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        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Catering
        3.     Feature Article - Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who's the
          Fairest Of Them All?
        4.     Surveys and Trends
        5.     Success Quotes of the Week

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        1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

        Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
        who have joined us since the last issue.

        This week's article is prompted by an experience during
        the week.  I was working with a woman, approaching
        retirement but without the financial resources to retire,
        who was looking to make some changes in her life.  She
        was focused and determined and she had a plan of action. 

        Then a well-meaning "friend" talked her out of it.  The
        change in tone in her emails from hopeful, optimistic
        determination to resignation and disappointment was
        palpable.  I am convinced that if this woman had followed
        her OWN heart and head rather than allowing her "friend"
        to clip her wings, she would have achieved everything she
        desired.  This week's article is for all the Margarets out

        As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
        week's issue.  Happy New Year everyone!

        Remember, AHBBO is for YOU!  If you have comments or
        suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or
        would just like to share your experiences with other
        subscribers, I want to hear from you.  Please send
        comments, questions and stories to Contact By Email .

        2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Catering

        Businesses of all sizes are using catered lunches, cocktail
        parties and dinner meetings to build their images and increase
        company sales. On a smaller, but just as busy marketing scale,
        many working parents are paying to have catered birthday and
        graduation parties, as well as wedding receptions handled by
        caterers. The reasons are simple to understand - if both
        parents are working outside the home, they just don't have the
        time or the energy to do all the planning and staging of a
        memorable party.

        Caterers handle everything from birthday parties for children, to
        breakfast in bed and intimate candlelight dinners for two, to
        company dinner parties for 50 and wedding receptions involving
        a thousand or more guests. This kind of entrepreneurial business
        is definitely growing and becoming more popular with people of
        all income levels.

        An imaginative caterer in a large metropolitan area can easily
        gross $150,000 per year, while a small, part-time caterer in a
        small town can count on at least $10,000 to $15,000 per year.
        One small, but very ambitious caterer is reported to have
        grossed $250,000 after only 2-years in business.

        You don't need special education or training to become a
        successful caterer. You do need an affinity for people and a
        kind of intuition as to what people enjoy in different
        environmental settings.

        A quick survey of successful caterers across the nation shows
        that many began with zero capital by working out of their
        homes. The basic start-up investment would appear to be
        around $500, with some big spenders capitalizing their idea
        with as much as $15,000 in order to get off to a fast start.

        For the rest of this report, visit


        There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
        Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
        added regularly.

        3.     Feature Article:  Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who's the
          Fairest Of Them All?

        © 2017 Elena Fawkner

        How do you create wealth?  Wealth is created by:

        => Finding a product or service that a lot of people want
        and need.

        => Getting repeat business out of it.

        => Choosing that product or service by looking at trends
        and staying ahead of them.

        => Employing others so you get more done.

        => Employing and training others effectively.

        => Not training competitors but retaining leaders in your
        organization by offering them the same opportunities for
        growth as you enjoy. 

        [Source: "Brilliant Compensation" video by Tim Sales and
        Dr. Charles King, Professor of Marketing at the University
        of Chicago.  Link at the end of this article.]

        OR NEED

        There's no point pursuing a business selling a product or
        service for which there isn't a market - a HUGE market.

        What's the biggest market of them all?  Baby boomers.

        Baby boomers are all people born from 1946 through
        1974.  They total 76 million people in the United States
        and 2 billion people worldwide.  As at today, they're the
        people aged between 38 and 56.

        As you'll see when you watch the video, every 8 seconds
        for the next 16 years, someone will turn 56 years old.
        What does this mean for you?  It means don't go after
        the 38 year olds, go after the 56 year olds.  You have a
        full 16 years to go after 56 year old people looking for your
        products or services.


        Your product or service must be unique and it must be
        consumable.  If it's not unique you have to compete on
        price and convenience.  If it IS unique, your market
        comes looking for YOU.

        If your product is not consumable, you're out of business
        until your next sale.  A successful business requires
        REPEAT sales of consumable products.  This way, you're
        earning multiple commissions on a single initial effort.


        Having identified the baby boomer market as THE market
        to target, when choosing your product or service, in
        addition to being unique and consumable, it should be one
        that your average 58 year old is in the market for.

        The top five:

        1.  Health
        2.  Looking younger
        3.  Retirement issues
        4.  Security and money
        5.  Efficiencies - things that make life easier.


        There are three basic ways of earning money:

        1.  Work for someone else.
        2.  Be a professional - doctor, attorney, accountant,
        3.  Own your own business.

        In the case of 1. and 2., you exchange your expertise for
        someone's else's money.  Unfortunately, however, your
        capacity to earn is limited by the number of hours in the
        day.  No matter how hard you work, there will only ever
        be 24 hours in a day.

        In the case of 3., if you do it all yourself, you still run out
        of time and talent.  To break through the time/talent
        barrier, you MUST employ others, thereby leveraging off
        the efforts of your employees.  That's the key to wealth.

