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        Find out how to operate a profitable newsletter or website publishing business from your home.

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        Ezine Publishing As A Business

        If you have your own website, or are planning to create
        one soon, in the course of your research you will have
        read about the importance of publishing an ezine
        (electronic newsletter) as a way of generating traffic to
        your site. 

        -- Note to purists: yes I DO understand there is, strictly
        speaking, a difference between ezines and electronic
        newsletters but for our purposes it doesn't matter so don't
        write me. ;)

        It's good advice.  By capturing the email addresses of
        your site visitors (via an ezine sign-up form at your site),
        you can develop a mailing list to put yourself before time
        and time again, unless and until they ask to be removed. 
        The idea is that by regularly sending your ezine to your list,
        your site visitors get to know you and, over time, come to
        trust you as an expert in your field.  Assuming you do
        competent work, that is.

        But ezine publishing can be a lot more than just a
        traffic generation tool - a means to an end.  It can be
        an end unto itself.  Your ezine can actually be a
        business in its own right.

        How can an ezine be a paying proposition in itself?  There
        are two ways - by accepting paid advertising and charging
        for subscription.

        => Advertising

        When I started my ezine way back when in July 2013, I was
        just following conventional wisdom.  I had created a web
        site by the same name and wanted to publish an ezine as a
        way of staying in touch with site visitors and reminding them
        to visit my site.

        What ended up happening, though, is that the ezine
        became the central plank of my business and the website
        became secondary.  Why?  Well, first of all, I found that I
        actually enjoyed it.  I enjoyed writing articles and I enjoyed
        the fact that other people actually got some benefit from
        my labors.  But, beyond that, once I had amassed a subscriber
        database of 1,000 or so, people started asking me what my
        advertising rates were.  I didn't have any.  I had never really
        thought of my ezine as being a revenue generator in and of
        itself.  The most I was hoping for was to remind readers to
        visit my site in the hope that, while there, they would place
        an order for one of the affiliate programs I promoted thereby
        earning me a commission.  Of course, I was also running ads
        for my own affiliate programs in the ezine which translated
        into income via commissions but, again, the ezine was a
        means to an end, not an end unto itself.

        When advertisers started approaching me, however, I soon
        changed my thinking and my focus and before long, I had on
        average ten to twelve advertisers wanting to run ads in my
        ezine, every single week.

        So, quite quickly, accepting paid advertising in my ezine
        became a primary revenue source, certainly way ahead of
        anything else that was generating revenue for me at the time
        from my website.

        Things have changed considerably for all ezine publishers
        from those heady days where ezine advertising was all the
        rage and demand for ezine advertising space outstripped supply. 
        No longer do I publish a dozen ads in each issue.  Now it's only
        five or so but paid advertising remains an important element of
        my business plan and it is still a very viable revenue generation
        model for you to use in your online business.

        => Paid Subscriptions

        Just as ezine advertising has slowed down, paid subscription
        ezines are emerging as the next hot trend.  More and more,
        the concept of free content on the Internet is giving way to
        user pays and ezine publishing is no exception with ezine
        publishers beginning to charge for subscription to their ezines
        in lieu of (or in addition to) running paid ads. 

        For those who (for some reason) believe that everything
        on the Internet should be free (as long as they're not the
        ones who have to do the work for nothing, of course), this is,
        on a superficial level, probably bad news.  But on the other
        hand, when someone is paying for content, it had better be
        worth it.  So the upside is that subscribers to paid ezines are
        more likely to be getting (and will demand) better quality
        content than they are used to from the typical "free" ezine. 
        In other words, you get what you pay for.

        So what does all this mean for you, the would-be Internet
        entrepreneur?  Quite simply, if you're an expert in anything
        (and we all are) you can turn that knowledge into the
        foundation of an online business by publishing an ezine on
        that subject, including your own original articles on a regular
        basis (don't bother just regurgitating someone else's - if you're
        publishing them, so are others and the object of the exericse
        is to make an original contribution) and either accepting paid
        advertising or charging subscribers a subscription fee.

        All right then, how do I start an ezine?, I hear you say.

        => Come Up With a Great Idea

        Don't waste your time (or everyone else's) publishing yet
        another Internet marketing ezine.  How many ways are there
        to say the same thing?  They're a dime a dozen and worth
        even less.  Do the hard work of coming up with something
        that's original and fresh, something that every man and his
        dog isn't already doing.  It doesn't matter how specialized the
        subject matter - the Internet audience is vast - you will
        attract your share of it.  In fact, the more targeted your
        audience the better.  Far, far better to have 500 devoted
        readers than 5,000 who may or may not even open, let
        alone read, your ezine.

        (And don't believe the naysayers who will try and convince
        you that because there are already so many ezines being
        published there is no room for you.  There is ALWAYS room
        for quality original content and there always will be.)

        =>  Write a Few Articles

        Before you publish your first issue, write a few articles about
        your chosen subject and submit them, together with a
        resource box that includes a way for people to subscribe to
        your new ezine.  This is just to drum up interest so that you
        actually have a few subscribers to send your first issue to.

        What do I mean by "submitting" your articles?  There are many
        ezine publishers and webmasters looking for fresh, quality
        content for their ezines and web sites that they don't want
        to have to create for themselves.

        In response to this demand, a number of services and web
        sites have sprung up to collect content contributions from
        people like you and make it available to people like them.

        Here's a list of article submission points to get you started:

        => Announcement Lists

        Yahoo Groups (submit from the Yahoo Groups website
        at http://groups.yahoo.com/ - you'll need to subscribe
        to these groups first):


        => Web Sites


        => Publication

        Then, when you have a few subscribers, you're ready to
        publish your first issue.  Be ready to roll it out pretty quickly
        after you submit your articles so you are still fresh in the
        mind of your readers.

        For assistance with the nuts and bolts of actually creating
        your ezine (including what should go where and why) and
        sending it out, visit the excellent resource Ezine University
        at http://emailuniverse.com/ .

        => Generating Subscribers

        Once your ezine is a reality, you can "announce" it to the
        world at large.  Here's a list of ezine announcement lists and
        directories to get you started:

        Before being able to submit your newsletter to these lists
        you'll need to subscribe first. Just go to Yahoo
        (http://www.groups.yahoo.com) or Topica
        (http://www.topica.com) to sign up for the lists you want
        to be able to submit to. (Onelist and Egroups are now under

        Here are the ezine sites and directories:

        http://www.the1000.com (JimWorld's Top 1000 Submission
        Sites Directory)

        You'll find other sites and announcement lists to add to these
        lists as you go on.  This is just to give you a starting point.

        Of course, just because you've created an ezine that's a
        paying proposition (i.e., profitable) doesn't mean you have to
        stop there.  You can still create a website and use that to
        generate revenue in addition to your ezine.  In fact, a
        combination of the two is the best way to go - multiple streams
        of income are key to the financial stability and security of your
        online business.



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