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           March 11

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          Editor: Elena Fawkner
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        1.  Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Private
        3.  Feature Article - Offline Promotion Matters Too
        4.  Tips for Newbies
        6.  Subscription Management
        8.  Contact Information

        1.  Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue!

        Thanks for all the feedback on last week's article,
        "Undue Process" (http://www.shelteredturtle.com/undueprocess.html) .
         WAY too many of you have had problems with your webhosts
        shooting first and asking questions later (if at all!). 

        This week thankfully brings a change of pace with a
        marketing article but not of the usual online tactical variety.
        This week's article focuses on all the ways you can market
        your online business offline.
        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.

        Remember, this ezine is for YOU!  If you have comments
        or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
        or would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
        questions and stories to Contact By Email .

        2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Private

        A private investigator is someone engaged by a company or an
        individual to carry out an investigation or to perform research in
        exchange for payment. Private investigators are often engaged
        by other law enforcement officers, attorneys, insurance
        companies and businesspeople as well as, of course, a suspicious

        The types of activities a private investigator will engage in include
        surveillance (tailing, stakeouts, videography, photography, audio
        recording); detection of listening devices and cameras;
        undercover and covert operations; corporate espionage and
        competitive intelligence; background checks; locating missing
        persons; relationship, marital and custody investigations;
        skiptracing; locating missing heirs and witnesses; conducting injury
        or wrongful death investigations; investigating accidents, fires,
        property damage; locating assets and stolen property; providing
        security services; evidence gathering for legal proceedings; and
        process serving.

        For the rest of this report, visit:


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home
        Business Ideas page at free home based business ideas
        with more being added all the time.

        3.  Feature Article - Offline Promotion Matters Too

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        With all the talk of the importance of search engine positioning,
        online directories, keyword metatags and publishing your own
        ezine, you might be forgiven for thinking that the online world is
        the only one that matters when it comes to promoting your online
        business.  Only occasionally will you see something like "and
        don't forget about offline promotion too". 

        Why do I need to engage in offline promotion when I'm promoting
        an online business?  The reason is simple.  The concept of a
        paperless office is all very well, but your potential customers live
        in an offline world.  To get their attention, you need to reach them
        where they live.  Here's how:


        Every item of stationery that leaves your office is an opportunity
        to promote your website.  Make sure your website address (URL)
        appears on every single piece of stationery including:

        => business cards
        => letterheads
        => envelopes
        => address labels
        => fax cover sheets
        => checks
        => invoices
        => receipts, and
        => reorder forms.


        Tangible promotional items that people see or use every day are
        a great way of keeping your name in front of your customers and
        prospective customers.  Make sure your URL appears prominently
        and it will be a constant reminder to visit your website. 

        Promotional items that lend themselves well to this concept

        => coffee mugs
        => paper weights
        => pens
        => t-shirts
        => calendars
        => key chains
        => magnets
        => bumper stickers, and
        => car license plate frames.


        Printed materials are a great way to generate (especially) repeat
        business when included with product orders.  After all, your
        existing customers are already predisposed to deal with you so
        make sure you take the opportunity to promote your entire line
        of products and/or services to give them a reason to return.  Here's
        a few ways:

        => Coupons

        Coupons are great to use as incentives for future purchases. 
        Offer a range of coupons including percentage off orders (for
        example, "10% off your next order of $20 or more"), free shipping
        or free items (for example, "buy one, get one free" type offers).

        Coupons can also be used to generate new business by making
        them freely available around the traps.  For example, if your
        business is educational software, make arrangements to have a
        supply of "30 day free trial" coupons made available at your
        local school.

        => Gift Certificates

        Gift certificates are good because they allow your customer to
        share their discovery of your products and services with friends,
        family and colleagues.  To be effective, especially in connection
        with services, a gift certificate needs to have a tangible dollar value
        to the recipient rather than merely offering to redeem the certificate
        for a particular service.  This is because the referral customer
        probably has no conception of the dollar value of your service.  The
        potential customer can, however, readily appreciate the value of a
        ?30 toward your purchase of $60 or more" gift certificate.

        => Product Sheets

        Product sheets are a way for you to make your existing customer
        aware of what *other* products and services you offer in addition
        to those they have recently purchased.  This need not be any more
        elaborate than a one page price list but it can be as extravagant as
        a glossy product page replete with photos if your budget permits.

        => Brochures

        Brochures are an effective way to create a professional image and
        promote your products and services at the same time.  Give them
        to prospective customers for a quick overview of your business
        and to give them a reason to visit your website for more information. 

        Distribute your brochure whenever you get the chance: carry them
        with you wherever you go and hand them out whenever you hand
        out your business card.  Mail your brochure to current clients to
        inform them of additional products and services that they may be
        unaware you offer and to prospective clients sourced from rented
        mailing lists.

