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        a home based business onlinehome business ideas

        The Lure Of Easy Money

        © 2002-2017 Elena Fawkner

        You might be forgiven for thinking that competition is
        fierce if you run an online business.  After all, every
        day - day in, day out - you, me and everyone else is
        constantly bombarded by offers from every man and
        his dog for various programs that promise us the means
        to earn an income from home. 

        After a while, of course, you begin to recognize that
        these programs are not worth the paper they're written
        on and the people pushing them are little more than con
        artists (or worse).

        A common theme in all of these offers is the lack of effort
        required to begin making a significant income.  Witness all
        the "Make money while you sleep!", "We do all the work!",
        "$3,000 per week for two hours work!", "Big money, no
        experience required!" subject lines in your inbox this

        The reason these types of offers are so prevalent, of
        course, is that the notion of something for nothing is
        seductive.  Who on earth in their right mind would actually
        choose to spend 40 hours per week working for $80,000 per
        year when they can earn the same amount working only 2
        hours each week?  No one.  The only problem is, working 2
        hours a week and making $80K isn't going to happen unless
        that two hours is spent managing your multi-million dollar
        portfolio.  And even then you'd most likely be spending
        more than a lousy couple of hours a week. 

        Common sense tells us that this must be so.  But common
        sense is a rare commodity in the real world and even rarer
        when it comes to anything to do with the Internet, an
        unreal world if ever there was one.

        There are a LOT of people running so-called "Internet
        businesses".  A goodly proportion of these people are the
        ones touting the aforementioned "bizopp" pipedreams.  This
        is good news for you, believe it or not.  Why?  Because,
        despite how it may sometimes seem, your REAL competition
        is relatively small in number.  After all, if 98% of those doing
        business online are unsuccessful (and promoting get rich quick
        schemes is the best way I know to make it into that elite
        group of 98 percenters), that leaves the field wide open for
        the 2% who are actually prepared to do some real work.

        So don't for a minute think that the Internet playing
        field is all sown up.  It isn't.  All that buzzing in the
        background is the little kids down the other end of the
        field playing make-believe.  There's still plenty of room
        to run on the field with the real players.

        So, accept the fact that there's no such thing as something
        for nothing and you really are going to have to work for a
        living after all.  Then create something original which meets
        the needs of one or more target markets and get to work. 

        There's plenty of room for you on the field and plenty of
        trophies to go around.  You just have to keep your eye on
        the ball.

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        A lot of home based opportunities are nothing more than pyramid scams, but we have found some legitimate ones available. We will review both kinds.

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