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            June 12

             Sent to 4,930 subscribers

          Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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           IN THIS ISSUE

        1.   Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.   Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Apartment
        3.   Feature Article - Promote or Die
        4.   Web Watch - This 'n That
        5.   Pro-Motion Column
        6.   AHBBO Build Your Own Website Tutorial - Part 2:
          HTML, HTML Editors and Getting Started with
          Netscape Composer
        7.   Free E-Book of the Week - E-Commerce Primer
        8.   Subscriber Q&A - "Unlimited" ISP Plans
        9.   This Week's Subscriber Web Site Pick - Online
          Counseling For  Women and Women in Transition:
          Standing at the Threshold
        12. Subscription Management
        14. Contact Information

        1. Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue!

        Effective this issue AHBBO is switching to a Monday
        publication date.  So look out for it at the beginning of your
        working week from now on.

        This week is week 2 of the AHBBO "Build Your Own Website
        Tutorial".  This week we cover HTML (no, you do NOT need
        to know HTML to build your own website), HTML editors
        and we get started using Netscape Composer, a free HTML
        editor.  If you missed last week's instalment, it's still
        available by autoresponder.  Details in segment 6.

        Here's something for those of you who are work-at-home
        moms:  fellow subscriber Angela Smith of Home Working Mom
        (http://www.HomeWorkingMom.com) contacted me this week
        to let me know about a great opportunity for mompreneurs with
        web-based businesses.  The Mompreneurs, Ellen Parlapiano
        and Pat Cobe, co-authors of the popular book, "Mompreneurs:
        A Mother's Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Work-At-Home
        Success" are now working on their follow-up book which will
        be published in 2001 and will focus on mothers with Internet
        businesses (both product- and service-based).

        They are looking for mompreneurs with web-based businesses
        ... anything from e-commerce sites to virtual assistants to
        on-line teaching, publishing or personal services, to participate
        in their research.  If you're a mompreneur and interested in a
        great opportunity to get some free publicity, check out the
        survey that's available at http://www.HomeWorkingMom.com .

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.

        Remember, this ezine is for YOU! If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
        questions and stories to Contact By Email .

        2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Apartment

        Ever moved to a new city and tried to find an apartment before
        you got there?  Well, that's what I've been doing this afternoon
        from the other side of the world.  Yes, there are plenty of
        online databases where you can enter your search criteria and
        get a list of apartments, but unless you're on the ground, how
        are you supposed to nab one?  And one that will welcome pets,
        while we're at it?

        Ah ha!, I thought to myself, I'll just find myself an apartment
        locator to do the legwork for me!  So off I went to Alta Vista,
        typed in "apartment locators +Los Angeles" and what did I get?
        The same databases I'd already found on my own.  Same
        problem with "relocation consultants", "apartment finders"
        and any of the half dozen or so other search terms I entered.

        Where, oh where, are the personal apartment locators who will
        take my criteria, pound the pavements and find me an
        apartment? Here I was, ready to pay someone to do the job
        but where are they to be found?  After a good two hours of
        searching, beats me!  Surely it's a major market ... thousands
        of people move from one side of the country to the other every

        I'm sure there are many people out there like me who would
        just like to give someone a set of criteria and pay them to
        go find them an apartment!  So why not meet the need by
        starting your own home-based apartment locating service?

        All you would need is a car to start.  There is any number of
        online searchable rental databases so getting apartment listings
        is easy enough.  You would just have to physically inspect the
        apartment to see whether it fits with your client's criteria and
        secure it for them.

        It would be a good idea to be set up to take photos of the
        apartment and surrounds, scan them and email them to your
        client for approval.  But once you have the go-ahead from the
        client, you could then negotiate and sign the lease as your
        client's agent and you're done.  From the landlord's point of
        view, you would obviously have to be in a position to facilitate
        credit checks and provide references also.

        This is an ideal internet business, as well.  Often you will be
        dealing with clients from other parts of the country or, with
        clients like me, from other parts of the world.  These people
        are naturally going to start their search for you on the internet
        so allow yourself to be found.

        Of course, logical extension of an apartment locating service
        would be a furnishing service as well.  I'm sure you can see
        the possibilities for yourself.




        Virtual Relocation
        => http://www.moving.com

        This site has links to many online searchable rental

        Tried to find some books on the subject, without success.
        There is either no market for this service, which I find VERY
        hard to believe, or there is an enormous opportunity just
        there for the taking.


