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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas

           A Home-Based Business Online

        August 14
        Editor: Elena Fawkner
        Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
        Contact By Email

           IN THIS ISSUE
          1.  Welcome from the Publisher
          2.  This Week's Spotlight - Information Products
          3.  Goal Setting Series - Part 2
          4.  Product Review - Electronic Business Marketing Kit
          5.  Help... I'm Overwhelmed and Don't Know Where to
          6.  Guest Article - Top 10 Time Management Mistakes
          7.  Freebies
          8.  The News Digest
          9.  Interactive Forum - Why Did You Decide to Work
           from Home and What Have Been Your Greatest
          10. This Week's Web Site Pick - The Internet
          Marketing Center
          11. Classified Ads
          12. Subscription Management
          13. Contact Information

        1.  Welcome from the Publisher
        Hello again and a warm welcome to the more than 250
        new subscribers who have joined us since last week!

        Writers, I am always happy to showcase your work either
        here or in the Reference Library so submit your articles
        (including resource box)to Contact By Email -- this
        is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
        your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
        online businesses.

        Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        I want to hear from you! 

        2. This Week's Spotlight - Information Products
        If you have spent any time at all researching the many and
        varied "business opportunities" available to you on the
        'net, no doubt you will have noticed how many of them
        relate somehow to the selling of "information".

        If you want to start your own business but don't have an
        existing product or service to sell, your #1 question at
        this point is likely to be, "I want my own business but
        what can I do?".  If you fall into this category, consider
        selling information as your product.

        Remember the discussion about the Cookie Cutter program
        from last week? 
        That's a good example.  There are around 150,000 thousand
        people coming online every month!  These people are all
        new to the internet.  They have heard that the internet
        has huge potential as a business medium because of its
        ability to allow them to reach millions of people
        from their own home office.

        But as we know, the internet is VAST.  These people are
        all asking themselves, "OK I know that I have this
        wonderful tool at my disposal but HOW do I actually
        USE it to make money?"

        You can reach out to these people and show them how.
        That's why the Cookie Cutter program is so hugely
        successful.  It is aimed at that huge and growing
        "newbie" market.  It starts out by training *you* as a
        newbie how it can be done and at the same time gives
        you the system to onsell it to others.

        There are many, many information products you can market
        following the same principles you learned in Cookie Cutter.
        New to Cookie Cutter?  You can
        market those information-products you have researched and
        written yourself or you can market products written by
        others.  I will be dealing with writing your own e-book in
        next week's edition of the newsletter.  But at the end of
        this article, I'll be making you a very special offer to
        get you started selling a pre-written information product

        There is a lot of material on the A Home-Based Business
        Online website directed specifically at selling information.
        Go to http://www.shelteredturtle.com and take a look at the mail-
        order listings on the Home Business Ideas and Online
        Business Ideas pages.  These will give you a lot of the
        information you need to get started right away. 

        In a nutshell though, here's how it works.

        1.  Get an information product you can sell on the internet

        This could be an e-book you have written yourself (see next
        week's edition for an article on writing your own e-book) or
        one written by someone else.  Make sure you have reprint and
        resell rights to their product.  In other words, you can't
        just stumble across a really neat information product on
        your travels through cyberspace and grab it thinking it would
        be a great product to sell.  You need to find out whether
        the author allows this.  There are places where you can pick
        up information products with full reprint and resell rights.
        I give you a couple of leads in this edition of the
        newsletter so keep your eyes open for them.

        2.  Advertize your information product for sale

        The methods of advertizing and promoting your information
        product are limited only by your imagination.  To start with,
        offer a free report to anyone who responds to your ad by
        requesting further information.  For example, you might
        place an ad like this:

         SECRETS to making MONEY on the
         Information Superhighway
         finally REVEALED!

        3.  Respond to your prospects

        Then, when you receive responses to your ad, you will send
        your prospects the free report you offered, along with more
        information about the information product you have for sale.

        4.  Follow up with your prospects

        You will then need to send follow-up sales letters to your
        prospects.  You should have three pre-written follow-up
        letters.  The first should be sent 24 hours after your
        initial response (point 3. above).  The second five days
        later and the third five days after that.

        Now, obviously, before your start advertising your
        information product for sale you need to have set up your
        systems.  You will need to have decided how much you are
        going to sell your information product for and how you are
        going to accept payment.  If you do not have a website,
        how are you going to accept credit card payments and online
        checks?  Think this through.  Think about setting up
        a webpage so that your prospects can order your product
        online.  If you are a novice, it need not be anything too
        grand.  Just a simple one pager created in Netscape Composer
        will do to start.  You will need to set up an account with
        a credit card processing company to allow you to accept
        credit cards and online checks from your webpage though.
        A couple of good ones to check out are
        and http://www.ibill.com. They will help you set up your
        order page and other information you need to know to start
        accepting payment online.

        I will be dealing with all of the above aspects of selling
        information by mail in coming weeks.  Look out for the
        continuing series "A Step by Step Guide to Selling
        Information by Mail".  This article is just to give you a
        general overview of the kinds of issues you need to start
        thinking about.  See the Product Review "Electronic Business
        Marketing Kit" below for more information on selling
        information as a home-based business.