        In theory, that is.  Only thing is, it's very difficult to
        achieve leverage through employees because no employee
        will ever work as hard in your business as you do because
        they don't have an ownership interest in it.

        To achieve true leverage, everyone in your organization
        must have the same potential for growth as you yourself


        To enjoy true leverage, the people in your organization
        must be productive.  You develop productive people by
        training them effectively, by teaching them how to do
        what you do so they can turn around and create the same
        results for themselves.  It means investing your time in
        training people so that they hopefully become at least as
        successful as you are. 


        In order to avoid cannibalizing your business by training
        leaders only to have them leave your organization to set
        up in competition for themselves, they must have the same
        opportunity for growth staying in your organization as they
        would if they left it.

        There's only one way of doing business that meets all these
        criteria for wealth generation. 

        Network marketing.

        Despite any preconceptions you may have, the fact remains
        that network marketing is the fairest business model of
        them all.  Why?  Because only with network marketing can
        the member of the organization that creates the larger or more
        productive organization be compensated commensurately even
        if that means he or she earns more than those higher up the

        Unlike the traditional hierarchy of an organization of which you
        are an employee, you know the one - you do all the work and
        your boss does nothing yet he gets all the rewards - in network
        marketing it doesn't matter how much money your sponsor
        earns, if you're more productive, you earn more.  And because
        your sponsor benefits from your success in terms of
        commissions based on your productivity, it's in your sponsor's
        interest to help you be as successful as possible, just as it's
        in your best interests to help those in your organization be
        as successful as they can possibly be.  Win win.

        "It's always wise to raise questions about the most obvious
        and simple assumptions"
        : C. West Churchman.

        Do yourself a favor.  If you've got it in your head that
        there's something illegitimate about network marketing,
        invest a half hour or so of your time in a bit of education. 
        Watch the Brilliant Compensation video and make up your
        OWN mind.  DON'T let other people, no matter how well-
        intentioned, deprive you of your freedom to choose what's
        in YOUR best interests.  Sure, armed with the FACTS, as
        opposed to other people's OPINIONS, you may still decide,
        for your *own* reasons, that network marketing is not for
        you.  Fine!  But a little bit of independent thought may just
        open up a whole new world of opportunity.



        entrepreneur.  Free Home Based Business Tips

        4.     Surveys and Trends

        © 2017 Ryanna's Hope


        One in five (22%) Americans believe in witches. Men (24%)
        are more likely to believe than women (20%).

        Cremation is chosen to dispose of human remains 26.2% of
        the time; up from 20.5% in 1994.


        The average cost per sale when using a rented e-mail list for
        customer acquisition is $286.00. However, the average cost
        per sale to an existing customer list using e-mail is only $2.00.

        According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, newspaper revenues
        from classified advertising will surpass retail-generated
        advertising by 2017.

        The traditional five P's of marketing are product, price,
        promotion, placement and profit. However, to attract
        consumers of color, replace these with passion, preparation,
        perseverance, recognition, relevance, respect and


        By 2004, Americans will spend more hours each year playing
        video games (161) and using the Internet (228) than they
        spend reading daily newspapers (147), books (92), and
        magazines (77).

        Hair loss affects approximately 35 million men and 22 million
        women. Consumers spend over $900 million each year trying
        to regrow hair.


        Single Women: Happy and in Control
        Over four in 10 American women are single. So are 35% of
        women between the traditionally "most marriageable" ages of
        25 and 55. This percentage more than doubled between 1963
        and 1997. Researchers and sociologists say it is due to
        women's growing ability to earn their own living and survive
        independently in the world.

        Many women say their singlehood is not an outright rejection
        of marriage, but a refusal to bargain away valued parts of
        their personalities and lifestyles in exchange for marriage to a
        person who does not suit them. Some of these women say
        that the men they encounter have traditional expectations
        of women's roles. Other women are wary of getting involved
        in the kinds of relationships they witness between their
        parents or married friends. The National Marriage Project
        reports that this increasing acceptance of singlehood among
        women is true across class distinctions.


        Teens (age 12-17) are the least likely online users to click on
        Internet ads. Their average click rate is 0.19%.


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        5.     Success Quotes of the Week

        "Victory belongs to the most persevering."
          -- Napoleon Bonaparte

        "There are two kinds of men who never amount to much:
        those who cannot do what they are told, and those who
        can do nothing else."
          -- Cyrus H. Curtis

        "Inspiration grows into full-scale creation through persistence
        and imagination."
          -- Carol Lloyd

        "You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go,
        the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more
        chance you have of getting somewhere."
          -- Charles F. Kettering

        "Too many people are mere products of their context, lacking
        the will to change, to develop their potential. I also believe,
        however, that anyone, of any age and in any circumstances,
        can transform himself if he wants to."
          -- Warren Bennis

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