        There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
        Business Ideas page at
        and Online Business Ideas page at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        3. Feature Article - Promote or Die

        Copyright © 2017 by Elena Fawkner

        "Whew!  Thank heavens THAT's finally done", you contentedly
        think to yourself as you sit back in your chair after checking
        the final link in the brand new website you've been laboring over
        day and night for the past three months and have just uploaded
        to your webhost's server.  "Now I can relax."

        That's just so CUTE!   Actually ... I have a confession to make.
        That's what I thought when I finished my first website too.  I
        naively assumed that all the search engines indexed every single
        site on the web automatically and that all I had to do was upload
        my site and ... voila!  Instant traffic.  I wish!

        It doesn't work like that, sorry.  "Build it and they will come",
        you thought?  Uh uh.  No.  They won't.  You and your webhost
        are the only ones who know your site exists and, let's face it,
        your webhost doesn't really care so long as you pay your
        hosting fees every month.

        So, now that your website is officially "out there", the real
        work of making its presence known can start.  And, as you
        will see, this is a never-ending process so you need a plan
        and a strategy.

        To begin with, you need to do your initial submission work.
        Once that's done, you need to have a systematic, organized
        method of ensuring your site continues to draw traffic.  Here's
        how to do it:


        Before you do anything else, create a text file and call it
        "Promotion Toolkit" or something like that.  Enter into this file
        a list of all of your webpages and set up columns for: Engine/
        Directory Submitted To, Date Last Submitted, Next Submission
        Date.  In the same file, create descriptions of varying lengths
        for your site.  I suggest word lengths of 10, 15, 25, 35, 50, 75
        and 100.  Do the same for the purpose of your site.  Later,
        when you start publishing your own ezine, create descriptions
        for that too.  Also write a website announcement and keep a
        record of keywords that you think site visitors will enter into
        the search engine when looking for sites similar to yours.

        You will find your Promotion Toolkit to be invaluable when
        submitting your site to search engines, directories,
        announcement lists and all the various other places you will
        be listing your site.  By taking the time to create powerful,
        effective descriptions and announcements, you will save an
        enormous amount of time when actually submitting your site
        because you can just copy and paste the information from
        your Promotion Toolkit.


        There are two major things you need to do initially: submit
        your site to the major search engines and list it with all the
        online directories you can find.

        => Submitting to the Search Engines

        Your very first task after creating your Promotion Toolkit is to
        submit your site to all the major search engines.  Now, when
        creating your website you did, of course, first learn about
        principles of webdesign and the importance of meta tags and
        the like for search engine positioning, right?  If not, I suggest
        you do this now BEFORE submitting your site.  Perhaps the
        best resource currently available is Ken Evoy's "Make Your
        Site Sell".  If you don't have it, get it.*

        There are hundreds of so-called "search engines".  In reality,
        only a handful are worth the effort of securing a decent ranking.
        These are:

        Alta Vista - http://www.altavista.com
        Excite - http://www.excite.com
        Hotbot - http://www.hotbot.com
        Lycos - http://www.lycos.com
        Northern Light - http://www.northernlight.com
        Web Crawler - http://www.webcrawler.com
        Yahoo - http://www.yahoo.com

        There are a few other major players out there but these are
        the "big 8".

        => Submitting to the Directories

        In addition to search engines, there are hundreds of directories
        where you should list your site.  Space does not permit listing
        them here so I recommend you visit Virtual Promote, a
        brilliant site with links to virtually every promotion point on the
        web today.  It will take you a long time to submit to all the
        directories listed there but just work at it and eventually you'll
        get there.  It's at .  It was this
        site that advised setting up a Promotional Toolkit.  One of the
        best pieces of advice I ever took.


        OK, so you've taken care of your initial submission work.
        Let's turn now to what you need to do on an ongoing basis
        to get and keep traffic flowing to your site.  Again, space
        doesn't permit a detailed treatment of all of these strategies.
        They're intended just as thought starters.

        => Ezine

        The single most important thing you can do for the long-term
        viability of your website is create an ezine.  This keeps your
        site uppermost in your readers' minds, reminds them it and you
        exist, who you are and why they should do business with you.
        You don't have to make your ezine the central plank of your
        business as I do.  You can, instead, just use it as an adjunct
        to your website; a way of staying in touch with your site visitors.