        For those of you who would like to give this a try,
        I have a special offer for you.  For every one of you who
        signs up for Dr Ken Evoy's brilliant Make Your Site Sell!
        ("MYSS!")(details below) I will GIVE you an information
        product with FULL REPRINT AND RESELL RIGHTS so you can start
        your information-product business immediately!  MYSS! is a
        must for anyone selling anything on the internet.  And it
        will teach you everything you need to know about selling
        information products too.

        If you want to take advantage of this offer, after you
        have purchased MYSS! just send a blank email to
        Contact By Email and put MYSS in the subject line.
        I will then email you details about how to access your
        FREE information product with FULL REPRINT AND RESELL RIGHTS.

        Here's the information about MYSS!  Go and get it!


        "MYSS! will prove to be the most important download of my
        business life."

        Do you know why people are talking like this about Make
        Your Site SELL!, a new book that is quickly becoming
        accepted as "the Bible of selling on the Net"?

        Because no matter what you read in this review, no matter
        how high I raise your expectations by giving it an
        unqualified TEN THUMBS UP, it will OVERdeliver on your

        And here's the clincher.  There are products out there
        that are only about half as good as MYSS! -- they sell for
        hundreds and hundreds of dollars (one even costs over
        $1,000!).  The price of this book is only CAD$24.95, or
        about $17 "real" American dollars! ;-)

        Run, don't walk, to this site.  At the very, very least,
        take advantage of their free 2-chapter download.  Odds
        are that you are not doing the single most important
        thing to sell on the Web -- but you will after you read
        the first free chapter.  And the second chapter will open
        your eyes to a critical and amazingly basic issue that
        almost everyone ignores.

        I would have paid the full price just for those
        two chapters!

        3. Goal Setting Series - Part 2
        (c) AHBBO Publishing 2017
        By Elena Fawkner

        Criteria for Effective Goals
        Once you have a vision for your life, it is time to start
        crystallising your dreams and expressing them in terms of
        specific objectives.  Before beginning the work of actually
        setting objectives, goals and supporting tasks it is
        important to understand the criteria for setting effective

        First, use the present tense.  Express the goal as if it has
        already been achieved and not as something that will only
        occur in the future.  It is important to think of your goals
        in the present tense as this is what registers with your
        subconscious.  If your subconscious believes it is not
        something that is to happen now, it will not work on it
        now.  It will deal with it later, when the appropriate
        time comes.  Of course, for a goal that is expressed in
        the future tense, the time never comes.

        Next, focus on outcome, not performance.  don't worry
        about how you are going to achieve your goal, concentrate
        only on the outcome.  Focus on your vision for the goal
        category.  Example: I retire at 50 as I am independently
        wealthy, not I start my own business, quit my job, pay
        off all of my debts and invest successfully.

        Make your goals specific.  If they are fuzzy and ill-
        defined, you will not be able to internalise them in a
        way that will allow you to decide on precise actions
        to take to achieve them.  Also, your subconscious won't
        perceive them clearly enough to act on them.  Furthermore,
        you will not know when or if you have achieved them!
        An example of a specific goal is "I weigh 125 pounds",
        not I will lose weight.

        Make your goals realistic.  Whatever you set as a goal
        must be within your power.  While it should be challenging,
        it must be something that you can achieve as a result of
        your own efforts and not something that depends on someone
        else doing something.  Example:  I am self-confident and
        project this attitude to others, not I make John fall
        in love with me.

        Make your goals challenging.  While your goals must be
        realistic, they must also be challenging if you are to
        gain any real benefit from them.  After all, if you merely
        set as a goal something you would have achieved anyway
        (such as that automatic raise next month), what have you
        really achieved?

        Start Long-Term and Work Backwards
        Now that you have written down your wishlist and
        understand the criteria for effective goals it is time
        to begin translating your wishlist into a goal plan.

        Starting with your wishlist, express each "wish" in terms
        of a long-term objective.  For example, if one of your
        wishes is to retire at 50 because you are independently
        wealthy, your goal could read "I am independently wealthy
        and retire at age 50".

        In some cases, a particular wish will be the equivalent
        of a life-time goal.  In others, it will be able to be
        achieved in a relatively short timeframe.  For long-term
        or "life-time" goals, you will need to work backwards,
        breaking your objective down into more manageable sub-
        goals.  One approach is to take a life-time goal (say a
        25 year goal) and break it down into 10 year, 5 year and
        1 year sub-goals.  The life-time objective to retire at
        age 50 because I am independently wealthy could translate
        to a 10 year goal of "I am debt free and my business
        generated a net profit of one million dollars this year".
        You could then take this 10 year goal and set a 5 year
        goal of "I have quit my job and I am earning $100,000
        per year from my own business".  Your one year goal
        could be "I am researching home businesses so I can
        set up my own business next year".

        It will be obvious that by starting long-term and working
        backwards, the idea is to break each intimidating objective
        down into manageable steps.  The end result will be a
        daily "to do" list.  Before going too far with this,
        however, take a moment to think through what you will
        need to achieve those longer term goals.  Think about
        what skills you will need to acquire and how to get them;
        what information and knowledge; what help, assistance and
        collaboration; what resources.  Then try and anticipate
        obstacles and plan a way around them.  Prepare for all
        foreseen contingencies.  Once you have a clear idea of
        what you will need, you can build these things into your
        goal plan.

