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        Network Marketing Business Opportunities

        Congratulations! By searching for information about Network Marketing, you've fortuitously found the entry point for A Home-Based Business Online, your one-stop source for top work at home business ideas for people who want to work on the internet.

        What A Home-Based Business Online Is About

        Elena Fawkner, a lawyer by training, has been running "A Home-Based Business Online", her online business dedicated to work-from-home entrepreneurs, part-time since July 2013.

        "I knew there were a lot of people like me out there," Elena says. "Many people readily appreciate the power of the internet as a business medium, but they really struggle to find the right idea for a business concept that will allow them to tap into it. I stopped searching for the one big idea when I realized that I had already found it. Providing a resource for those just like me, looking for home-based business ideas and ways to make money online with their computers."

        As her business grew, Elena became disenchanted with the scams and shams many people online try to pass off as so-called "business opportunities" and began championing the cause of ethical online business practices and telling it like it is.

        "I wrote an article a while back", Elena says. "I called it 'The Internet is Another Medium ... Not Another Planet'. I wanted to get the message across to those new to the online community that the Internet is not some magical, mystical place where real-world principles just don't apply. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The Internet just provides a way of reaching huge numbers of people relatively inexpensively. You still need to work, and work damn hard, to turn a buck in this business. The sooner people wake up to and accept that reality the better."

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