        For a really great site to help you get started, visit Kate Schultz'
        EzineZ.com - http://www.e-zinez.com .

        => Write Articles

        This is an amazingly effective way of generating traffic to your
        website and subscribers to your ezine.  Every time you write
        an article for your ezine, submit it to the various article
        databases that exist for this purpose.  Other ezine publishers
        are always on the lookout for good content and if they
        publish your article (complete with your byline and site details)
        you will enjoy traffic and subscribers as a result.

        Some good starting points for article submissions include:


        Idea Marketers - http://www.ignitepoint.com
        Ezine Articles - http://www.ezinearticles.com (another gem
        from Kate Schultz)
        Find Your Dream - http://www.findyourdream.com

        Announcement Lists:

        Publish In Yours -
        Free Content -

        => Doorway Pages

        These are webpages you create with a specific search engine's
        algorithms in mind.  Essentially, it's a webpage optimized for a
        particular search engine (configured to meet the search engine's
        criteria for keyword density, title, description etc.) and submitted
        to that search engine only.  The webpage includes a link to your

        What happens is that the doorway page, because it can be easily
        optimized to be attractive to specific search engines, ranks well
        and therefore the websurfer selects it from the search engine
        results.  The doorway page is called up but immediately diverts
        the surfer to your main site.

        Be aware, though, that the search engines are aware of this
        practice and some are penalizing for it.

        I recommend you bookmark Search Engine Watch to stay
        abreast of this issue and also to stay current with various
        search engines' general preferences which seem to change
        on a daily basis: http://www.searchenginewatch.com .

        => Ezine Advertising/Ad Swaps

        Your promotional strategy should also include paid advertising
        in ezines.  If you also publish your own ezine, don't forget to
        do some ad swapping with other ezine publishers.

        For a directory of ezines that accept advertising, check out:

        The Directory of Ezines - http://www.lifestylespub.com
        The Free Directory of Ezines -


        => Free Classifieds and FFA Links

        Opinion is divided on how effective placing ads at the free
        classified sites really is.  Personally, I've found that it's not
        worth the effort, particularly when you consider that by
        submitting to these sites you become an immediate target
        for spam.  But, others claim to have success with it, so by
        all means, give it a go.

        Some of the most popular sites include:

        Yahoo Classifieds - http://classifieds.yahoo.com
        Adland Pro - http://www.web-source.net/adlandpro.htm
        Web Sitings -
        Small Biz FFA - http://www.smallbizffa.net

        Submitting your site to the FFA (Free For All) sites won't do
        much for you in direct terms.  The reason to submit to these
        sites is that they boost the number of sites the search engines
        record as "linking" to yours and this can boost your ranking
        with some engines.  Be prepared for a DELUGE of mail back
        from these sites.  You'll need to set up email filters to handle

        => Invite Referrals

        Give your site visitors and ezine subscribers a way to
        recommend your site and ezine to others.  Recommend It is .

        => Fresh Content

        Update your website content frequently to give visitors
        something to come back for.  Invite site visitors to leave you
        their email address so you can notify them when your site

        => Keyword Bidding

        GoTo.com is one of a new breed of search engines that allows
        you to bid on key words to improve your ranking.  At present,
        this is a ridiculously cheap way of ensuring a good ranking so
        it's worth thinking about.  Some keywords can be had for as
        little as $0.01 per visitor.  This means you pay GoTo.com
        one cent for every visitor they send you: .

        => Reciprocal Links

        Contact webmasters of complementary but not competitive
        sites and ask if they will swap links with you.

        => Discussion Boards, Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

        Constructively participate in discussion boards, newsgroups
        and mailing lists relevant to the subject matter of your site.
        Include a link to your site and/or ezine in your sig file.

        => Joint Ventures

        Enter into joint ventures with other websites and/or ezines.
        This could be as simple as cross-promoting each others'
        ezines on your "Thank You For Subscribing" page or
        something grander such as getting together to promote a
        new product or service you have both developed for the purpose.

        => Press Releases

        There are several good press release services available.
        Here's just two:

        Canada One, a free interactive press release builder -

        Gebbie Press - links to print and electronic media on the

        See what I mean about your work just starting?  Hopefully
        you can also see why everyone keeps telling you that you
        need to spend 80% of your time on marketing!