        Last Week - Goalsetting Series Part 1 - The Importance
        of Setting Goals.  If you missed last week's instalment
        you can pick it up from the A Home-Based Business Online

        Next Week - Goalsetting Series Part 3 - Creating a Daily
        Task List

        Feel like you're stuck in a rut? The Secrets of Mastering
        Your Destiny may help you get your life on track. This
        goal-setting program (named after a self-help seminar) helps
        you focus on what you want in life by having you write down
        your personal goals and store them in database form. The
        program provides separate sections for nine main areas of
        life: Material, Career, Family, Relationship, Spiritual,
        Social, Mental, Financial, and Health. You can review your
        goals daily by looking at them in the database, or use the
        the program's Event Timer to flash them on the screen for
        you at any time of the day. The program includes a Calendar
        and a To Do List. Take a look at what you value in order to
        understand your current condition in life; The Secrets of
        Mastering Your Destiny is ready to assist. You can evaluate
        the program FREE for 30 days.

        4. Product Review - Electronic Business Marketing Kit
        The U.S. Government recently reported that the average
        home-based business owner made between $50,000 and $100,000
        last year!  You've seen the articles in the Press about
        ordinary people everywhere who are generating huge profits
        on the Internet in their spare time from the comfort of their
        homes.  If they can do it, why not you?

        "The Internet will create more Millionaires than any other
        industry in the world!"

        Imagine if you owned a small store in a town with a
        population of 100,000.  Then suddenly, 1,000 new residents
        moved in every month!... Your business would obviously
        explode with growth!

        That's exactly what's happening on the Internet right now.
        Except for one thing... Did you know that right now, there
        are over 150,000 new people getting online every month?

        You can stand by and watch and read about how others are
        building small fortunes, then one day say "If only I had..."
        or you can decide now that you're going to take action to
        get your share... Before it's too late!

        How ordinary people are making extra-ordinary income online:

        The Internet is not a fad. It's the beginning of a new
        business revolution. The question is no longer "if" you can
        make money on the Net, but rather how much...  And what's
        the quickest and easiest way for you to get started!

        Quick Quiz:
        If you had to guess, what would you say is by far one of the
        hottest-selling products on the "Information Super-Highway?"
        If you guessed "information," you're right on target!

        If you're like me, you've probably read many articles in the
        press about ordinary, every day people who've hit the
        jackpot and gotten rich selling simple information books,
        manuals and reports by mail.

        Go down to your local library and pull some back issues of
        popular magazines.  You'll see ads for information reports
        and books everywhere.  You'll notice that many of these ads
        run month after month.  Many have been running for years!
        Why? Because they're obviously making someone money!

        What the U.S. Government Has To Say:

        The United States Government publishes a well-written and
        well-researched book entitled: "Establishing and Operating
        A Mail Order Business."  Here's what they say about selling
        books by mail:

        "The book business lends itself nicely to mail-order selling.
        Only a limited stock needs to be carried, with no breakage
        or spoilage, and a special mailing rate not extended to any
        other product.  There are, in fact, a large number of ONE-
        PERSON mail order enterprises in this country which are paying
        their owners far more than a comfortable living.  Thousands
        of mail order booksellers, working out of their own homes,
        make between $50,000 and $100,000 yearly."

        If people are able to make money selling information products
        through mail-order, imagine the fortunes that can be made by
        marketing the same type of information products over the

        The Internet is faster, and far more efficient! With the low
        risk and start-up expenses, no wonder selling information on
        the Internet is quickly becoming the most lucrative home-
        based business of the decade. Profits are higher, costs are
        lower, and you can efficiently do business with people all
        over the world from the comfort and privacy of your home or
        office computer.  Think about the possibilities!...

        Top 10 reasons why people are getting rich selling simple
        information products online:

        1. FREE and low cost advertising!  There are thousands of
        places where you can place tiny ads online for just pennies
        a day.  And there are thousands more where you can advertise
        100% FREE of charge!

        2. NO postage costs!  When your prospects request more
        information on your product, you can simply send your
        information via email.

        3. Instant results!  Forget about waiting days, weeks, or
        even months for your ads to appear.  When you place an ad
        on the Net, it typically shows within minutes and you can
        start getting responses immediately!

        4. You can fulfill your orders electronically!  When your
        customers purchase information from you, simply email it to
        them! And they'll love you for it since they won't have to
        wait for their order to arrive by mail!

        5.  NO printing costs!  You won't need to have expensive
        flyers or brochures printed.  Just type up your message and
        email it out.  It's that quick and simple. Or you can
        publish it on a simple web page.

        6.  NO personal selling!  There's absolutely no personal
        contact required!  All correspondence can be done by email.
        You'll never need to see people personally or make telephone

        7.  NO mailing costs!  When you place ads on the Net, you
        automatically get the email address of everyone who replies
        to your ad.  You'll quickly build your own list and you'll
        be able to send email to it over and over again, free of

        8.  NO employees needed!  Since everything is done
        electronically, there is much less work to do.  Just press
        a few buttons and you're done.

        9.  NO expensive inventory to stock!  Your information
        products reside on your computer.  When you get an order,
        just make a quick copy!  What could be easier?

        10.  Unlimited Potential!  You already know that the amount
        of people with Internet access will increase over 800% over
        the next few years!  If that doesn't get your attention I
        don't know what will!