        Also, get permission to leave a small stack of your brochures in
        places where potential customers are likely to congregate such as
        doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms, local schools etc..

        Another good idea is to send your brochure to the editors of your
        local and regional newspapers together with a letter advising of
        your availability for interview as a local expert in your field.


        Advertising can be as simple as placing classified ads in your
        local newspaper or as grand as purchasing television advertising
        slots.  Here's a few ideas:

        => Classified Ads

        Place small classified ads in your local and city newspapers and
        include the URL of your website.

        => Yellow Pages

        If you purchase display advertising in the Yellow Pages, be sure
        to include your URL.

        => Flyers

        One page flyers advertising your product or service and including
        your URL can be printed cheaply and left on car windshields or
        distributed via letterbox drops in your local area.

        => Local TV Guide

        Your local TV guide can be a good place to advertise cheaply if
        your product or service is of particular interest to a local
        geographic target audience.  Again, be sure to include your URL.

        => Radio Advertising

        Radio advertising can be an excellent buy for many small
        businesses.  Call the sales department of several radio stations
        that target your demographic.  Be sure to ask about rates for
        different times of day and package deals.

        => Television Advertising

        you're not going to be able to afford the high price advertising
        exposure that's offered by the likes of ABC or NBC but you
        may be surprised at how affordable advertising on your local
        cable channel can be.  Contact the sales department of your
        cable provider for details.  This type of advertising is particularly
        effective if your product or services is oriented toward a specific
        geographic target market.

        => Direct Mail

        Mailing lists of various sizes are available for rent or purchase
        for direct mailing your offer to prospective customers. 

        => Press Releases

        Press releases can act as a form of de facto advertising.  Send
        your press release to the editors of print periodicals.


        Any local community offers ample opportunity for networking. 
        Each networking function you attend is an opportunity to
        publicize your business and your website.  Consider the following:

        => local Chamber of Commerce
        => local industry groups
        => school functions
        => social events
        => charitable organizations
        => community functions, and
        => public speaking.


        Last but not least, getting the word out should be a daily habit. 

        => Telephone

        Every time you answer your business phone be sure to give the
        caller your website address so they can find out more information
        about you and your business.  Make sure your website address
        is included in the message recorded on your answering machine.

        => Mail Inserts

        Include a small insert promoting your business and your website
        in every piece of mail that leaves your home or office.

        => Word of Mouth

        Finally, perhaps the most effective and under-appreciated tool of
        them all ?word of mouth.  Talk about your business and your
        website at every opportunity and encourage your customers,
        friends, family and colleagues to do the same.  You would be
        surprised at just how many businesses out there owe their
        success to little more than word of mouth referrals.

        Successfully promoting an online business requires a sound
        understanding and methodical application of the principles of
        online marketing and promotion. 

        But to focus on online methods to the exclusion of offline does
        only half the job.  Give due attention to offline methods of
        promotion in conjunction with your online promotional efforts to
        ensure the widest possible coverage of ALL of your potential


        use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
        (2) you leave the resource box intact; and (3) you only
        mail to a

        4.  Tips for Newbies

        TIP #1:

        Creating resource buttons for your browser saves a lot of time
        and typing. One click, and the page loads. No need to look
        in your favorites folder, and no need to remember a URL.

        Internet Explorer: Just drag the "e" that precedes the URL in
        the address bar onto the Links bar. If you don't have a Links
        bar, you'll need to enable it by clicking View, Toolbars, Links.

        Netscape: Drag the Location icon to the Personal Toolbar,
        which should be showing by default. If it's not, click View, then
        click Show Personal Toolbar.

        You can rename the buttons that are created by right clicking
        and selecting the Rename option. I have a dozen of these
        buttons set up, and it takes only a click to visit pages I use
        frequently. This option only works for Internet Explorer.

        TIP #2:

        Are you having problems defragmenting your computer's hard
        drive? Do programs keep interrupting the process, making the
        defrag process start over and over and over again?

        Be sure you have closed all the stuff that's running behind the
        scenes. Using the three fingered salute, press Ctrl, Alt, and
        Delete. The easiest way to do this is use your left hand for the
        Ctrl and Alt keys, and poke the Delete key with a finger on your
        right hand. A pencil or pen or letter opener works equally as

        When you do this, you'll see the Close Program dialog box.
        Individually select programs to close by clicking to highlight,
        then click End Task. Don't click the Shut Down button unless
        you want to terminate your computing experience. Close all
        programs except Explorer and SysTray, then defrag. If you
        continue to have problems, you may need the services of the
        Power Defragmenter from the following site:


        Tips by Tom Glander and Joe Robson of The Newbie
        Club. The best Newbie Site ever to hit the Web.

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        6. Subscription Management


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        8. Contact Information

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