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            A Home-Based Business Online


           Issue 124 : March 4, 2017

           Sent to 16,210 Opt-In Subscribers

            Editor: Elena Fawkner
            Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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          IN THIS ISSUE

        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Packing/
          Unpacking Service
        3.     Feature Article - When Do I Start Getting Money and
          Where Does It Come From?
        4.     Surveys and Trends
        5.     Success Quotes of the Week
        6.     Subscription Management
        9.     Contact Information


        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue.

        This week's article is something of a part 2 to last week's
        rant article, "The 10 Most Popular Myths About Running
        A Home-Based Business Online".  "When Do I Start Getting
        Money and Where Does It Come From?" takes a (hopefully)
        somewhat more constructive approach to the question
        of how to make money on the Internet.  If you're grappling
        with this elusive little devil, perhaps this overview of your
        options will give you a frame of reference.

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.

        Remember, AHBBO is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or
        would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you.  Please send
        comments, questions and stories to Contact By Email .


        Q. Computer and net savvy?
        A. Yes, or you would not be reading this.

        Q. Serious about working from home?
        A. Yes, that's why you have come to AHBBO.


        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Packing/
          Unpacking Service

        Are you an organizer by nature? One of those "everything has
        its place and everything in its place" types? If so, have you
        thought about offering a packing/unpacking service for
        residential moves? This is a service in high demand by busy
        professionals who can't afford to take time off work to move.

        Here's how the business would work. Plan to offer a 2 day full
        service. On day 1 you pack up, on day 2 you coordinate the
        move and unpack. The idea is that, on moving day, your client
        comes home from work at the end of the day to find everything
        unpacked, put away, plugged in and the house generally ready
        to live in (including made beds).

        Of course, your client may not require a full service. They may
        only want you to unpack and put away and attend to the
        packing and coordination of the move themselves. Or vice
        versa.  So structure your pricing based on the level of service

        At the outset, you should schedule an in-home obligation-free
        consultation with your potential client and discuss the services
        you offer. Once you have ascertained the level of service
        required by the client clearly explain your fee structure.

        As a rough guide, plan to charge an unpacking fee of $10-$15
        per box. For a 1-2 bedroom home, anticipate 30-50 boxes, for
        3-4 bedrooms 50-100 boxes. If you are also going to be
        packing the boxes, strike a dollar rate per box. If you are also
        going to be coordinating the move (greeting the removalists,
        ensuring furniture and boxes are delivered to the correct
        rooms), your time for this service should also be worked into
        your package price. Alternatively, you may prefer to charge
        by the hour or strike a price for the whole job upfront.


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
        Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
        added regularly.


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        3.     Feature Article:  When Do I Start Getting Money and
          Where Does It Come From?

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        I received an email during the week from a reader of a
        recent article "The 10 Most Popular Myths About Running
        A Home-Based Business Online"
        (top 10 home business myths).  That article was,
        I admit, something of a vent which was long overdue and
        it struck a chord with many readers who wrote in to let
        me know that it described their experiences to a T. 

        One Internet-experienced reader wrote:  "People ask the
        most amazing questions, such as 'I put up a web site. 
        When do I start getting money and where does it come

        Amazing but true.  I kid you not, I get emails like this all
        the time.  They're what prompted the article in the first
        place.  So, in this article, rather than venting, I'll be a little
        more constructive and actually answer the question:  Just
        how exactly DO you make money on the Internet?

        1.  The simplest - join an affiliate program (hell, join LOTS
        of affiliate programs) and spend your time and money
        advertising and promoting it to drive traffic to the you-beaut
        self-replicating website every other affiliate gets.  A la

        This is a VERY inefficient way of trying to make money
        online.  And it will cost you a fortune before it yields a
        return.  If it ever really does.  If you're VERY lucky, you
        MIGHT just cover your costs. 

        (If you don't know what an affiliate program is, read
        "Affiliate Programs ... A Not THAT Easy Start To Your Own
        Online Business" at Affiliate Program Success.)

        2.  Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and use
        it to promote your affiliate programs.  The trick here is to sign
        up for affiliate programs related to the subject matter you
        choose for your website.  The idea is that, by creating
        a content-based website, you will attract targeted REPEAT
        traffic, thereby increasing the odds that someone will buy
        one of your affiliate program products.  This is a MUCH better
        option than #1. and will save you a fortune on advertising.

        3.  Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and use
        it to sell your own products.  Anything that can be
        delivered digitally is a good bet - software, e-books etc.

        4.  Do #3. above and establish your OWN affiliate program so
        other people can also sell your product in exchange for a

        Be sure to give them a you-beaut self-replicating website in
        case they're following plan #1.  Hey - just because it won't
        pan out for them doesn't mean you still can't get the benefit
        of their hard work.  After all, if you have several hundred
        affiliates, that's several hundred sales for you if each of them
        only makes one sale.  And best of all, your army of affiliates
        is each spending a fortune on advertising so YOU don't have
        to!  And just think what a valuable learning experience all of
        this is for them.  You went through it so why not them, right? 
        In fact, they'll probably end up THANKING you one day!

        (OK, I'm getting a LITTLE facetious here, I admit.  Back to
        being constructive ...)