        How easily can I get started in electronic marketing?

        How easy is it to make huge profits marketing simple reports
        and books online?  A lot easier that you might think... Even
        if you're new to computers or the Internet.

        Albert Einstein once said that if you study something for
        just 15 minutes a day, you can be an expert at it within
        a year.  That's it. Just 15 minutes a day. Not years of fancy
        university education. Not thousands of dollars or
        supernatural luck. Just a few minutes a day.

        Here's a proven example of how anyone can start marketing
        information products quickly and easily online:

        1.  Place a small classified ad on the Internet (25-30 words
        in length) for an information report.  A sample ad may read
        as follows:

        Discover the absolute easiest way to get any
        premium or pay station for FREE!!!   For just a few
        dollars and a mere phone call, you can order a single
        part that will allow anyone with a cable box to get
        FREE, premium and pay stations such as HBO,
        Showtime, Cinemax, and all the rest.  It's so simple
        to install, even a child can do it!   For FREE details,
        send an email to: freecable@ilynk.com

        2.  When potential customers email you for more information,
        simply email them a short sales letter with instructions on
        how to order your report. People have been successfully
        selling this type of report online for as much as $29.95.
        You can, of course, charge any price you see fit and keep
        100% of the profits.

        And since you automatically receive the email address of
        everyone who requests information from you, simply add them
        to your mailing list for future follow-up. This
        powerful and highly effective marketing technique is known
        as the 2-Step Process.

        Just think if you had a list of 1,000 people who have
        already expressed an interest in a particular product.
        You easily email them about another "special offer."  If
        just 2% of the people you email buy, and the price of your
        product is just $20, you've just made an easy $400.00!   Now
        just think if you had a list of 5,000 people!!!

        No flames or complaints... Ever!

        You can easily "broadcast" an email message to thousands of
        people in just minutes!  Best of all... Unlike traditional
        mail, sending email is 100% FREE!  And since each person is
        requesting to be on your list, you'll never have to worry
        about getting any "flames" or complaints.

        By now, you're probably beginning to see how other ordinary
        people, regardless of age, education, or prior experience,
        are able make money with their computers  in their spare
        time through the power of electronic marketing...  Without
        ever having to leave their homes and with no personal

        How do I get information that people want to buy?

        One of the keys to actually making money by selling
        information is having information people actually want to
        buy. What kind of information do people actually want? Just
        open any popular magazine, browse the classifieds, and
        you'll find reports on:

        "How Anyone Can Get AAA Credit In 30 Days"
        "How To Buy A Car At $50 Above Dealer Invoice"
        "How to Buy Merchandise At Government Auctions For As Little
        As $0.10 On The Dollar"
        "How To Safely And Easily Lose Up To 30 Lbs. In 30 Days"
        "How To Get A High-Paying Government Job"
        "How To Increase Your Chance At Winning The Lottery By 4,326%
        And many other topics...

        How can you get your hands on this type of information and
        have the rights to resell it?

        1.You can research and write your own reports.
        2.You can seek out book publishing companies that are
        willing to let you share in their profits if you market their
        3.You can get the reprint rights to an entire library of
        popular titles that you can resell and keep 100% of the
        profits!  Which would you prefer to do?

        If you're like most people and myself, you'll find #3 as
        the logical choice.  That's why AIS Media have recently
        developed "The Electronic Marketing Business Kit" or "EMBK"
        for short.

        I believe that the EMBK is an invaluable resource for
        anyone who's serious about building a high-income online
        business through electronic marketing. What makes the EMBK
        an absolute "must-have?"  Simple.  With the "EMBK," you ARE
        the "Publishing Company."  This allows you to keep 100% of
        the profits of any reports you sell. You can even recruit
        your own dealers to work for you!

        What do I receive as part of the Electronic Marketing
        Business Kit?

        1. Over 600 Reports, Books, and Manuals on One CD:
        You receive ONE (1) CD-ROM (Windows Compatible) which
        contains the complete resell and reprint rights to over
        600 popular money-making titles. All titles are neatly
        organized by subject and placed in a separate file folder
        that you can easily copy directly to individual floppy disks,
        and email, or even print out.

        2. Copyright License For Worldwide Reproduction:
        You receive a Copyright License for Worldwide Reproduction &
        Distribution, allowing you to make unlimited copies of each
        title and market them for any price you want.  This license
        even permits you to resell the reprint rights to other

        3.  Strategic Marketing Guide:
        You also receive instant access to an entire marketing
        resource area that you can access 24 hours a day online
        through a Private Web Site inclduing:

             Dozens of proven, sample classified ads you can copy
             and use.

             A directory of over 3,000 newspapers where you can
             advertise (you can even reprint and sell this directory!)

             A list of ad-friendly Internet NewsGroups where you can
             post unlimited FREE advertisements.

             A list to over 4,000 Internet classified advertising
             sites where you can immediately start posting FREE and
             low-cost ads.

             AIS's sources for unlimited FREE email accounts and a
             special offer for setting up your own web site.

             How to get a fully functional, FREE email program that
             you can use to send out thousands of email messages at
             no cost!

