktops.  Once a suitable job is identified by the candidate,
        he or she can then submit a resume to the employer or
        recruiter with the touch of a key.  Thousands of people use
        these joblisting databases to search for jobs every day.
        Competition for jobs is fierce and the difference between
        those who get the interview and those who don't is usually
        the resume and the cover letter.

        Resume writing is a business you can start for virtually
        nothing and parlay into a lucrative enterprise.  Many of
        the "conventional" (read offline) established resume writing
        services in the large metropolitan areas are reporting
        annual incomes of $500,000 or more.  Even the smaller
        operations, in towns as small as 15,000 are experiencing
        sales of $100,000 or more.  Just imagine the potential
        revenues for an online resume writing business, unrestricted
        to geographical location!

        No special knowledge, education or experience are required
        for success in this business.  An awareness of the general
        format of the modern resume, and the ability to keep
        oneself up-to-date on refinements or new approaches to
        presenting resume material are about the only prerequisites
        to successfully operate a resume writing service.

        Probably the most exciting and motivational aspects of this
        business idea are the low investment and risk factors
        involved, and the growing demand for resume services.

        Employers are demanding to know more about applicants -
        their work record, natural talents and personality traits.
        They want more information upon which to base their
        interview selections than just the cold facts on the
        application form.  Personnel managers are placing a higher
        premium on their time, and delegating to others the job of
        "weeding out" the unqualified applicants and identifying
        those who come closest to fitting the needs of the company.

        To get in to see the person doing the hiring, the job
        applicant has to "sell the short-stopper," and that calls
        for a professionally-written resume.

        Everyone - with or without a resume - is looking for this
        key:  A professionally written resume, a sales presentation
        of their qualifications and experience that will get the
        job for them - the job they want.  The job-hunters are
        preoccupied with their own specialties and problems.  They
        don't know how, and they don't have the time to learn.
        They're willing to pay you to put it all together for them.

        Your website should allow for the client to submit all
        relevant raw information via online form.  Once you have
        that information, you can then work it into a package of
        several different resumes and cover letters which will vary
        depending on the type of position being applied for and the
        skill sets that are being emphasised.  Naturally, your site
        should also allow for credit card payment upfront and you
        might also think about offering several different levels
        of service, each at different price points.


        There are many more online business ideas like this at
        with more being added
        all the time.
        4. Goal Setting Series - Part 3
        (c) AHBBO Publishing 2017
        By Elena Fawkner

        Create a Daily Task List
        If you've been following this series, by this point you
        should have worked your way backwards with your sub-goals
        to at least the one year mark.  Now work back to the six
        month mark.  What do you need to do within the next six
        months to achieve your one year goals?

        When you've set your six month goals, work backwards even
        further and set out your one month goals.  What do you need
        to do within the next month to achieve your six month goals?

        Finally, by continually working backwards in this way, you
        will eventually get the point where you are writing out what
        you need to do TODAY to achieve your longer term goals.  In
        this way, long-term goals are broken down into small,
        manageable tasks that are done on a day to day basis.  The
        process is an incremental one of small steps today leading
        you ever closer to achieving your life's desires.

        Imagine not having a daily task list.  What would you be
        doing instead?  Going to the same old boring job day in,
        day out, pottering about, starting something and not
        finishing it?  Going around in circles, watching too much
        TV?  With a daily task list, you can be sure that you're
        investing your time and energies in activities that will
        bring you long-term benefit.  These activities will bring
        structure and purpose to your day and eliminate time wasters.
        Soon you will find yourself becoming discriminating in what
        you give your time to.  You will ask yourself, "how does
        this bring me closer to my goal of x"? You will learn there
        is a certain satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in
        crossing off a task as completed.  You will feel secure in
        the knowledge you are taking care of business and, of course,
        once you have taken care of business, you can take some
        guilt-free time for play.

        Next week:  Achieving Goals

        Missed earlier instalments of this article series?  Pick
        them up from the archives at


        Feel like you're stuck in a rut? The Secrets of Mastering
        Your Destiny may help you get your life on track. This
        goal-setting program (named after a self-help seminar) helps
        you focus on what you want in life by having you write down
        your personal goals and store them in database form. The
        program provides separate sections for nine main areas of
        life: Material, Career, Family, Relationship, Spiritual,
        Social, Mental, Financial, and Health. You can review your
        goals daily by looking at them in the database, or use the
        the program's Event Timer to flash them on the screen for
        you at any time of the day. The program includes a Calendar
        and a To Do List. Take a look at what you value in order to
        understand your current condition in life; The Secrets of
        Mastering Your Destiny is ready to assist. You can evaluate
        the program FREE for 30 days.

