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           March 31

            Sent to 3,989 subscribers

          Editor: Elena Fawkner
          Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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          IN THIS ISSUE

        1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
        2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Debt
        3.  Feature Article - For the Last Time ... There Is No
          Magic Wand!
        4.  Program Update - The AHBBO Cash Cow Club
        5.  Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 10 - The Exclusive
          Mailing Debate
        6.  Pro-motion Column - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"
        7.  Freebies
        8.  Subscriber Q&A
        10.     This Week's Web Site Pick
        11.     Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online
        13.     Subscription Management
        15.     Contact Information

        1. Welcome and Update from the Editor

        Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us this week!

        Following last week's Cash Cow program review I was
        inundated with enquiries.  In response to the experiences of
        some of you who signed up for the Cash Cow program, I'm
        delighted to announce the introduction of a new service for
        those of you wanting to start your own Cash Cow business.
        Read about the new AHBBO Cash Cow Club in segment 4.

        As promised, the long-promised AHBBO Articles Collection
        is now available in ebook format.  It's in this week's freebie
        section at segment 7.

        This week's newsletter publishing tutorial instalment addresses
        the vexed exclusive mailing issue.  It's at segment 5.  Next week
        is the last instalment of the tutorial.  Following that issue, the
        entire tutorial will be updated and compiled into an ebook for
        ease of reference.

        Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's issue.

        Remember, this newsletter is for YOU! If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
        questions and stories to Contact By Email

        2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Debt Collector

        As any small businessperson can attest, from time to time
        the situation arises where a client claims an inability to pay
        (or simply refuses).  Chasing clients for money is not exactly
        any small businessperson's idea of fun or a productive use of
        time.  Many people simply hate to ask people for money,
        even when it's money they've fully earned!  For this reason, there
        are many people out there who represent a potential market
        for a home-based debt collection business.

        True, there are plenty of large agencies out there who will
        chase debts on behalf of creditors but because these agencies
        work on volume, they simply don't have the time to spend
        working with individual debtors to agree on payment plans.
        And because they are often corporate behemoths they are
        not well geared for the collection of the smallish debts typically
        owed to small businesses.

        For these reason, a one-person debt collection business can
        fill a niche in the market.  If you have the right personality and
        enjoy working with people and helping them find solutions to
        their problems, you may be well suited to this role.

        Current growth areas are collections for unpaid child support
        (this may or may not be an area you want to get involved with
        though as emotions can run high), day-care and health-care.
        So target the proprietors of these sorts of small businesses
        in your area in addition to others that may be prevalent in
        your area.

        Your remuneration will may take the form of a fee-for-collection
        or a percentage of the amount recovered.

        Licenses are required in most states in the US and elsewhere
        in the world so be sure to check with your local regulatory
        authorities on the specific requirements for your location.  Also,
        in the US and other countries, this area is governed by
        legislation.  In the US, that legislation is the Federal Fair Debt
        Collection Practices Act
        (see http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/15/1692.html). In
        Australia it's covered by both state and federal law.  Visit
        Austlii for more information (http://www.austlii.edu.au).

        => Off-Web Resource:

        American Collectors Association
        4040 W. 70th Street
        Minneapolis, MN 55435
        (612) 926 6547

        => Web Resources:

        Collect More


        Dun & Bradstreet Free Tips

        Getting Paid

        => Books:

        Getting Paid
        by J. L. Spencer

        How to Collect Your Debts (and Still Keep Your Customers)
        by David Sher and Martin Sher

        On Your Own, North Carolina Small Claims Court: A Debt
        Collection Guide for Small Business
        by Mary Nixon

        There are literally squillions of titles on this subject.  Just
        do a search for "debt collecting" at Borders
        (http://www.barnesandnoble.com) or any of the online book retailers
        to order.


        There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
        Business Ideas page at
        and Online Business Ideas page at
        with more being added
        all the time.