        4. A "must-read" insider report titled "The 5 Golden Rules
        To Writing Killer Sales Letters":
        This special insider's marketing report reveals some of the
        best kept strategies and techniques used by the pros that
        will have you writing sales letters so powerful and persuasive,
        people won't be able to resist buying from you!

        The Electronic Marketing Business Kit provides you with
        everything you need to start your own high-income online
        business.   You'll even be able to recruit other dealers to
        sell the reports for you and pay them a commission on each
        sale they produce!

        The best part is... All orders come directly to you and you
        get to keep 100% of the profits!

        The million dollar question:

        You may thinking: "This sounds like a fantastic offer but
        how much is all this going to cost me?"

        You may have attended business opportunity seminars that
        charge $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 or more for this type of
        business... And they don't offer you half of what you receive
        with the Electronic Marketing Business Kit or any type of

        Even if you purchased these reports and manuals individually
        at just $1.00 each, you'd pay over $600.00!  Because of the
        unlimited earning potential, even this would be more than a
        fair price to pay because you know that you could quickly
        and easily make that back ten-fold!

        By placing your order now, you can have instant access to
        all the marketing materials contained in the the Electronic
        Marketing Business Kit online. AIS will then rush the actual
        CD to you by First Class mail. By acting now, you receive
        all this for a low, one-time investment of not $199.95 but

        5. Help... I'm Overwhelmed and Don't Know Where to Start!
        I'd like to share with you (with his permission) a letter I
        received from one of my subscribers this week:

        "Hi, I just subscribed to your email newsletter and I think
        it's great.  I've actually subscribed to around 10 of them
        so all the information is a little mind boggling.  But no
        matter what I read, I just don't have the creativity to
        start anything.  But really, I think the major blockage
        here is in not having my thoughts and ideas organized
        with a plan of action.  I was wondering if you could advise
        me after I ramble on here a bit.

        "I run a home daycare and have been in the child care field
        now for 19 years.  What I want to do since I stay at home
        and surf the web a lot while the children nap or play, is
        to start an online business.

        "Now I own 3 domain names.  One is the one that I'm setting
        aside for my life's story <Grin>, and for my child care
        advertisements, daycare handbook, and things made by the
        children to put out for show - their own web pages even.
        Then I own another but what to do with it is still a mystery
        to me.  I want to run a site that advertises child care,
        preschools, daycares, etc around the country.  There's a lot
        of those and they charge a bundle for a paragraph ad.  I
        want the providers to be able to put up their own page for
        a small fee - especially those without computers.  I want
        a section for the children themselves with online games,
        chats, fun links, etc..  To raise money to keep it up and
        maybe to put in my pocket, I'd put in banner ads throughout
        the site.  There'd be an email newsletter too for those who
        work with kids I guess.  And since I'm in Arizona, I bought
        another "local" domain name.  What to do with that is also
        a mystery.  I really have a concern for those who are local.
        I mean, who cares about chatting with someone in Maine if
        you live in Arizona and we'll never see each other.  This
        would be a local site.  I also believe that our local
        newspapers put very little of local news in their paper so
        I'd like to make an online newspaper for the people and by
        the people of Arizona.  Not just reporters and their biases.
        Then perhaps a child care section just for Arizona teachers
        and care providers?

        "Then there's all these affiliate programs and mlm's that
        I started signing up for but never touch.  I distribute
        Life Plus nutritional products and Discovery Toys.  I also
        distribute the Ameriplan dental plan.  And just recently
        I've become a SamAndy distributor of Y2K products - certain
        to be a big hit if I just do something with it - Now!

        "I'm just......., well, overwhelmed!  What should I do?
        Can I connect them all someway to the money making programs?

        "And I'm scared to death of being accused of spamming and
        having my internet provider cancel me without notice.  All
        that work being wasted.  I use AOL to dial up with, but
        I use Prohosting.com to host my web site.  I use a
        re-direction business to direct the other two domains to
        my main one.

        "My child care service is the love of my life.

        "I'm sorry for rambling on.  I just don't know how to start.
        It's the story of my life.  I've not finished anything I've
        started on lately.  I'm so stressed out with bills and my
        child care is no piece of cake either.  I'm 34 and halfway
        to death.

        "Would you advise me on all this?  Maybe I need a
        psychiatrist <Grin>.  My doctor says I suffer from
        depression and anxiety but I'm too busy with my work to be
        depressed.  Still, when I just stare at my web editor and
        produce nothing, I begin to wonder.  Any advice would be

        Rod in Arizona"

        Phew! I'm exhausted just THINKING about all that Rod has
        going on.  How many of you wish you had so many great ideas
        that you didn't know where to start?!

        I think Rod's letter is great because it describes exactly
        how so many of us have felt at one time or another.  The
        power of the internet to reach so many with so much is truly
        awesome.  But what it doesn't do is organize that
        information into a succinct, useful form.  It just throws
        all it has at us and it is up to us to sort through it all,
        hopefully make some sense of it and take away what we need
        to achieve what we want to achieve.  Easier said than done,

        Here's the advice I would give to Rod and to anyone else who
        is in a similar position.

        1. Do What You Love

        >>My child care service is the love of my life.<<

        Do you have a passion in your life?  Something you love to
        do, something you find totally engrossing?  If so, center
        your business around it!  If you love what you do, it will
        be a labor of love.  It will keep you going in the face of
        setbacks and discouragement.