        5. Tutorial Series - How to Become an Information Broker
        This week sees Part 1 of a brand-new tutorial series -
        How to Become an Information Broker.  As you will already
        know if you read last week's edition, the #1 HOT commodity
        on the internet is information.  There is an endless demand
        for it.  You can capitalize on this demand by selling
        information products.  Best of all, this tutorial series,
        which will run over the next several weeks, will not only
        teach you everything you need to know about selling
        information on the internet but, in itself, constitutes an
        information product that you can turn around and sell to your
        own customers.  You have unrestricted reprint and resell
        rights to this series which is organized to form a manual -
        an information product!  So, let's begin at the beginning.


        You've always said to yourself, "When am I going to stop
        working for someone else? When am I going to make all my
        hard work pay off for me, instead of someone else?" Well,
        you're finally starting to do something about it! And you
        have chosen the perfect time! The explosion of the internet
        population through the 1990's has leveled the playing
        field forever! It is now possible for the "little guy" to
        step up and make the big money!

        Wouldn't it be nice to someday walk into your boss's
        office to explain how you really don't need the job anymore?
        While this may sound like a wild fantasy to many people, it
        is becoming a reality to more people than you may realize!
        Now, let's set the record straight right here and now. I'm
        not about to make crazy promises with rags to riches fairy
        tales. I'm also not going to recommend that you have that
        little chat with the boss tomorrow morning. Here's what I am
        going to tell you. The drive and ambition that prompted you
        to start this course, coupled with the information you are
        about to discover, will finally get you going in the direction
        of financial independence. Ask any financially independent
        person you can find (truly financially independent) and
        they'll all agree on one thing. You can't get rich working
        for someone else!

        So, without further ado, let's get the show on the road
        as they say. Or more appropriately for our purposes, let's
        keep the show at home. The following information has been
        organized in a manner that will assist you through the
        process of building a successful home based business as
        smoothly as possible.

        Be sure to give it your undivided attention, as it is not
        light reading material. Remember, this information, if used
        properly, could very well lead you to your goal of financial


        At last, a business of your own! You've finally made a
        decision to move in the direction of financial freedom!

        Given the technological advances in today's society, home
        based businesses can do nothing but get stronger and
        stronger. With the personal computer and other high tech
        gadgets finding their way into many homes, there may soon
        be very few reasons to leave the house for anything at all.
        After all, one would already be hard pressed to think of
        a single thing that is not readily available via the

        Many people are turning to the online marketplace for the
        specialized information that will make their lives easier
        or richer. With the online population expected to exceed
        100 million by the turn of the century, the customer base
        is virtually unlimited. Needless to say, with the right
        information product, strategically marketed to the right
        consumer, a company can turn quite a profit.

        There is no question that the only way to become
        financially independent is by owning your own business. Yet
        the financial reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. The
        feeling of accomplishment you get from owning your own
        business can be incredibly satisfying. Ask anyone who has
        started their own business if they would trade their status
        as entrepreneur for their old nine to five grind. I'd be
        very surprised if you received a yes from any one of them.
        Even if their business has yet to turn a profit, the mere
        fact that they are in business for themselves is enough to
        keep them from missing their status as "employee".

        You know how much you are making right now in your current
        job. You also probably have a good idea how much you'll be
        making in two, five or maybe even ten years from now. That
        is if you continue working for someone else.

        When you start your own company, however, the sky is the
        limit as far as earning potential goes. There's absolutely
        nothing wrong with keeping that nine to five job for as long
        as you want. Even after you have established a firm hold on
        the concept of making money on your own, you may prefer to
        keep right on working your regular job. There also is a good
        chance, however, that you may eventually find it only serves
        to weigh you down in your effort to make more money at home.
        Many companies started at home by one person in their spare
        time have flourished into major enterprises with revenues in
        the millions.

        Just remember, nothing in this life is handed to you.
        You must be willing to make the commitment to work as hard
        as it takes to achieve the goals you set for yourself. If
        you would be content with an extra ten or twenty thousand
        dollars per year to supplement your income, then set that
        as your goal. Strive for it and achieve it. If you want to
        turn your business into a full time venture, then you'll
        have to work even harder.