        3. Feature Article:  For the Last Time ... There Is No Magic

        By Elena Fawkner

        "I'm looking for a program that will make me enough money
        so that I can quit my job.  I need about $2,000 a week.  I have
        to give a month's notice at work.  Will I be making that with
        your program by then?"

        "I just lost my job and I need to make a lot of money fast to
        pay off my debts.  How quickly can I make $35,000?"

        "I'm new to the internet.  Can I really make $200 a day with
        your program?"

        These are real extracts from three emails I received this week.
        This week was no different from any other week.  My
        respective responses to the above three were "no", "not" and
        "yes, eventually" (to paraphrase).  To each, I sent a lengthy
        response explaining what they should realistically expect to
        generate from each of the programs in question.  I didn't hear
        back from any of them.  No doubt they've given up or have
        moved on to someone who will tell them what they want to hear.

        I've lost count of the number of conversations like this I've
        had over the past months.  Too many.  I'm sick of the
        sound of my own voice, saying the same thing, over and
        over.  So, this article is a summary of all of the advice I
        keep giving over and over and is my response in advance to
        all future queries that fit the "how soon can I get rich" mold.

        1.  There Is No Such Thing As Get Rich Quick

        You will NOT make $50,000 in 60 days.  You will probably
        not make $50,000 in 600 days.  If you are very new to
        the internet you will be doing VERY well to make $500 in
        60 days.  But you probably won't even have worked out what
        you want to do before then anyway.  Some people don't
        EVER make enough money to cover their webhosting and
        ISP fees.

        2.  Your Computer Is Not An ATM, Nor Is Your Letterbox

        Your computer is not a money-spitting machine.  It is a
        tool for conducting your business.  Your business is something
        you create with your own hard work and ingenuity using the
        tools you have at your disposal and your own natural talent.
        Your business, if your hard work pays off, will generate income
        for you but cash will never spew forth from the CD ROM drive.

        Your letterbox is not an ATM either.  You will not go to your
        mailbox tomorrow morning and find a stack of cash in
        there either.  I don't care WHAT you've heard.

        3.  You Have To Work Every Day

        You will NOT make money while you sleep.  If you make
        hay while the sun shines you may wake many days later to
        find orders in your mailbox.  But those orders have come from
        your haymaking efforts, not by some process of osmosis
        while you were sleeping.

        4.  You Have to Sow Before You Can Reap

        You cannot reap what you have not sown.  You will NOT
        receive orders for your you-beaut internet rags to riches
        widget by slapping up a webpage with a link to your credit
        card processor.  You must invest real time and real
        effort into creating a real product that people are interested
        in acquiring and then you must let real people know that
        it exists.

        This is seriously hard work.  A self-replicating website
        and a few classified ads in half a dozen ezines does not
        equal real time and real effort and, often, it doesn't equal
        a real product either.

        5.  You Have to Create Your Own Website

        Affiliate programs are a good way to get your feet wet
        with internet marketing.  But they won't make you
        any serious money until you create your own website
        with quality content that draws targeted traffic.

        6.  You Have to Create Your Own Product(s)

        Even when you have created your own website with
        quality content that draws targeted traffic, your income
        from affiliate programs will be limited.  The lion's share
        of the profits is going to the owner of the affiliate
        program.  You are working on commission.

        To make serious money on the internet, you need to
        develop your own product or service and keep the lion's
        share of the profit.  Then YOU can set up your OWN
        affiliate program and get everyone else to sell it for you
        for a commission.

        7.  You Have To Run Your Business As A Business

        Your internet business is a business.  It is not a hobby
        (unless you aren't making any money, THEN it's a
        hobby).  So run it as a business.  That means being
        professional and customer-oriented.  It means exercising
        good business judgement and it means expecting to
        be around this time next year.

        8.  You Will Be Dealing With Real, Live People

        When you receive orders or emails, they will be sent by
        people, not machines.  Respond accordingly.