        In Rod's case, his passion is his daycare center.  This is
        what he should focus his business efforts on.  If you love
        to cook, focus your business efforts something to do with
        cooking - a recipe service, a catering business, a menu
        planning service...   If you love to garden, start a
        landscaping business, a garden design consultancy service...
        If you love to write, start a publishing business and publish
        your own e-books, run an online writers' workshop, write
        articles and submit them to other internet publishers...
        You get the idea.

        2. Focus

        >>But really, I think the major blockage here is in not
        having my thoughts and ideas organized with a plan of action.<<

        Once you have identified the one thing you love to do above
        all else, then focus on it.  Do not allow yourself to be
        distracted by all the other "wonderful" opportunities out
        there.  If they strike your fancy, make a note of them
        somewhere so you can go back and look at them further at a
        later date.  For now, focus just on one business idea.

        In Rod's case, this is his child care business and NOT Y2K
        products, dental plans and nutritional products!  Put the
        Y2K, dental and nutritional product opportunities to the
        side for now.  They are nothing but a distraction.  Also put
        the local Arizona site and the national database/advertising
        site on hold too until the main business is up and running.
        There is no need to stop at one business after all!  But
        start and finish getting the first business off the ground
        before you worry about anything else.

        3. Concept

        >>Now I own 3 domain names.  One is the one that I'm setting
        aside for my life's story <Grin>, and for my child care
        advertisements, daycare handbook, and things made by the
        children to put out for show - their own web pages even.<<

        This is a GREAT concept!  Rod already has a daycare business
        he runs from his home.  Why not extend that business online?
        One way would be for Rod to set up a website relating to
        childcare generally.  He could have an ideas page for parents
        and carers looking for activities and games to occupy little
        minds and hands during school vacations, a section for
        articles, a reference library with links to books that
        parents and carers would find relevant, he could have a
        reviews section for children's television programs, a Kids'
        Corner for "his" children's webpages, a classified ads
        section, a What We Do section etc. etc..  The possibilities
        are endless.

        4.  Related Products

        >>Then there's all these affiliate programs and mlm's that
        I started signing up for but never touch.  I distribute
        Life Plus nutritional products and Discovery Toys.  I also
        distribute the Ameriplan dental plan.  And just recently
        I've become a SamAndy distributor of Y2K products - certain
        to be a big hit if I just do something with it - Now!  ...
        Can I connect them all someway to the money making programs?<<

        Short answer, NO.  Most people who come to visit your
        website will do so because they have found you in a search
        engine or a directory.  They found you by entering certain
        keywords or looking you up in a particular classification.
        Why on earth would someone who has looked up "day care
        centers" and found you, be interested in Life Plus
        nutritional supplements?  You may find the odd visitor also
        happens to have an interest in such products but you
        shouldn't expect many.  On the other hand, it's a fair bet
        that a good proportion WOULD be interested in Discovery Toys,
        being products that are related to the subject matter of
        the site they have sought out.

        The point, then, is that you don't just go out there and
        sign up for every affiliate program you come across.  To
        market a few select affiliate programs properly takes a lot
        of time and effort.  You don't have enough of either to
        waste on products that aren't going to net you a decent
        return.  Don't bother.  If you're in a day care business,
        sign up for affiliate programs relating to children, child
        care and the parents and carers of children.  Such products
        would include toys, games, activities such as camps, books
        on child care, children's books etc..  Your visitors
        already have an interest in such products.  Your chances
        of selling these products to them are much greater than your
        chances of selling them products to do with Y2K or dental

        5.  Ethical Business Practices

        >>And I'm scared to death of being accused of spamming and
        having my internet provider cancel me without notice.  All
        that work being wasted.<<

        The greatest asset you will ever own in your business is
        your good name and reputation. Spend any time online at all
        and you will quickly learn there are PLENTY of get-rich-quick
        con-artists out there who will use every trick in the book
        to get people to part with their hard-earned money.  These
        people will not be around for very long.  Unfortunately
        there are plenty lining up right behind them to take their
        place.  Set yourself apart.  DO NOT succumb to what might
        appear to be a quick way to make a buck such as SPAMMING
        (this is sending unsolicited commercial email to every email
        address you come across).  All you will do is irritate a
        LOT of people, wind up with a LOT of complaints and face the
        very real prospect of your Internet Service Provider shutting
        you down.  It is also ILLEGAL in many areas of the world,
        including many States in the U.S..

        Online business is no different from any other sort of
        business.  You just have a huge market and a more powerful
        way of reaching it than ever before in our history.  Lay the
        foundation of your business by offering real VALUE to your
        customers, develop an ongoing RELATIONSHIP with them and FIX
        any problems that come up along the way.  Follow sound
        business practices and you will be well on the way to
        establishing a solid, long-term business investment.

        6. Guest Article - Top Five Time Management Mistakes
        By Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

        In my thirty years as a Time Management speaker and
        consultant, I have observed a lot of what we can and should
        not do to increase our daily result. Time management is not
        necessarily working "harder", but rather, "smarter".