        For those of you just starting from scratch in your own
        business (that's probably most of you), there are a few
        business matters that will need to be addressed. It's a good
        idea to take care of these matters relatively early in your
        business venture so you can concentrate on the heart of your
        business plan, that is, actually making money. I won't go
        into too much detail, but I'd like to touch briefly on a
        few of the more important issues.

        The first issue to concern yourself with is licensing and
        registration. There are many companies in existence today
        that have not taken the time to concern themselves with
        these "details" and therefore are not operating legally.
        Don't let your company become one of these "under the table"
        operations.  Not only are there many tax benefits when
        operating legally, but the feeling of clear conscience alone
        can be just as important.

        The first step in the licensing and registration of
        your business is to call or stop by your local town hall and
        tell them you are interested in starting your own business.
        Ask them if you need to register this business and if there
        are any special requirements or licenses for a home based
        business in your area. More than likely, you will not need
        any special permits or licenses to operate a business out of
        your home, however, you may need to register this business at
        a local and/or state level. This is so that the public will
        be informed of your new business venture.

        The next issue you may run into when checking into these
        business matters is zoning. Many of the zoning laws in the
        U.S. have been on the books for a long time and are largely
        ignored by home business owners. I do recommend, however,
        that you become aware of the zoning laws in your area, even
        though the type of business you'll be operating is usually
        not subject to zoning problems. Most of the zoning laws on
        the books are there to protect your neighbors' rights. Many
        officials realize that home businesses are on the increase
        everywhere and they tend to look the other way, unless
        requested to do otherwise by angry neighbors of a zoning


        Since you are planning to start your own business, you
        need to be familiar with some of the rules that govern this
        industry. For all intents and purposes, this business would
        fall under the category of a mail-order business, especially
        if you plan to offer your information products in hard copy
        form. As long as you plan to run your business on the up and
        up, you should have no problems with any of the laws on the

        Let's run through the major issues and see how they will
        pertain to you and your new business. Although there are
        many more regulations than what we will cover here, the
        thing to remember is this. Don't cheat anyone out of their
        hard-earned money. When you run an honest business you stand
        a much better chance at success. Here are some of the

        The Mail-Order Rule
        The Federal Trade Commission passed this rule in 1975. It
        is also known as the 30-day rule. It states that any order
        solicited through the mail must be shipped within 30 days
        after receipt of payment. When you are soliciting orders for
        your product, you must believe that you can fill these
        orders within 30 days or specify the length of time it will
        actually take. Example: (Please allow five weeks for

        If you do not ship within 30 days or the specified time,
        you must notify the buyer of the delay and give them the
        option of canceling their order or accepting the delay. You
        must refund payment on any canceled orders promptly. This
        rule has been recently amended to include all orders taken
        over phone lines as well as through the mail. This will
        therefore catch internet orders.  This rule is
        strictly enforced and should be taken very seriously.

        Truth in Advertising
        This can be summed up quite simply. It is unlawful to
        mislead the public in any way. You must describe the product
        being advertised clearly, without making any false claims,
        or omitting any important facts that the average person
        would need to know. Also, the word "new" should be avoided
        when advertising since it only gives an accurate description
        of your product for the first six months of its existence.
        Also, the price of the item must be clearly stated in your
        advertisement. Be careful when stating prices. It is
        unlawful to claim that the price of your item was formerly
        higher than the current asking price unless you actually
        sold a substantial number of items at that higher price.

        Any testimonials given must be genuine and authorized by
        the person who gave them. You should be prepared to show
        proof of any testimonials and they should be of an honest

        When giving a guarantee, it must give details of how it is
        carried out. Example: "If you are not completely satisfied
        with the product, return it in reasonably good condition
        within thirty days for a full refund." This clearly states
        the length of the guarantee and the conditions.

        Keep in mind, these regulations have been put in place
        to protect the public. Unfortunately, since the early days
        of traditional mail-order there have been many companies
        that have operated in an illegal and deceitful manner. These
        companies have come and gone like the wind, and any
        companies started based on unlawful premisses in the future
        are sure to meet the same fate. As you can clearly see, as
        long as you operate your mail-order operation honestly,
        you'll have no problem abiding by these rules and

        Next Week:  Part 2 - "Start Up Materials and Costs" and
        "Your Information Product"

        6. Guest Article - Crash! by Jim Daniels
        Beware: Even in cyberspace, what goes up, occasionally
        comes down.