        Running a business online is no different to running a
        business offline when it comes to marketing and promotion.
        Both require planning, diligence and application, day in, day

        That's where the real work of running an online business
        comes in.  It's not the website -- that's necessary but not
        sufficient.  It's your website coupled with hours of work
        promoting it that makes your business a success.

        One without the other will relegate you to the scrapheap of
        wannabes - all 95% of them.  Don't let yourself be one of
        the 95% who never make it.  By getting the foundation (your
        website) right and then constantly and effectively promoting it
        using all of the methods outlined in this article (as well as your
        own brilliant ideas, of course) you stand a very good chance
        of securing your place among the 5% of online businesses that
        actually do make it.


        **Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
        This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you
        use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
        and (2) you leave the resource box intact. To receive a copy
        of this article by autoresponder, just send a blank email to

        4. Web Watch - This 'n That

        For a change of pace from the rather weighty subjects in this
        segment over the past few weeks, here's a few snippets that
        landed in my inbox this week:

        => WorldWideScam.com
        Found a great site exposing scams worldwide.  Check to
        make sure that program you're thinking of joining is not listed
        here before you sign on the dotted line:

        => New Top Level Domain Available
        Your preferred name.com already taken?  You could get
        preferred name.ws instead.  Beware of infringing others'
        trademarks though.  Get a .ws (world site) domain at

        => Choosing a Domain Name
        Here's a great site that will help you choose an available or
        for-sale domain name just by entering keywords.  I typed in
        "health".  I could have registered the available "healthtec.com"
        on the spot.  Brilliant!  http://www.nameboy.com

        => Download AudioBooks
        From the press release: "Multinational eBook seller
        MP3audiobooks.com released forty new Business
        MP3audiobooks featuring the three all-time bestselling
        audiobook authors; Denis Waitley (The Psychology of
        Winning for the 21st Century), Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits
        of Highly Effective People), Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy On

        5. Pro-Motion Column - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"

        by jl scott, ph.d., Director, IAPO

        Q. I'm thinking of switching to an email program that will
        allow me to personalize my ezine for each subscriber. Will this
        really make me seem more professional? (Bonnie)

        A. This is a subject with pros and cons on both sides. In my
        opinion, it will make you seem more professional only if you do
        it like a professional.

        If you send me an ezine that greets me with my name - yes,
        that's professional. However, if you sprinkle my name all
        through the ezine - that's another story. I personally find
        this downright irritating.

        Why? I believe the publisher must always respect the

        It's common knowledge that email programs which personalize
        are being used more and more. That's good! It has its place.

        However, most people are also aware now that you are NOT
        sending a truly personal email. It can make you look as if you
        are trying to fool them - and they are not fooled. This, in turn,
        makes you look foolish and as if you have no respect for your
        subscriber's intelligence.

        By all means - use personalization. But - use it sparingly and
        with good sense. Don't insult your subscribers with over-use.
        Then, YOU won't look like the amateur you may be assuming
        them to be.

        * To submit questions to "Pro-motion"

        jl scott, ph.d., Author
        Copyright © 2017, All Rights Reserved

        This article may be reprinted with permission by including the
        following resource box:


        dr. jl scott is the Director of the International Association for
        Professionalism Online (IAPO) - and
        also the publisher of MONDAY MEMO! - the ezine dedicated
        to upgrading Professionalism on the Web. For your FREE


        6. Build Your Own Website Tutorial - Part 2 - Creating Your
        First Webpage

        Before we get started with this week's instalment, a number of
        people contacted me following last week's instalment, confused
        about exactly what they should be downloading from Netscape.
        Go to http://www.netscape.com and click on "Downloads" at
        the top of the page.  What you want is Communicator 4.73.
        If you prefer to use Internet Explorer as your broswer, you can
        still do that.  Just be sure that when Netscape asks you whether
        you want to make Communicator/Netscape your default browser,
        answer "no".

        Now, onto this week's instalment.  This week we're looking at
        HTML.  What is it, do you need to know it for this tutorial (no),
        HTML editors and getting started with Netscape Composer
        (an HTML editor).