        And to get accomplish significantly more in our days, we
        need not increase our efforts. As an example, in a horserace,
        the first horse may earn a $50,000 purse and the second
        horse may earn a $25,000 purse. The first horse gets twice
        as much money as the second horse, not because it ran twice
        as far or twice as fast. It was only a "nose ahead" of the

        So it is with our daily results. We need not run twice as
        fast or put in twice the effort to significantly increase
        our daily success. We only need to be a "nose ahead" of
        where we already are. We are all productive in our days.
        We would not survive the demands of this world if we were
        not. The real challenge is how much more productive can we

        And, a lot of our time management has to do with more of
        what we are not doing rather than what we are doing.
        Sometimes our mistakes and omissions will keep us from
        running at a full pace.

        Here are the Top Five Time Management Mistakes we should
        all avoid to help us to increase our daily success both on
        and off the job, in less time and with less stress.

        1. Start your day without a plan of action.

        You will begin your day by responding to the loudest
        voice (the squeaky wheel gets the grease) and spend it in
        a defensive mode, responding to other people's and events'
        demands. The tail will wag the dog. If there is a void of
        leadership in your time management life, someone will fill
        that void, not that others are bad people, but others will
        take all of your time if you let them. You will have worked
        hard but may not have done enough of right things. Time
        Management is not doing the wrong things quicker. That just
        gets us nowhere faster. Time Management is doing the right

        2. Get out of balance in your life.

        Our lives are made up of Seven Vital Areas: Health, Family,
        Financial, Intellectual, Social, Professional, and Spiritual.
        We will not necessarily spend time every day in each area or
        equal amounts of time in each area. But if in the long run,
        we spend a sufficient quantity and quality of time in each
        area, our lives will be in balance. But if we neglect any
        one area, never mind two or three, we will eventually
        sabotage our success. Much like a table, if one leg is
        longer than the rest, it will make the entire table wobbly.
        If we don't take time for health, our family life and social
        life are hurt. If our financial area is out of balance, we
        will not be able to focus adequately on our professional
        goals, etc.

        3. Work with a messy desk or work area.

        Studies have shown that the person who works with a messy
        desk spends, on average, one and a half hours per day
        looking for things or being distracted by things. That's
        seven and a half hours per week. ("Out of sight-out of mind."
        And the reverse of that is true too, "In sight, in mind").
        And, it's not a solid block of an hour and a half, but a
        minute here and a minute there, and like a leaky hot water
        faucet, drip, drip, drip, it doesn't seem like a major loss,
        but at the end the day, we're dumping gallons of hot water
        down the drain that we are paying to heat. If you have ever
        visited the office of a top manager, typically, that person
        is working with a clean desk environment. Many would attribute
        this practice to that person's access to other staff members.
        While there may be some truth in that conclusion, in most
        cases, if we went back some years in that person's career,
        they probably were working with a clean desk back then which
        gave them the focus they needed to become promoted to where
        they are today.

        4. Don't get enough sleep.

        Studies show that nearly 75% of us complain on a regular
        basis, all throughout our days, that we are flat-out tired.
        For most people, they get the quantity of sleep, but they
        lack the quality of sleep.  Their days are filled with so
        much stress, they are out of control, working harder but
        maybe not smarter, that it's difficult to get a full night's
        sleep. (For some, they simply do not allow for a sufficient
        quantity of sleep.) If you will plan your day, then work your
        plan, you will get more done, feel a higher sense of
        accomplishment, and experience less stress and enjoy a more
        restful night's sleep.

        5. Don't take a lunch break.

        Many do not take a lunch break, working through that time
        period in the hope that it will give them more time to
        produce results. Studies have shown it may work just the
        opposite. After doing what we do for several hours, we start
        to "dull out". Sure, we can work through lunch and be
        productive, but that is not the issue. The issue is "how much
        more" productive we can be. A lunch break, even a short
        fifteen minute break, gives us a chance to get our batteries
        all charged up again to more effectively handle the
        afternoon's challenges. We are then less likely to
        procrastinate a few of those difficult tasks that, in the
        long run, will make a positive difference in our personal

        If these ideas were helpful, we have prepared an additional
        checklist entitled, "Top Five Best Time Management Practices".
        It's free. If you would like a copy, email your request for

        Would you like to receive free Timely Time Management Tips
        on a regular basis to increase your personal productivity
        and get more out of every day?  Sign up now for our free
        http://www.topica.com/lists/timemanagement and select
        "subscribe". We welcome you aboard!

        Dr. Donald E. Wetmore-Professional Speaker
        Productivity Institute
        Time Management Seminars
        60 Huntington St., P.O. Box 2126
        Shelton, CT 06484
        (800) 969-3773
        (203) 929-9902
        Fax: (203) 929-8151
        Professional Member-National Speakers Association

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        on your website.

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        8. News Digest
        -> Net-based businesses offering incentives to attract
        consumers (Sacramento Bee)

        -> E-Mail for the Harried (Newsweek)

        -> At-Home Women Are Japan's Top Web Surfers (cnnfn.com)

        -> Net's First Virtual GiftBasket Service Launches
        Like the old welcome wagon concept, but over the
        Internet, homeGoodies gift baskets cost nothing either
        to send or receive.

        -> MCI WorldCom Outage Is Bigger Than Reported
        MCI WorldCom has been underplaying the magnitude of its
        Frame Relay network outage, according to its customers, who
        have spoken to technicians in MCI WorldCom's own support

        -> Voice Recognition Goes Mainstream
        SpeechWorks International has prepared a speech-recognition
        applications package that will let companies put a voice
        front end on corporate data servers without having to enlist
        the services of a speech technology expert.