        5.  Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and
        make your site visitors pay for access.  You have to give
        them SOMETHING for free, of course, but keep the goodies
        on the top shelf.

        6.  Publish an ezine (electronic newsletter) and when you
        get 1,000 subscribers, start charging for advertising. 

        7.  Do #6. above and create a website "home" for your ezine
        and include links to your affiliate programs/own products.

        8.  Do #7. above but make it a content-based site with
        stand-alone value with the intention of converting website
        visitors to ezine subscribers.  Then revisit #6.  Increase
        your advertising prices as your subscriber numbers increase.

        9.  If you have some special skill or training that you are
        employing in an existing business, create a website as a
        brochure for your services and attract business.

        10.  Do #9. above but make it a content-based website
        with the intention of converting site visitors into clients.

        11.  Join a network marketing company, create a content-
        based website to attract qualified leads and then link to
        your network marketing company's website.

        12.  Do #2. through #6., #8. and #11..  ALL of them.  At
        the same time.

        These are several of the main ways of making money on the
        Internet.  I'm sure I'll receive mail letting me know of other
        obvious methods that I've overlooked.  But you get the idea.
        Note that not a one of them involves slapping up a website
        and then sitting back waiting for $20 bills to spew forth
        from the CD-ROM drive.  ALL of them require hard work in
        order to yield a return so, if you're one of the growing
        army determined to "make money with your computer",
        decide how you're going to go about it, roll up your sleeves
        and prepare to work.



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        work-from-home entrepreneur. 
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        4.     Surveys and Trends

        © 2017 Ryanna's Hope


        Bait/Switch advertising is an alluring but insincere offer
        to sell a product or service which the advertiser in truth
        does not intend or want to sell. Its purpose is to switch
        consumers from buying the advertised merchandise, in
        order to sell something else, usually at a higher price or
        on a basis more advantageous to the advertiser. The
        primary aim of a bait advertisement is to obtain leads as
        to persons interested in buying merchandise of the type
        so advertised.

        (Editor: Your local merchants are notorious for these
        let alone what the Net users are doing to you.)

        Advertising Time Line ...
        1902 - Unilever hires the J. Walter Thompson Company for
        advertising Lifebuoy Soap and later Lux and other products
        in America. Unilever is still with J. Walter Thompson and
        represents the oldest client relationship in the advertising


        Ethnic Markets are currently concentrated with persons of
        Asian, Hispanic or Black heritage. In 1980, one in five
        Americans was considered a minority. Today the ratio has
        jumped to one in four. This growth is concentrated in our
        children where one-third are Black, Hispanic, or Asian.

        The following outlines the presence and expected changes
        in black, Hispanic and Asian populations in the U.S. according
        to Key Marketing:


        Currently 34 million; 12.6 percent of all Americans. $500
        billion purchasing power. Grew by 13 percent in last
        decade alone. Southern US states are home to more than
        one-half of all blacks as compared to 90 percent in the year
        1900. The term 'African American' is preferred over 'black'
        slightly, but only three percent are offended either way.
        Average household income is $14,000; households with
        annual incomes above $60,000 are the fastest growing
        income segment for blacks.


        Currently 30 million; 11 percent of all Americans. $350 billion
        purchasing power. Hispanics increased from 22 million in 1990
        to 26 million in 1995. Their presence in the workforce will
        increase 36 percent in the next 10 years compared to a
        increase in the national workforce of 12 percent. The US
        Hispanic Market Study shows that television is the medium
        of choice. Hispanics prefer their media in the first language
        they learned to speak. However, 75 percent of Hispanics
        speak Spanish at home. Only 40 percent feel conversant in
        English. Second and third generation Hispanics have strong
        cultural ties. Selling to their community is more effective
        than selling to their individual household.


        Currently 10 million; less than four percent of all Americans
        $150 billion purchasing power. Their presence in the
        workforce will increase 39 percent in the next 10 years
        compared to a national increase in the workforce of 12
        percent. The Asian population has doubled since 1980. They
        are the fastest growing, most diverse and most affluent
        minority group. Their median household income is $36,000.
        Asians are usually found in hi-tech or agricultural careers.


        Where do consumers to avoid paying full price for anything?
        America Research poll shows 52% will go to flea markets or
        garage sales; 41% will go to consignment stores! Are you
        selling something that you've overlooked these inexpensive



        Free course how to build a profitable Internet
        business part time from your home.Free Newsletter.


        5.     Success Quotes of the Week

        Ability and necessity dwell near each other.
          -- Pythagorus

        When you want a thing deeply, earnestly and intensely,
        this feeling of desire reinforces your will and arouses in
        you the determination to work for the desired object.
        When you have a distinct purpose in view, your work
        becomes of absorbing interest. You bend your best
        powers to it; you give it concentrated attention; you
        think of little else than the realization of this purpose;
        your will is stimulated into unusual activity, and as a
        consequence you do your work with an increasing sense
        of power.
          -- Grenville Kleiser

        Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.
          -- Harvey Mackay



        7.     Subscription Management


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        9.     Contact Information

        Elena Fawkner, Editor
        A Home-Based Business Online
        Contact By Email


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