        What's that? Gravity in cyberspace?

        That's right. Many entrepreneurs in cyberspace are quickly
        re-learning Newton's law of gravity. But this time around
        it's not an apple falling, it's their web site.

        As a long-time veteran of cyberspace I had nearly forgotten
        the consequences of a fallen web site. Recently, I had the
        occasion to experience this nightmare and learn the
        valuable lessons that accompany it.

        If you think it can't happen to you, think again. (Many of
        my woes were avoidable, but I got sloppy. (I promise to
        explain how YOU can learn from my mistakes in a minute.)

        You see, like many of you right now, I thought I was safe.
        I went with one of the larger web hosting companies. They
        promised daily backups. They promised 99% uptime - even
        guaranteed it.

        Promises are made to be broken...

        My 1000+ page site, bizweb2017.com, the source of 100% of
        my small business income, crashed. When it is down, my
        income stops. I now know how cold and lonely cyberspace is
        when your web site is dead. Not only are these times
        lonely, lengthy periods with a dead web site can be very

        Take it from me. The grand tally from my recent outage
        totaled well into thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Not
        a big deal for a large corporation, but for a home-based
        business like mine, it's a figure not to be taken lightly.

        But could I really have avoided it?

        Maybe it was just a little bad luck? After all, downtime
        comes with the territory. Outages in cyberspace are far
        from uncommon and there will certainly be more in the
        future. If I could have avoided any of this bad fortune, I
        certainly would have, right? But my own computer was fine.
        The crash occurred at my web hosting company, er, that is
        my former hosting company, but I'll get to that.

        The fact is, I could have done something before it was too
        late, but I didn't!

        I AM to blame, just as much as anyone else involved. And
        when YOUR web site crashes and stays down for long periods
        of time, it may be YOUR fault too! Let me explain...

        First I'll tell the tale of my little nightmare, then, I'll
        reveal the steps YOU can take to avoid such a debacle.

        Note: For the record, I will not reveal the name of the
        hosting company that brought me to my knees. If you MUST
        know, drop me a line personally. It is not my intention to
        hurt their business, however badly they wounded mine. I'll
        admit that it was tempting, but malicious intent is not my
        style and the purpose of this article is to help you, not
        hurt them.

        Anyway, it all started a few months ago. I noticed that I
        was not receiving my normal volume of email one day, so I
        sent myself a test message. Sure enough, my bizweb2017
        email addresses were dead. I promptly emailed support at
        my hosting company and a day-long wait ensued. After hours
        of silence, I called them. "It should be working now" they
        said. "It's not," I replied. So they "took another look"
        and it finally started working an hour or so later. No
        message or call from them, just silence. I chalked that up
        as just a fluke. I was wrong.

        A few weeks after that incident my email addresses went
        dead again. In addition, I had recently been notified that
        my allowed 1 gig of transfer per month had been surpassed
        and my monthly fee would be tripled. Since I was far from
        thrilled with the support and I was now paying a premium
        price, it made sense to look elsewhere.

        After much research, I finally located a support-based web
        hosting company where I would move my site. What I did NOT
        do was transfer my domain and web site to this new host
        right away. I was going on vacation for a week and figured
        I'd do it when I got back. This was mistake #1. Had I gone
        ahead and transferred it before I left, I wouldn't be
        writing this right now. But here I am.

        What happened next was THE CRASH... and the scrambling...

        At 8 am on Friday morning I fired up my PC to pick up my
        email and retrieve the orders from my secure server. As my
        browser opened, it stalled. "Cannot connect to
        www.bizweb2017.com" it said. Hmmm... I thought. I'll try it
        in a little while.

        Well, "a little while" turned into repeated emails and
        phone calls to my web hosting company. While I did receive
        confirmation from support that their servers were indeed
        down, the next sentence worried me a bit "We really
        don't know what's wrong yet" the support specialist wrote.

        With that, I emailed the president of the company and got
        out of my office and went for a drive. I couldn't do much
        and the stress was building. I figured I'd be better off
        not thinking about it. (Mistake #2)

        Upon returning at 6:30pm, I went directly to my PC and
        jumped online. Site STILL down.

        I was able to retreive my email and there were messages
        from support and the president. They came in a 2:40.
        "Sorry about the down time. It's back up now." they

        Ahhhh. But did they actually check MY site? Obviously not.
        It was dead as a doornail at 6:30 when I checked.