        -> >Qwest, MCI Discount Services
        Qwest Communications has done a big  cannonball into the
        free Internet access/long distance pool, joining what could
        turn into a throng of other carriers swimming in these
        increasingly agitated waters.

        -> My Yahoo Goes Corporate
        Hewlett-Packard and Yahoo on Tuesday announced a partnership
        that will help businesses build individual company portals
        or "employee hubs", where they can access Internet services.
        The new service will be called Corporate My Yahoo.

        -> Online Postage Licks Hurdles
        Stamps.com and E-Stamp on Monday received approval from the
        U.S. Postal Service to sell stamps on the Internet. It is
        the first time in 80 years any company is allowed to offer a
        new form of postage.

        9. Interactive Forum
        This week's topic:  Why did you decide to work from home
        and what have been your greatest challenges?

        Thanks to subscriber Diane Knoll for this contribution:

        I began looking into working from home about 10 years ago,
        after finishing college. I had been working regular jobs and
        found that there was always some sort of stress factor that
        really stifled my spirit. I knew that at some point I wanted
        to have a baby, and had no intention of leaving him in daycare
        for 40 or more hours a week. I hated waking up at the crack
        of dawn, driving through traffic and making money for someone
        else, but not making much for myself. The biggest difficulty
        I have had in working from home was actually deciding WHAT
        it was I wanted to do. I have a wide variety of skills and
        interests, and come up with many new business ideas all the
        time, but couldn't decide exactly where my niche was.

        I toyed around with some of the home business "opportunities"
        based solely on the idea of making money, but not
        necessarily being passionate about these ideas. I ordered
        the HUD tracer handbook and the "Make Money Reading Books",
        spending from $25-$40 on booklets that were actually worth
        about $5. While these particular businesses are not scams,
        they really play more on people's desire to make money; and
        although I enjoy reading books very much, the information
        found in this slim booklet can easily be found in library
        books or online.

        In 1995, I went online and began learning web site design.
        I learned enough about computers to start my own computer
        training and web design business 2 years later. The market
        was there and the business was good, but I became pregnant
        and knew I wasn't going to want to go to people's homes, or
        have time to work on web sites, after the baby was born;
        I also didn't have much outside help from family or friends
        in Nashville where he was born. During this time, I was
        selling pressed flowers and related crafts online, and had
        developed a nice site that still draws a small, but very
        specific, niche of people interested in this (which I'm
        closing down soon to focus on my new business).

        Since my baby was born a little over a year ago, I felt even
        more pressure to get something going. I found some easy work
        that helped pay the bills submitting e-mail addresses to a
        company called Resumeblaster. The money was very good, and
        I could work in short bursts, but the site I used to get most
        of my e-mails from changed its focus and it became impossible
        to continue at the same level. About 3 months ago, I had the
        idea that I was not the only one having difficulty working
        from home, and decided to help other women who might be in a
        similar situation as me. I developed a survey for them to
        take online, and offer personalized assistance in breaking
        through whatever is holding them back from working at home.
        I've only just gotten started with it, but the feedback I
        have gotten from those who have taken the survey has been
        incredible and has inspired me to continue to grow this
        business. I love helping others solve problems, and I can
        easily see what they need from an unbiased point of view.

        Besides trying to figure out what I wanted to do, my biggest
        challenge has been to find adequate time to work with a very
        active toddler. My husband has had difficulty understanding
        how hard it is to raise a baby all day and get even a little
        housework done, much less make some money. I tend to use free
        moments (i.e. when not with the baby) for business, rather
        than housework, so my husband and I have had to make some
        changes in the way we do things. One person just can't do
        the job of raising one or more kids, tending the house,
        meals and errands, AND running a small business (even part-
        time). This doesn't even take into consideration the alone
        time that I need to replenish my spirit.

        I have recently moved closer to my Mom, and am able to get
        more help during the day than previously. At 15 months, my
        son is also sleeping longer hours at night. I've changed
        some of my views about daycare, and seeing how social he is,
        when he gets closer to age 2, I plan to put him in an
        enrichment program, like Montessori, 10-15 hours a week.
        This will give me time to work, and will give him the social
        stimulation that he really needs in a setting that I feel
        confident with.

        There are many more challenges that I face, but these are
        the primary ones.  I'll save those for another time since
        this has gotten rather long!

        A very helpful book for those who can't decide what to do:
        "I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was" by Barbara

        ResumeBlaster still hires independent researchers (and also
        has many recruiters with available telecommuting positions):

        My new (but rapidly growing) site, WaveGuide Consulting, has
        free resources, as well as the Work From Home Evaluation. Join
        the mailing list for the chance to win a FREE evaluation!

        I hope this helps!

        Diane Knoll
        Work From Home
        Evaluations Director
        Empower yourself with a Personalized
        Work From Home Evaluation

        WaveGuide Consulting Helps You Work From Home!

        Next week's Forum topic:

        Earlier we heard from Rod from Arizona who wrote of feeling
        overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin in organizing his
        various business ideas.  Have you had a similar experience?
        If so, write and tell me about it. 


        10. This Week's Web Site Pick

        12.  Subscription Management

        13.  Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
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