        9.  Don't Give Up Your Day Job ... Yet

        It will take you a long time, probably many months,
        before you will be earning from your online business what
        you are currently earning in your job.  So, if you're making
        $2,000 a week in your job, you won't be giving it up any
        time soon.

        10. You Will Have To Be Patient

        On the internet, the time moves as fast as it does anywhere
        else.  No faster.  When you start a business offline, it takes
        time, many months usually, before the business starts to take
        off.  It is the same on the internet.  The only thing that's fast
        on the internet is the websurfer's index finger on the mouse
        button.  Making money is as slow online as it is offline.

        11. You Will Have to Persevere

        There will be times when you feel like you're just not getting
        anywhere.  You will feel like quitting then.  Most do, in fact.
        Don't be one of them.

        12. If You Use Unscrupulous Tactics You Will FAIL

        Some people decide that the real world does not apply to
        them and that they can get rich without investing time or effort.
        These people tell everyone whatever they want to hear to make
        a sale.

        These same people buy bulk email and harvesting software
        so they can go around gathering up all the email addresses
        they can find to send their sales message to.  These people
        figure if only one percent of these 100,000 names respond
        that's a good return.  They are wrong.  What happens is
        they get bombarded with hate mail and shut down by their ISP.
        Their business is snuffed out in an instant.

        13. There is no magic wand

        Get it?  Got it?  Good!


        **Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
        This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you
        use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
        and (2) you leave the resource box intact. To receive a copy
        of this article by autoresponder, just send a blank email to

        4. Program Update - The AHBBO Cash Cow Club

        Last week I published a profile of The Cash Cow program.
        If you missed it, last week's issue is archived at

        As a result, quite a number of you expressed interest in the
        program.  What escaped the attention of some who signed
        up though was that the Cash Cow website and autoresponders
        can be set up using completely FREE resources.

        Because the set-up of these sorts of programs can be a little
        intimidating if you're not an experienced internet marketer,
        I've decided to introduce a free service for those of you who
        sign up for The Cash Cow via the AHBBO website.

        The free service is called The AHBBO Cash Cow Club and,
        basically, what it offers you is free website set-up (including
        statistics tracking) and webhosting at an A Home-Based
        Business Online sister site, free autoresponder setup and free
        coaching from yours truly.

        What this means is that you don't need to figure out how
        to alter the HTML code of your webpages to personalize them
        with your information AND you don't have to pay someone
        else to do it for you!  What's more, you don't have to put up
        with someone else's banner advertising on YOUR website
        (which you will have to if you go with any of the various free
        webhosts available for commercial purposes).

        If you take advantage of this special offer, your only costs
        to start your business are the joining fee for the Cash Cow
        program itself ($25) plus setup costs for your credit card
        processor (about $35) and/or online check processor
        (about $50).  That's an initial investment of about $100.
        Make four sales and your business has paid for itself!

        But the real value of this program (and well worth the
        initial $25 investment in itself) is what you learn from
        it along the way.  The principles you learn with The Cash
        Cow are the very same principles you need to know to
        market ANYTHING on the internet.  Master these
        principles and you can apply them to promoting any
        program you may get involved in, including your own!

        To find out more about The AHBBO Cash Cow Club visit


        Next Week's Profile: Make Your Knowledge Sell!


        5. Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 10 - The Exclusive
            Mailing Debate

        This week's instalment introduces the controversial topic
        of exclusive mailings.  To send or not to send, that is the

        Part 10 is available by autoresponder. To receive it, just
        send a blank email to .

        Alternatively, visit the A Home-Based Business Online
        website tutorial page at .

        All previous instalments are also available by autoresponder.
        To receive previous instalments, just send a blank email to:

        for Part 1
        for Part 2
        for Part 3
        for Part 4
        for Part 5
        for Part 6
        for Part 7
        for Part 8
        for Part 9


        Next Week Part 11 - Beyond Critical Mass (Final)

        6. Pro-motion - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"

        Q. I'm just getting started online. Do I always have to give a
        money-back guarantee? (Steve Q.)

        A. Professionalism demands that refunds be offered to all
        customers. Not just offered, but guaranteed. That goes without
        saying - but maybe folks aren抰 quite so sure about exactly
        what needs to be guaranteed.