        I called again and caught someone before they left for
        the evening. He promised to email someone else about it
        and have them look at it. Later that evening my site was
        brought back up...

        That is, until the next crash - the following Tuesday
        morning. This second crash lasted over a week!! What's
        more, they lost all their data and had no backup! But
        that's another story altogether.

        In the meantime, I called my new web hosting company and
        ordered my domain transfer. I had to get my business off
        this web host's dead servers!

        What I learned next was even more discouraging. It seems
        that when I originally ordered my domain, that same web
        host had registered it in their name, and not mine. Why?
        Who knows? But technically, they owned my domain even
        though I had paid for it and had been shelling out $125 a
        month to have it hosted.

        Needless to say, my problems were getting worse, not

        Well, to keep this long story from getting any longer,
        I'll skip to the end. It took some doing, including
        multiple phone calls and letterhead faxes, but I managed
        to convince InterNic, the organization that handles domain
        registrations and transfers, that bizweb2017.com was in
        fact mine and that I had to have it moved from these dead
        servers. Luckily, InterNic proceeded with the order.

        So, here I am. Happy as a clam once again. My domain
        transfer has been completed and my web site is up and
        running again on my new server.

        All of which brings me to the moral of this story:

        (Remember as I started this horrible tale I promised that
        I would reveal the steps YOU can take to avoid such a
        debacle?) Well, the steps are below for your reading
        pleasure. Hey, there's no point in suffering like I did
        when all it takes is a little inside info, right? With
        that, I invite you to learn from MY mistakes...

        1. NEVER (I mean Never, Ever, Never) sign up with a web
        hosting company that does not offer 24 hour, 7 day a week
        support. That means LIVE support, not automated replies.
        If you do not have the ability to speak with a live person
        via telephone or email, you will sooner or later be in dire
        straits like I was. Test the support before signing up with
        the web host.

        2. Do NOT sign up with a web host without first contacting
        a handful of their current customers and asking them about
        support. (Not referrals that THEY give you, but customers
        that YOU find. You can do this by visiting their bulletin
        board area or chat room, if they have one. If not, ask them
        for a long list of customers you can contact and call lots
        of them.)

        3. Do NOT let YOUR domain be registered under someone
        else's name. Make sure YOU are the administrative contact.
        This will allow you to transfer your domain without your
        host being involved. It will speed things up and give you
        the freedom that your rightfully deserve.

        4. Put two items high on your list: Peering and Mirroring.
        Peering is having multiple backbones coordinated in such a
        way that when one line gets too slow the server is
        automatically switched to the fastest line out. While many
        providers have "multiple connections" to the Internet a
        very few percentage of them are able to truly "peer". This
        means your site will always be connected at the fastest
        speed available. Similarly, "mirroring" means placing
        servers at different locations. This not only serves as a
        back-up, but it enhances your site's accessibility and
        connection speeds from all over the world.

        5. ALWAYS keep YOUR OWN back-up copy of your site. As a
        matter of fact, keep fresh copies on your hard drive and
        weekly or monthly copies on a zip disk or tape backup.
        Never rely on your web hosting company's promise of back-
        up. (Luckily, this is one mistake I did not make!)

        Well, that wraps up my little nightmare. I hope you enjoyed
        it. And do me one little favor would you? Look before you
        leap. If you are considering putting a web site up, make
        sure you follow the guidelines above. If you already have
        a web site, take a hard look at your current web host. Is
        it a disaster waiting to happen, like mine was? Send a
        message to your support team and see how long it takes them
        to get back to you. If you are even a little concerned, you
        may have good reason to be.

        If so, don't wait until you're counting your losses. If you
        have ever considered moving your site to a more responsive,
        professional host, take it from me - it's much easier to
        act than react. Once the nightmare starts, cyberspace is a
        cold and lonely place.

        Note: Since moving my entire site to Virtualis in early
        1998, I have experienced one minor outage. I immediately
        contacted their 24 hr. support team and my site was back
        up before I hung up the phone. If you are looking for a
        web host, Virtualis comes highly recommended from this
        Internet marketing guru.

        [Editor's note:  I also use Virtualis and endorse Jim's
        recommendation.  To see why, just visit their website at

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        their FREE "how-to" cybermarketing assistance, free
        software, business opportunities, manuals, web services
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