        To receive instalment 2 by autoresponder, just click here:

        => To receive previous instalments:

        Week 1 -

        => Next week:

        Part 3 - Fonts, Images and Linking

        7. Free E-Book of the Week

        => E-Commerce Primer
        What you need to know to start profiting from E-Commerce.


        If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
        visit for many more freebies like

        8. Subscriber Q&A  - "Unlimited" ISP Plans

        Dear Elena,

        How does one run a home-based Internet business and remain
        connected for several hours a day? Already my ISP is
        complaining about excessive hours, even though I am subscribed
        to an unlimited use plan.

        I am in the process of promoting my Internet business. As you
        well know, submitting to search engines, posting on message
        boards, FFAs and classifieds take many hours.

        Are you supposed to just hurry and try to get your work done
        quickly, knowing that the meter is running all the time?

        I really would like to know how other Internet home business
        owners do it.


        Tom Crowe

        P.S. I bought my Cash Cow Marketing System through your
        website. I am enjoying working with it and have learned a great
        deal about marketing on the Internet.


        Tom sent me copies of the email exchanges between himself
        and his ISP and I have also reviewed the terms of service and
        acceptable use policy of Tom's ISP.

        Here's what happened:

        Tom received an email from his ISP because it came to their
        attention that Tom's usage for the current billing period had
        exceeded 300 hours.  The ISP reminded Tom of its terms of
        service which stated that it was prohibited to offer a public
        information service such as a web server or FTP server.  The
        ISP's concern was that Tom was perhaps maintaining a
        permanent connection because he was providing some sort of
        public server service.

        Their email then went on to state that: "We are reviewing
        accounts with extraordinarily high usage levels to ensure that
        they comply with these terms of service.  If you are _actively_
        using your account for all of the hours shown above, this letter
        is not intended for you."

        As Tom was actively using his account for all of the hours he
        was logged on, he was therefore compliant with his ISP's terms
        of service.

        However, Tom took issue with the email because his
        understanding was that he had an "unlimited" plan.  This led
        to an interesting exchange with his ISP from which it emerged
        that "unlimited" referred to access, not usage.  In other words,
        he had unlimited access to the service in that he was permitted
        to dial in any time and actively use the ISP's service.  There
        was no limitation on when or where Tom could connect.

        This, the ISP went on to explain, was not the case for usage
        and quoted from the terms of service: "Members agree not to
        use any automatic method to avoid inactivity disconnect or to
        otherwise maintain a connection unless actively using it.
        Members agree not to provide any public information services
        over a dial-up connection.  ...  The Services are intended for
        periodic, active use of email, newsgroups, file transfers,
        Internet chat, games and browsing the World Wide Web.
        Members may stay connected so long as they are actively
        using that connection for the above purposes.  Members may
        not use the Services on a standby or inactive basis in order to
        maintain a connection."

        Now, to my mind that's fair enough (this ISP offers permanent
        connections for public server purposes) and I think Tom's OK
        because he is actively using the service for all the time he's

        Tom's email does, however, highlight the important difference
        between usage and access when it comes to ISP services.
        Be sure to read the terms of service and acceptable use
        policy carefully before signing up for any ISP, particularly if
        you intend to maintain a connection for lengthy periods of time.


        If YOU have a question for the Q&A segment, send it along! .

        9. This Week's Subscriber Web Site Pick - Online Counseling
        For Women and Women in Transition: Standing at the Threshold


        Submitted by subscriber Brenda Kofford, the first site is
        an online counseling service for women in recovery and

        The second, Women in Transition: Standing at the Threshold,
        is an information/referral site supported by the Women in
        Transition Online Store. These commercial stores help
        support this information/referral site. Submit a link to be
        included in the Information/Referral Directory for Women.


        I intend to feature AHBBO subscribers' sites in this segment
        for the next few weeks at least.  I've received a grand total of
        about four submissions in the past two weeks.  COME ON,
        there's almost 5,000 of you!  I can't believe there aren't hundreds
        of you out there who'd like your site seen by 5,000 pairs of eyes.
        So get off your rear end and tell me about your site!  But make
        sure it's one you have created or have had created especially
        for you.  No self-replicating affiliate sites please.


        12. Subscription Management

        To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:
        Home Business Newsletter

        To UNSUBSCRIBE from this Newsletter:

        If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
        in its entirety to your friends, family and associates!

        14. Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
        Contact By Email


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        All Rights Reserved

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