        Simple answer. Everything! The only exception is for
        advertising, after the ad has been published. Unless, of
        course, you promised a certain number of sales as the result
        of the ad.

        Under what circumstances should the customer receive a
        refund?  Simple answer. If he, or she, asks for it!

        How long should the guarantee period last? Not so simple.
        Certainly, the period must extend past the time wherein the
        customer has enough experience with the product or service to
        know if it is going to fulfill their needs. Certainly, all
        defective products need to be replaced or refunded as soon as
        the defect becomes apparent.

        Other than that, it抯 pretty much up to you as the business
        owner. You can give a 30 day guarantee - or a lifetime
        guarantee. Your call.

        I will warn you, however, that companies demonstrating the
        highest degree of professionalism will make things right for the
        customer no matter how long a period of time has past. "The
        customer is always right," may not be true in every situation.
        But, true professionalism demands that it be accepted as a fact
        whether it is correct or not.

        Q. I need online services like everyone else but I'm overwhelmed
        trying to choose the right ISPs, web hosts, etc. Is there a
        secret to getting good service? (Tina L.)

        A. Let's begin with the obvious. Do you have COMPLETE contact
        information for the company you are considering doing business

        Have you read their "Terms and Conditions?" Are those terms
        reasonable, or were they only created to protect the company
        itself? What kind of protection do YOU have? Can they shut
        down your service without any warning to you - or are they
        claiming that they can?

        How do they respond to you? Before you buy - or hire a service
        - call that company and talk with someone. Ask questions. Ask
        the hard ones! If they become impatient with you - move on to
        the next company on your list.

        You do need a list because you need to interview people!

        Remember - they aren抰 doing you any favor by selling you a
        service or product. Yes - you do need the service/product, but
        you are doing them the favor by becoming their customer.
        Remember who is paying!

        * To submit questions to "Pro-motion"

        jl scott, ph.d., Author
        Copyright © 2017, All Rights Reserved
        This article may be reprinted with permission by including the
        following resource box:


        dr. jl scott is the Director of the International Association for
        Professionalism Online (IAPO) - and also
        the publisher of MONDAY MEMO! - the ezine dedicated to upgrading
        Professionalism on the Web. For your FREE subscription:


        7. Freebies

        => AHBBO Articles E-Book
             A collection of articles published in AHBBO from
             commencement in July 2017 to date.

        8. Subscriber Q&A

        Last week we heard from Maureena who wanted to know
        whether there were any opportunities available for Canadian

        Thanks to fellow subscriber and AHBBO advertiser Neil
        Malcolm who has sent in this response:

        Hi Elena

        I have an advert running in your ezine next week [this week]
        for the pcpowersystem, the latest tool for the tap root group
        of Life Force International. It is a referral marketing opportunity
        only available in USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

        The system is ideal for homeworking and comes complete
        with free online and offline training modules, and prior to
        signing up a no obligation 21 day demo of the system.

        Best Wishes
        Neil Malcolm


        If you thought it was tough finding opportunities in Canada, how
        about poor Mike Lu in China:

        Hi Elena,

        Thank you for your newsletters that have drawn my interest.

        I am a native Chinese in P.R.China. So far, as Maureena
        commented in last issue, everything is U.S. based. Is there
        anything for the Chinese market? How can I start a home
        based business in China where Internet is quite new for
        most people here?

        Mike Lu

        Mike, I'm the first to admit I wouldn't have a clue about the
        availability of programs in China.  Again, though, there are
        many programs that are available to anyone wherever you
        are located.  I don't see that the fact you happen to be
        physically located in China needs to make any difference
        unless there are governmental constraints on your activities
        as I know there are in places like Saudi Arabia, for example,
        which prohibits the use of credit cards over the internet.

        The point to bear in mind is that your market is not China
        or Canada or Australia, or wherever you happen to be
        located.  Your market is the INTERNET.  In a very real
        sense, there simply are no geographical borders.  The
        programs discussed last week, Cookie Cutter and Cash
        Cow are certainly open to Chinese residents (subject to
        any governmental constraints as mentioned above).  There
        are *many* other opportunities out there too.  In fact,
        unless a program specifically states that it is restricted
        to certain countries it will usually be open to anyone.

        Typically, the kinds of programs that are limited to particular
        countries are things that are subject to governmental regulation.
        Online gambling is a good example.  Because governmental
        regulation on issues such as gambling vary from country
        to country, it is necessary to confine the activity to certain
        countries to avoid inadvertently engaging in illegal activity.

        Another major type of program that is typically restricted to
        certain named countries are programs that involve the
        importation and exportation of products from one country to
        another.  This is simply because of bureaucratic difficulties
        that come up with various countries' customs authorities and
        are usually resolved in time anyway in response to demand
        from people wanting to participate in the programs concerned.
        I know, for example, that the Six Figure Income program which
        involves the importation/exportation of Life Force International
        products had this problem recently with Australia.  I think it's
        been resolved now though.

        In fact, the program mentioned above by Neil Malcolm in
        response to Maureena's query about Canadian opportunities
        is a good example.  You'll notice that Neil makes the point the
        program is only available in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

        But unless you're dealing with one of these very specific
        types of programs, you can assume (subject to confirming
        it with the person you sign up with) that there are no
        geographical restrictions.

        Does anyone have any more specific ideas for Mike?  If so,
        please share them with the rest of us!  Mail your
        suggestions to Contact By Email?subject=Q&A


        If YOU have a question for the Q&A segment, send it along!
        Contact By Emailmp;A .


        10. This Week's Web Site Pick - Weekly Thought


        This week's website pick is one out of the box and is
        presented as an example of creative marketing (of
        another site) rather than for the merits of the website
        itself.  (Although the Weekly Thought site is excellent,
        it normally wouldn't appear here because it's not

        Many of you will be familiar with fellow-subscriber and
        frequent AHBBO advertiser, Tony Lloyd.  Tony runs the
        Tony Lloyd Marketing site ().
        He also runs the Weekly Thought site.

        Basically, the main page of Tony's Weekly Thought site
        presents a weekly inspirational article.  On the main
        page is a sign up form so you can subscribe to receive
        a copy of the article by email each week.  Each article
        contains a link back to the site which of course contains
        a link back to the Tony Lloyd Marketing site.

        Here's the philosophy in Tony's own words:

        "Face to face interaction with your customers gives you the
        best opportunity to market your product or service. Marketing
        online presents a challenge that can be overcome by forming
        relationships with your customers. Offering something of value
        to your customers on a regular basis, builds rapport, trust
        and credibility which in turn make it easier for them to do
        business with you. Remember the competition is only a click

        What a great idea, don't you think?  Give people something
        of real value while at the same time using the opportunity
        to promote another site that generates income.  That, of course,
        is the same reasoning that applies to publishing an ezine on a
        regular basis.  Tony's just given the principle a unique twist.

        What applications can you see for your online business
        applying this principle?

        11. Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online

        -> Home Business Idea of the Week: Contractor Referral
        -> Feature Article: Getting Paid ... Minimizing Bad Debts
            In Your Home Business
        -> Newsletter Publishing Tutorial: Part 11 - Beyond
            Critical Mass (Final)
        -> Program Review: Make Your Knowledge Sell!

        13. Subscription Management

        To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:
        Home Business Newsletter

        To UNSUBSCRIBE from this Newsletter:

        If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
        in its entirety to your friends, family and associates!

        If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
        in its entirety to your friends, family and associates!

        15. Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
        Contact By Email


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        All Rights Reserved

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